Arabian Knights
Author: Justin Carr

Chapter 10

The sun was bright in Venencia , Italy. The Thief was sticking to the
shadows, looking for prospect. He saw a man walking down the street,
waddling under his own girth. Wouldn’t feel it if he was clubbed, let
alone feel his wallet slipped out of his pocket. Not good enough, the
thief wanted something bigger this time. He patted his side to make
sure his sword was still there, whatever needed to be done. He was part
of the Angelicos, a renowned group of expert Thiefs and Assassins. A small
child ran down the street , followed by two guards and a priest. The
priest was old and tired, shouting after the child, who had stolen some
holy relic. The thief smiled, young talent was always good.
The thief was but a boy himself, no older than fifteen years old.
Recruited by the Angelicos days after his family died in a fire. The year
was 1143. There was no use in standing around all day, so the thief
turned and walked into an alley. There was nothing in the alley save
two beggars battling over a piece of rotten meat. The thief shuffled
past them and exited the alley. Another road. He choose another alley
and made his way into it. This alley was different. It was wider and
went on further than the last one. The Thief walked all the way through it and once he exited, decided to go to the Plaza. The Plaza was the Angelicos property. They owned it , and no-one would tell them otherwise. Anyone who entered the Plaza without reason was liable to leave without a finger, or worse. The Thief entered the plaza and examined the fountain that sat in the center of the plaza. It’s crowning jewel. A man sat next to it, dipping his fingers in and out of the water. The Thief went over to the man and confronted him. “You’re here for a reason, or you wish your life to end, quietly said the thief.
The man smiled “Young ones these days” he said shaking his head.
The Thief took a step closer “ Answer the question” he growled.
“In my day we were taught respect and chivalry, we followe-“ The old man was cut off as the Thief grabbed his neck.
“What do you want” He said slowly and clearly, still holding the old man by his neck. The man made a choking noise and the thief released him. The old man sat there for a second breathing hard, then he sat up and looked at the Thief.
“If I need a job done, I would see you about it” The man asked slowly.
The Thief nodded his head exasperatedly.
“Well, good day then” The old man nodded and quickly stood up. The Thief watched in disbelief as the old man hobbled off into the street. His sole purpose had been to annoy and waste time. The thief sighed and turned his head back to the fountain, where he saw an envelope sitting where the man had been. The Thief grinned , maybe he hadn’t been such a waste of time after all.


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