Memories (Completed)
Author: Jewel Heart

Chapter 17

We took our time in the shower. It was mainly my fault. The warm water had helped me relax enough that I was stuck in my own little world. I had also offered to help Violet clip up her hair enough so that it wouldn’t get wet and that took time. It had been nearly impossible.

We’d gotten dressed quickly and were out the door before we knew it. The guys weren’t out yet, so we went to sit on the benches that were set out for basketball and volleyball players. Scarlett and Vivian had immediately gotten sucked into a conversation about wards. They were trying to figure out how to set up Fox wards. It didn’t matter if they talked openly about it, because everyone was gone by now. Nobody wanted to stay in school, let alone Gym.

“Hey, Lumex,” Violet said in her windpipe voice. I looked up at her with curiosity. “Can I ask you something?”

I saw my eyes darken in the reflection of her violet eyes. It threw me off a little that her eyes weren’t their usual cold purple. Now, aside from being serious, they looked warm. I raised an eyebrow suspiciously.

“I can't understand various things about you, but there’s something that really is starting to bother me.” She brought her legs up to her chest. She put her arms around them and set her chin on her knee. “I’ve thought really hard about it, but I only came up with one result and I doubt that it’s correct, considering that you’re you. Considering how you have a different point of view from all of us.” She looked down at her flip-flops. “You seem really anxious to awaken your instincts and become a vampire.” She looked up at me. “Why?”

“Oh.” I thought about it for a moment. “Well. I don’t think that there’s a specific reason to why I want to become one.” I looked away from her and at a stack of tennis rackets. “Most people would take a look at me and James and see how we look at each other and think one thing. If they knew that I had a choice to either be a vampire or a witch and they knew that I wanted to become a vampire, then they’d probably say, “She’s going to give up her heritage and all of her powers to be with him for the rest of eternity.” Because of the whole soul mate thing. But…” I said pensively, “…I think that they would be right. Yes. They would be. But not completely.” I ran a hand through my dark brown hair and sighed. “Yesterday when I got home I began thinking. I’ve never been able to live past my seventeen years. But if I'm a vampire, then I’ll live until I'm killed.” I pressed my lips together.

“That’s why?” she asked. “It’s fine. But, immortality at what cost?”

“No. It’s not why,” I said. “I want to be a vampire because it means being with James forever and because I will probably never get an opportunity like this.” I watched her from the corner of my eye. I was waiting to see her reaction. All she did was raise an eyebrow suspiciously.  “In any other life I would have had to sit back with my arms crossed while he fought off the outside world. Because being human meant being defenseless. If there were a surprise attack, James would have had fangs and vampire powers to fight, but what did I have? I didn’t have anything to defend myself against anyone. And when I was the huntress, Atalanta, I was still defenseless. If I was hit when I was without my armor, then I would have been killed in the blink of an eye. And James, all of you, risk your lives trying to save me. I feel like a nuisance.” I sighed. “I want to be able to fight alongside all of you. I want t have powers so that I won’t be a pain in the ass and so that you guys won’t get hurt trying to protect me. That’s why I want to be a vampire.” I suddenly remembered Melody and her way of looking at the world. Her way of describing life and who controlled it opened up a whole new chapter in the story. “Even if it goes against all my principles, I believe that power is good in this case.

“That is a good reason, I guess,” Violet said. She turned towards me. Her eyes had darkened and she was grimacing. “I'm going to repeat what I said, though. Immortality at what cost?”

I chewed on my lip. “Love.”

It was a little uncomfortable to express my feelings in words. It was even hard for me to express my feelings with expressions. The only side people have really seen is my angry and violent side. But, these being my friends, I could open up a little more. Just a bit more. Not completely. That was especially reserved for James and my family. To my friends…I open slowly. Like a flower in bloom, I take my time to blossom. Opening up one petal after the other. Completely in bloom after many months.

She was taken aback. “I’ve heard that love is a powerful thing,” Violet said sadly. “But the life of a vampire isn’t worth it.” She locked my gaze. “The bloodlust can kill you and if there’s nobody but the person you love around to feed on, then you won’t be able to control yourself. Your animal instincts take over and you do anything to survive. When you hunt—when you kill—there’s always a voice inside your head telling you how wrong it is. And there's another voice arguing with the first voice, telling it that it’s a vampire’s nature. That happens very rarely, but it echoes in your head for months.” Her face twisted in pain. “And your victims—you watch them. They try to escape from you with the first glimpse of a fang and their faces turn as pale as ours. It’s surprising that their eyes don’t roll to the back of their heads.” She gave a short, humorless laugh. “They’ll do anything to get away from you. Try to kill you, try to knock you out, try to run—everything.” She flinched at a memory. “You’re the main focus of vampire hunters and every other creature.” She shut her eyes and ran a hand through her hair. “It doesn’t seem like much, but being a vampire is the worst thing you could ever be.”

