Twin Beeches -- an Illinois Love Story
Author: paul schoaff

Chapter 32
Duplicity and Self-Revelation


Duplicity and Self-Revelation


Duplicity:  Realizing how Duplicitous you have Become.


They had, to be a slave to the truth, been more careful during the first year or more of the partnership.  Knowles had seen a spy movie featuring agents marking a bus bench with chalk to tell their contact they had a 'drop' to make.  The receiving agent, in turn, would also mark the bench before the first one stopped at the bench to secrete the documents or microfilm, or whatever.  Hawkins laughed out loud when he thought of some of the crazy schemes they tried to devise to make the exchange as safe as possible.  Finally, they understood the very banality of meeting at one A.M. behind the abandoned school, where no one but a truck-driver might see their cars, even, came about as close to a perfect scheme as possible.  If they had used chalk, after 29 years the old church itself would still be entirely white instead of the weathered gray of the old siding.


There were the Judge's lights – the big black car went past once as a rare ‘another car’ ran along behind him.  A few minutes later, having turned around at the junkyard driveway, the Judge pulled in beside Hawkin's old nondescript Chevy.    The Judge waited for Hawkins to join him at the back of the Buick -- their other cover story for the casual car who might stop being the Judge had a tire problem and Hawkins had stopped, on his way home, to help him out -- and Hawkins quietly told him he had no product in the car, and he had made a dummy run to make sure no one was about to swoop down on them. 


The Judge startled.  “Why tonight?” he put it succinctly.


“The night watchman in Woodland asked another friend of mine a funny question or two.  He went to see Eddie, too.  It could be nothing, probably is nothing, but I figure if we are being watched, I'd give you water first.  If they think you have the goods, they'd pull you and me over before we get home.  If they don't touch us within a few minutes of leaving here, there isn't a chance in H-E-double L we're going down.  I'll go get the good stuff, and you turn around and meet me here again.”


“I used to do all the thinking, Hawk, now you are the one looking out for us -- you're right.  Let's get the water and see what happens.”


The Judge turned things over in his mind every which way.  He just couldn’t believe anyone with half a brain would believe he would keep his friend’s boy locked up for four years on a bullshit charge if they were into something outside the law.  Eddie wouldn’t rat them, would he?  Surely not to a ‘night watchman’? And what the hell is he doing in Rushville, in MY jail sniffing around and no one told me?  To Hawkins, he said, "Why isn't this as much fun as it once was?"


Nothing happened, but they agreed to do things the same way for the next month or two to be sure nothing did happen.  As the Judge told me much later, one month was just long enough.



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