Arabian Knights
Author: Justin Carr

Chapter 7

I woke up about five minutes later. A searing pain in my head. Must be
the blood draining from my throat I thought calmly, acceptingly. After
a minute i moved my shaking hand to my throat. No cut. I moved my legs
to make sure they were still there (they were), then I jumped up.
Looked behind me and saw Francis’ boot marks still fresh in the snow.
Surprisingly my bow was still there too. He must have forgot about it
in his haste to get away. I picked it up and then stumbled into the
street. No one was out, not in weather like this. I turned and followed
the short path back to the Alley Cat Inn. I stood at the door to the
inn, thinking about what I would do when I saw Olivious. Once I had it
figured out , I opened the door.

I saw Olivious first. He was sitting on a barrel gazing out the
window, waiting for Francis to reappear to extract his revenge. I
looked at him for a moment, I wanted to rush him right there, but I had
to do this right if I were to get my revenge. Instead I walked quickly
into the crowd of men getting ready for their departure. I kept my eyes
on Olivious the whole time, he wasn’t getting away this time. After a
moment or two I decided to make my way toward him. I was right behind
him when I tripped on a helmet someone had laid on the ground. I
managed to recover myself without falling but the noise was enough to
make Olivious turn around. Surprise. He made a sort of squealing noise
as he saw me, then he turned and made a bolt for the door. I had been
expecting that though, and I tripped him with my foot as he ran. He
tripped hard and fell on his face. I mounted on top of him and turned
him over. I had never seen a man look so scared. I wanted to hit him,
punish him for leaving me, but I was too tired. I rolled off of him and
laid on my back, he sat up and rested his back on the wall.
“you left me for dead “ I said
“What could I do?”
“Pay him”
“With what money”
I sighed. What man goes hunting without a bow? What man goes shopping
with no money?
Lord Crispin’s arrival stopped our argument. He was dressed like a
lord, with elegant , shiny armor. The men stood up and formed a circle
around the bar (Crispin had jumped up on it and looked as though he was
preparing to give a speech)
“Soldiers!” he declared loudly once everyone was gathered “Today, we
march. We march for Jerusalem! We march for God!”
Everyone cheered.


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