“Violet,” I cut in before she could continue. “I would give my life up for James. I don’t care the costs. I’ll pay them.”

“Lumex. You’re one of my dearest friends, so I want the best for you,” she said. “And letting you become a vampire isn’t helping.”

“I'm sorry.” I forced myself to look away from her and over at the Gym doors. My heart stopped for a second.

It restarted and skipped a beat when James stepped in. He walked towards us alone. He had changed back into his clothes and his hair was slightly messy because of the humidity in the showers. He stopped a few feet away from us. He smiled at me and turned to look at Viv and Scarlett.

“We’re ready,” he said. “I just need to make sure that you put up the wards.”

“We put them up yesterday,” Viv answered, standing up.

“We just need to put the spell on them,” Scarlett finished.

He nodded. “Have Jeff and Max take you. We’ll be waiting in here.” Scarlett stood up and they walked to the doors. “They’re securing the perimeter around the school. Check the front. And Andrew should be with them. Tell him to picklock the fence. Apparently our friend Max left the key in the cabin.”

“‘Kay, James,” Scarlett said, giving him a military salute.

When the doors were shut, James turned to look at us. “Violet,” he said. She immediately straightened up. “What’s the status?”

She shrugged. “I'm not sure. I didn’t get a chance to study him. The police took him away before I could get a chance to test.”

“Did you look for samples? What about the smell? Can you track it?”

“Probably.” She stood up. “I’ll go check now.”

“No. Tomorrow. You won’t have enough time today.” He paused and frowned. “I’ll try and convince Harmony to examine the area tomorrow.”

“Is it that hard to track?”

“I couldn’t smell anything. I think the scent got washed away. Or most of it anyway. There’s still a thick aroma of copper and metal.”

“Do you want me to do anything now?” she asked, standing up.

He shook his head. “No. Everything’s fine.” He came up and sat on the bench. “Just keep alert.” Violet sat back down and watched the doorway. James ran a hand throw his hair and leaned forward. “Lumex, tell me,” he whispered. “Do you really want to go through with this? Do you really need to be a vampire? Can't you settle on something less dangerous like a shape-shifter or a werewolf? Something other than a vampire?”

“I need you,” I said stubbornly. “And remember what you said? You said, “Lumex, if you die this time, I'm following right behind you,”” I quoted. “This is the best I can think of.”

“Screw that,” he cursed. “You’re already wanted enough as it is. Why put a reward over your head, too?”

“Because I damn feel like it,” I spat. “Will you for once just try and see things from my point of view?”

“I'm trying!” he exclaimed, looking up at me. His voice had been so dark that it was like he bellowed. Scary. It was scary. “It just doesn’t make sense,” he lowered his voice.

“In a way it doesn’t,” I admitted. “But it does make sense if you really think about it.”

“What do you think I’ve been doing all this time?” His eyes shimmered with frustration. His golden hair danced around him like Medusa’s snakes as he gently shook “I just can't put it together.”

“Well, then, think harder,” I suggested. He opened his mouth to argue, somehow, but didn’t. He did something unexpected instead.

He laughed.

I watched him mystified as he laughed. Soon enough I began getting impatient. I waited quietly as he laughed.

“I'm sorry; I'm sorry,” he finally said.

“Care to share?” I asked. I tilted my head and watched, waiting for his response.

“No.” He shook his head. There was a goofy smile playing on his lips. “You’d get mad at me if I told you.”

“Just tell me. I’ll get madder if you don’t.”

He shrugged. “It’s just—you sounded like a five year old saying that. And your face resembled your voice.” He looked down embarrassed. “It was stupid. But something about it was just funny. I tried to hold it in, but couldn’t.”

I look like a small child? Is my hair covering my face? I brushed my hair back. I must have really looked small like that. My hair was straight from the brush and it was covering one of my eyes. My shoulders were slightly slumped which made me look humble and small. The hot water had turned my cheeks a rosy pink and my lips were red. Of course I would look small like that.

I cleared my throat. “Better?” I asked.

He grinned. “Much.”

I flushed. I hoped that the pink from my cheeks would help camouflage the coloring of my face. “You have to warn me about these things, or else they’ll just stay that way.”

The smile disappeared from James’s face and his head turned towards the door. At the same time, Violet stood up and automatically placed herself between me and the door. It creaked open and I saw a coffee colored hand.

