Arabian Knights
Author: Justin Carr

Chapter 1

To kill. A utensil for death was my desire. I walked down the uneven cobblestone of an old dark alleyway, the sun was just rising, a fresh morning.The year was 1146 in December. I was wearing a brown hooded cloak and a knife strapped to my leg. My name .Curtis. My family. Dead. My objective. To buy a bow for the oncoming war. Its was a heavy bow made out of dried yew , and It had a 90 pound drawback. It’s going to cost me a pretty penny but it was damned worth it. I turned 18 a month ago to this day and pope Eugene III had declared the second crusade, all able bodied men were to fight and I wanted a bow that wasn’t going to snap the second I pull it back.

I passed the butchery and took in the deep aroma of drying meat , I
remembered that I must steal a piece of ham on my way home, I never
come through this area so even if I was seen no one could identify me.
A light snow dusted the alleys and a couple of wandering beggars were
making a game of sliding on the ice. As I cut through the main road and
continued down another alley, I was stopped by three gruff looking men
that couldn’t have been older than twenty.

The meanest looking thug stepped forward. He had a small goatee and a
scar on the left side of his face. “you must be lost boy, this here is
our side of town.” The Ringleader grinned and waited for the
inevitable fight to come. I would not deny him his fun
“I’m just passing by, there is a shortcut through here and I figured I
would take it”. The man grinned to his pals and replied “Take your head out of your arse ,boy”. The man suddenly lost his playful mood and
turned a serious eye on me.
“Now you listen up good friend you give us all the money in that heavy
little pouch of yours and you might just live to go home tonight” I
cast a quick eye behind me to see if there was room to run but one of
the goons had already blocked my path. The ringleader seemed to be
smirking as if he had already won. He hadn’t.

I reached my hand down the back of my leg as if I had an itch on my
ankle. “What are you doing?” the ringleader asked upon the seeing my
hand etching down my leg.
“The pouch is a fake” I lied “I’ve got the real money in my shoe” The
ringleader smirked
“best you didn’t try to trick us friend, we don’t take kindly to
tricksters” I smiled politely and waited until I found the bulge of a
knife beneath my pant leg. I took a deep breath and drew the knife ,
the ringleader jumped back realizing what had happened but it was too
late. I grabbed the man by his collar and held the knife to his neck
and uttered a sing word “Move”. The man smiled and knew he had already
won some game I could not understand. Then he said something that
opened my eyes to the trickery I had been so oblivious to. “Guards!”

At that moment a guard wearing the cross of saint George strolled
around the corner as if he had been waiting for that word all day. The
guard smiled at the sight of me holding the ruffian against the wall
with a knife to his neck.
“Got you another one did you Josh?” the guard asked cheerfully.
“Ay sir, he’s a feisty one to be sure” The guard walked up to me and
put his hand out.
“give me the dagger son.” I reluctantly drew the dagger away from
Josh’s neck and dropped it into the open palm of the guard. The guard
held the dagger close to his eyes and observed it’s design. “A fine
dagger you have there son, what’s your name?”
I spit on the cobblestone and muttered “Curtis sir” .
The guard nodded “ well your going to have to come wit-“ The guard
stopped midsentence once he saw the coin purse tied to my belt. The
purse was so heavy that it looked ready to tear. The guard took my
knife and started to saw away at it.


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