Arabian Knights
Author: Justin Carr

Chapter 2

Some hours later I stumbled through the Sheriff’s doorway. The Office
was on the top floor of some tavern and I was still dazed from the
beating I had received in his brief stay in prison to recognize the
place, though I thought that it might be the Alley Cat Inn. The
Sheriff was looking out the window into the street below and some kind
of lord was sitting at his desk . The sheriff turned to look at me and
the Lord looked up from his paper. Behind the Lord was a large shelf of
books, most having to do with crime a punishment. Finally the Lord
broke the silence saying “ Hello Curtis, How are you enjoying London?”
I grimaced “I have been enjoying it for eighteen years”.
The Lord smiled
“Sure you have curtis. I know better” I glared at him “ I am Lord
Crispin of Wales and I am in need of one-hundred archers”
“I am sorry my Lord but I possess no men of my own to give” The Lord
smiled and replied
“I would think not , as you are but a lowly peasant. No, you will not
give me one hundred archers , but find me them”
I smiled “ then hang me from the gallows now, because I refuse to
become the recruiter of some Welsh Lord. There’s a couple hundred of
em’ if you didn’t already know.”
The lord lost his smile and turned upon me “ I knew your father Curtis,
a gallant man he was, fought alongside me at the siege of Shardnel.”
I smiled “You know nothing of my father!”
Lord Crispin dismissed it with a wave of his hand. “ The point is ,
Curtis, you can hang in two days or help me find the men I need and
escape the war altogether, the choice is yours boy” I chose life


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