Arabian Knights
Author: Justin Carr

Chapter 5

After my talk with Lord Crispin I walked back down the stairs to get
my equipment and get ready . The plan was to march to the docks, were
under the cover of the blizzard we would set sail south through the
Atlantic ocean sweep around Africa and head in the Indian sea, where we
would curve about into a protected port in Saudi Arabia. Upon my
arrival down the stairs I noticed that Olivious was being beaten by two
men . As commander of my troop I was responsible for wellbeing,
training, and discipline of my men. Since Olivious was one of my men ,
I was responsible for him, which meant I had to find out why two men
were beating him. I steered my way around all the hustle and bustle to
where Olivious was and interrupted the men.
“ Is there a problem here?” I asked
The taller of the two men responded “ Yes, there is a problem this
little snake stole my dagger and then hid it!”
“Now, if he hid it , how do you know he even took it, maybe you
misplaced it, or someone else took it.”
“No, this was a family gift, very valuable , I would never lose such a
thing, and besides , John e’r saw him take it!”
at that his friend who had been helping the man beat Olivious nodded
decisively. I decided to give up convincing them Olivious didn’t take
it , and besides I had seen him steal it with my own eyes. “ Can he
perhaps pay you for it?” I asked the man.
“No, It was worth far more then this sniveling rat will ever make!”
I played my last card .”Then instead of beating the poor man to death,
why not fight him like a man, with sword and shield?” I figured since
the weather was far too bad for a fight in the streets, the man would
have to fight Olivious in some desert in Arabia, if the man ever even
saw Olivious again, but the man obviously figured the same as I did,
and said “Then we fight now, right here!” Olivious’ mouth opened agape
with shock. The man released Olivious and backed away shouting for all
the men to clear a circle in the middle of the tavern so that he and
Olivious may battle . Olivious hobbled towards me, it was obvious that
he was hurt. I noticed then that Olivious was an Irishman, fairly
handsome, though you couldn’t tell from his blood matted face. He had
dark black hair that hung just above his eyebrows. “ I’ve never fought
a fight in my life!” he said as he hobbled closer. He was still a bit
drunk and since he was injured , drunk, and inexperienced with
fighting, I expected things to go badly for him. “remember to block,
then strike” I encouraged him weakly . Olivious chose a short sword
while his challenger chose a long sword. The men in the tavern had made
a square instead of a circle, the fight borders marked by four wooden
supports which stood at the corners of the man made square. The men
laughed as Olivious entered the ring, blood dripped down his face as he
clutched his small round shield and short sword, while his challenger
stood with a large square shield and long sword. Neither man wore
armor. After the two had accepted the rules of the fight, they backed
away from each other and it began.

It wasn’t expected to last long. The big man would beat the little
Irishman down and kill him within two minutes, at least that’s the kind
of bets that were made. The two men circled around the ring, never
looking away from one another. Suddenly the man struck at Olivious
bringing his sword down hard upon Olivious’ shield. Olivious , though
startled by the force and speed of his aggressor , parried to one side
and struck back slicing into the mans side. The man screamed with pain
and charged Olivious, knocking him down onto the ground. The man
towered above Olivious and as the man struck down for the killing blow,
Olivious rolled away, but lost his shield in the process. Olivious
quickly jumped back on his feet. The men in the crowd jeered him.
Olivious’ opponent was obviously a skilled swordsman, and fighting such
a man without a shield was suicide. The man backed Olivious against a
support swinging at him wildly. The cheers were deafening . It seemed
this definitely was the way the fight was going to end, with a scarred
and mangled Olivious lying dead on the floor, but that’s not what
happened. As he was backing Olivious against a support, a much earlier
decision he hade made came to haunt him. The man had chosen a long
sword, and therefore when he was swinging wildly at Olivious his long
sword came into contact with one of the wooden supports, lodging his
sword into the wood. When he did this Olivious acted quickly, ramming
his sword into the soft, unarmored belly of the man so hard that the
edge came out the other side of the man. The crowd was silent in
disbelief .
“ why’d the idiot use a longsword” someone murmured.
Then they cheered they cheered the little man that could take down a
great swordsman, and Olivious passed out.


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