Twin Beeches -- an Illinois Love Story
Author: paul schoaff

Chapter 51
Blind Luck


David's pulse stopped pounding as the adrenaline rush faded away.  And, as it did, the pain began in earnest.  He lay in a dark and cold tunnel , and getting colder every second.  He counted slowly to 50, getting his mind settled, and finally, he began to try to think rationally, about what had happened and where he was.  The noise and rage of the storm seemed very far away.


The tunnel rounded up tall enough for him to stand, but the pain soon dropped him back on hands and knees.  There seemed to be more blood flowing from the leg than from the shoulder-blade, and, with not too much effort, he took off his belt and cinched it tight around the top of his thigh.    He checked his pockets for anything that could help him.  There were his car keys, the keys to the house, his wallet, his cell phone, and some matches.


  CELLPHONE! His brain yelled at him.


He flipped open the phone and looked at the display.  one bar.  Plenty of power, but only one bar.  9-1-1, he quickly dialed, and hit the green key.  The line made odd noises, lots of snapping and cracking, and went dead.  He could hear the noise, outside, of the storm, and decided to wait until the storm passed to try again.   Any second, though, the man who shot him might get impatient and dive into the tunnel to end it.  Why had he given up so easily?


Still trying to make sense of where he found himself, he finally realized the direction and depth of the tunnel would have it run into the houses on either side.  What a strange place to put a coal mine shaft??!!


It hit him all at once – a tunnel between the houses!  But, he had been in the basement of the house and there wasn't any opening that could be a tunnel entrance.  It must be walled up, he finally decided. 


It can't be more than 60 or 70 feet to the house, he thought.  I'll just see if there is any way to get through that wall – I'm sure as heck not sticking my head up above ground outside again, not if I don't have to.



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