Piercing The Sky, A Book of My Poems
Author: Neil Evans

Chapter 44
My Thanks, From Me To You

This book is a bit less of poetry, now, but I think it's still poetry. I wanted to celebrate my work, have a little fun making a couple of rhymes. No big deal, right? Well, I also wanted to thank my fans, friends and family again. And I did the best I could. Well, thank you all. August 13th, 2010



I sit here with just a pen in my hand
Trying to think just how far I've come
And how much farther I have to go
I'm scrolling through because I know

Marshal's got one-ninety-five and growing
Sam's got fifty-four and she's still going
It's David versus Goliath, and I'm gonna prevail
It's Marco Polo all over again, I'm settin' sail

But I'm not gonna lose this game
And I'm gonna try and rhyme just the same
And this poem's a bit of fun, for once
Not all of it rhymes, and it's a bit silly

But enough of Marshal, the big guy
We got lots of poets, all giving a try
You should try Dannika Stripes, she's good
And, oh! Try Jesse Griffin, you really should

I'm tired of promotion, I spread the love
This site is my crutch, and I'm gonna use it
But I won't forget, the others around here
And I won't forget, the help I got here

I love you guys, fans, friends and readers
Poets, critics, writers, you're what I ask for
Forty four chapters and still going,
I love the everlasting support you all give
This is my thanks, from me to you


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