Arabian Knights
Author: Justin Carr

Chapter 8

Crispin smiled. Fools, he thought. He had made a little speech and all
of a sudden they were ready to give their life for him. He was up in
his office again.
“My Lord, he’s here” a servant said tentatively.
“Bring him in” Crispin snapped.
Abdul-Sattar entered the room almost silently. How an Arab got into
the inn unnoticed was beyond him. But that didn’t matter, what did
matter is that he was here.
“Hello, I was starting to think you wouldn’t ever make here, please
take a seat” Crispin said, pointing at the chair.
“ Thank you, but I think I will stand”
“ Alright then, are the arrangements unchanged?”
“ They are”
“ Then you attack in the woods, when it is done, you take our ships
back to Arabia”
“ And when Lord Crispin’s troops never arrive to reinforce the others,
they will crumble” Abdul-Sattar smiled.
“ What about my troops at the other tavern?”
“They have already been dealt with. It is safer to take them on one at
a time then as a whole”
“ What if your men fail?”
“ They will not, but if by some travesty they do fail, carry on to
“ Yes, but I have a concern, in the heat of battle how will I protect
myself from your men?”
“ You forget, I have assigned two men for protection into your company.
Thomas and John, they will be carrying special daggers”
“ Ah, my memory escapes me”
Abdul-Sattar frowned “Don’t let it escape you on the battlefield”


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