Arabian Knights
Author: Justin Carr

Chapter 3
Olivious The Great

I grumbled to myself as I pushed against the masses of people heading
home from the long days work. The sun had set and only the fire burning
in barrels illuminated the roads. I had decided that the best place to
visit would be the Tavern of the drunken Hog. Snow had started falling
again and the only thing being spoken about was talk of a great
blizzard that would supposedly hit this night and leave feet on snow in
its terrible fury. As I drew near to the Drunken Hog two men stumbled
out of the doorway jabbing at each other with slow drunken hands “I
know that you stole my pig” one of the drunks slurred. “You ate my pig,
I know not why but you did, and for that you will pays the prrricce”
the man who had been talking stood there waving his mug at the accused
man and then fell over backwards. The accused man stood there wobbling
back and forth for a while and then stumbled off into the night.
I stepped over the drunken man lying in the snow and entered the
tavern. There were about 30 men in the Tavern and most were extremely
drunk. I had to yell quite loud for all in the Tavern to hear him “WHO
All went silent in the tavern but then a single man stood up and raised
his mug in cheer “I will fight for Lord Crispin!” I waited for the
other men to all Raise their mugs in cheer for Lord Crispin but no
cheer came. I walked over to the drunk man with his mug still raised in
drunken cheer and grabbed his arm
“If you are serious about fighting for Lord Crispin Of Wales then you
will come with me” The drunk man nodded his head excessively and
hobbled along behind Curtis. “ I will take you to another tavern where
Lord Crispin awaits” the man smiled and followed along. “What is your
name?” I asked the man
“ My name is Olivious The Grrreat, hero of all England”
I smiled “sure friend” The man suddenly stopped and stared straight
into the wall of a Guardhouse.
“This is my wall” Olivious said excitedly. I was in no mood for the
mans stupidity. The snow was beginning to fall harder and wind whipped
across my face. I reached back and grabbed the Olivious’ arm “ time to
go” Olivious smiled and began to walk forward. The inn was not far from
here . We rounded a street corner and finally I could make out the
distinct Alley Cat Inn . Then Olivious stopped. “what now” I asked
tired of this Nonsense
“Take me back to my wall” Olivious ordered
“No, c’mon just a bit further” Olivious refused to budge.
“Take me back to my wall Geoffrey or I will strike you down” I grabbed
the man and pulled him into the inn “ My name is not Geoffrey and I
will do no such thing” I then turned to the beer maiden and asked her
to find Olivious a room. One archer down ninety-nine to go.

Since I had a few days left to find ninety-nine men, I decided to get
some sleep. My room was up the stairs and to the left, and because I
was tired I went straight to my bed. My bed was not much, just a straw
pile on the floor with a dirty sheet to keep me warm. I wondered if
rats would crawl on me, being so low to the ground, but decided I
really didn’t care and fell asleep.


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