Arabian Knights
Author: Justin Carr

Chapter 6
A Good Friend

Olivious didn’t seem to remember much about the fight but told me that
he kills men on a regular basis. He was pleased that he defeated the
man, but even happier that he would live to see another day. “ Come on
outside Curtis” he said “I got a friend I want you to meet” I was
surprised that Olivious wanted to go out right after his victory, and
even more surprised that he wanted to go out in this weather. He
reached behind a pile of sacks and drew out a dagger, the one he had
stolen from the man he killed. The mans friend , John, was nowhere to
be seen. I followed Olivious out into the howling wind, where he took a
alley to the back of the inn. Since the alley was stuck between the inn
and a bar, we could see clearly and were blocked from the wind. “Why on
earth are you dragging me out in this weather Olivious”
I asked “Please, my friends call me Olive, and we are going to meet an
old friend of mine, he’ll help us with some future weapons, he will. If
the price is right, that is” I smirked “I am no friend to you,
Olivious, and the right price better be a low price” He smiled and
shouted into the alley. For a moment nothing happened, but then a dark
figure emerged from the shadows. “when did you have time to organize
this?” I asked Olivious who was intently staring at the dark figure
that was approaching at a steady walking gait. He turned to me and
smirked. “while you were upstairs sleeping” I shrugged. He obviously
wasn’t as dumb as I had first figured. The figure approached us and
stopped. He was slightly taller than me, though I couldn’t see his face
as he had his cloak draped down around him, and the shadows covered it.
“what have you got for me today friend?” asked Olivious eagerly. The
man didn’t reply but instead turned his head and gazed at me. Olivious
picking up on the mans apprehension quickly explained that I was with
him. The shadowy man returned his gaze to Olivious . The man reached
into a pocket of his cloak and quickly drew out a small dagger. The man
twirled the dagger about for a moment and then laid it into Olivious’
open hand. “poison” the man said with a thick French accent. While
Olivious was examining the poison blade, the man turned to me. But
instead of drawing out a dagger he instead took out a longbow that he
had been carrying on his back. He took an arrow our of another of his
pockets, and aimed it at a rat that was crossing a ledge on top of the
alley cat inn, Loosed the arrow, and watched with pride as the small,
distant figure dropped of the ledge and fell into the snow. He tossed
the bow to me and instructed me to loose the hemp string, as not to
stretch it out too much. “Always a pleasure old friend” Olivious said
to the man, then turned and began to walk down the alley. He didn’t get
far before the man called out telling him to stop. Olivious stopped and
turned to face the man. “what is it friend?” Olivious called.
“Pay” the man called back. The man took a step backwards, and grabbed
me by my cloak. Somehow the man had produced a knife and now held it at
my neck. I dropped the bow into the snow where it sank in deeply “pay ,
or he dies” The man called to Olivious. Olivious seemed to stop and
think for a minute. I was scared out of my mind. I hardly knew Olivious
and from what I did know, He didn’t seem like the kind of man who would
be very loyal.
“Don’t do it, Francis” Olivious called.
“Then pay me!” the man , who’s name was apparently Francis, snarled.
Olivious seemed to think for a moment than turned and broke into a run.
He rounded the corner and seemed to be heading to the safety of the
alley cat inn. I froze with fear. I knew what It meant, Olivious
doesn’t pay , I get my throat cut. Maybe if Olivious had introduced me
as someone who was just with him for the moment I might have been let
go, but Olivious introduced me as a friend , which sealed my fate .
Francis cursed loudly. For a moment he just held me there. He hadn’t
been expecting Olivious to run, and now he had to decide what to do
with me. The wait was only for a second or two but by that time I had
Olivious figured out. Olivious had decided to bring me along so that he
could steal a weapon and escape. He wouldn’t have been able to do so
had he gone to see Francis alone. Not as dumb as he looks I thought.
Suddenly I received a sharp pain to the back of my knee which caused me
to drop to my knees. I took a look ahead of me , through he alley that
lead into the street. There was a fire barrel there still burning
bright. I felt the knife at my neck, then everything went dark.


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