Violet relaxed and breathed, “It’s them.”

Max stepped in and made a gesture for us to follow. He closed the door after that, but I could still feel his presence past the door. Even though I couldn’t see him, I knew he was watching the hallway vigilantly, like a bodyguard. He was making sure that he didn’t come and try to attack again.

James looked over at me with grave eyes. “Last chance,” he said. “Are you sure that you want to become one of us?”

“Last time,” I said tediously. “Yes.” I stood up and looked over at the door. He ran a hand through his hair and followed after me.

We walked towards the door with Violet up front and James by my side. At the door, Max joined us and we walked to the front of the school.

We stepped out and I looked around. The parking lot was empty, except for the teacher’s cars and for the freshmen and sophomores that were waiting for their rides to come and pick them up. Cars had moved away and James’s Buell Blast was in full view.

I looked over at the fence that I was so familiar with. It was right next to the school and there were miles of trees past it. Past the shade of the trees I could see ice blue eyes sparkling.

We walked over and Max opened the door. They looked around and quietly entered the restricted forest. They closed the door behind them. With all of the secrecy I feel like a cat burglar on the trickiest mission in her life. It wasn’t a good feeling, but I had to admit that it was a tad exciting.

James dragged me along farther into the depths of the forest until the school disappeared behind us. There we stopped and the rest of the gang joined us. Nobody spoke so there was an awkward silence in between stares.

Max and Jeff moved away from us and to a wider space. What happened next was inhuman. Max’s entire body moved like a water drop falling into a pond. Hair began growing everywhere and his jaw enlarged. His eyes turned beady and flat and a tail sprouted. In a matter of seconds he turned into the big dark chocolate wolf that I remembered.

Jeff on the other hand exploded. His skin was peeled off and was replaced by a caramel brown mane. He sprouted a long mustard colored tail and just like Max, his blue eyes turned beady. He stood majestically on four legs, all other traces of animals lost. He was a pure mountain lion. Big and ferocious—the king of the jungle. The cold blue eyes remained, but everything else that distinguished him from all the other Moon people was lost.

Viv climbed on Max’s back and grabbed a chunk of hair. Scarlett climbed onto Jeff’s animal back and hugged his neck. Violet positioned herself like a racer at the starting line and James looked down at me. Andrew was a few steps behind everyone, taking the same position as Violet.

“Get on,” James ordered, crouching down. I obeyed. I hugged his chest and supported my legs against his hips. He reached down and held onto my thighs for support. “If you like riding motorcycles, then you’re going to love this,” he said playfully once I was on. He stood up and looked over at Violet. She nodded and looked ahead. He smiled at me.

It started.

Something like lightning passed through my veins at the exact moment that the wind hit my skin and blew my hair. I had missed this feeling. The feeling of being on air. The feeling of being free.

When I rode I left all of my feelings and thoughts behind. All I ever focused on was the bliss.  It was like the Lumex that was vicious and aggressive, the one who shunned people from her, was left behind and a new Lumex was revealed. A kind Lumex that didn’t lose her temper or break anyone’s leg for insulting her. A Lumex that fit into the world for just being her. A Lumex that was alone. It’s not as good as it used to be. Not since James came into my life.

He ran. He went faster than I had ever on my bike. It was like we were chasing light—or we were light. Right behind us, trying to keep up were Max and Jeff with Scarlett and Vivian hanging on for their lives with Andrew way behind them.  Next to James and me, Violet was gracefully moving, dodging trees and fallen branches. I tightened my grip on James a few times when it seemed like we were going to hit a tree. His head moved back slightly and he laughed joyously.

I'm not going to hit a tree, he said.

I didn’t care if he thought that. Things could still happen. Mistakes could be made. And the wood would kill us both.

I imagined both of us hitting a tree, our skin peeling and our heads twisting around. Blood covering the golden mess of hair. The intimidating, depressing gray eyes turning pale gray, almost white, and the light going out of them. I could see the pale face turn gray and the skin begin to decay.

I was beginning to make out a form. It wasn’t a tree, but it sure was made of wood. I could smell it from here. I had always had a hint of vampire powers, I noticed. I was fast, and had advanced hearing, the eyesight, strength—pretty much all of the basics. Whatever powers had been ‘sleeping,’ they sleepwalked. A few feet farther and I began seeing details.

The snakewood cabin wasn’t big, but it wasn’t small either. There were blacked-out bulletproof glasses and a plain snakewood door. The wood was old, but resistant. The roof was holding up alright, but I wouldn’t trust it very much. If a branch were to fall, it could go right through the roof. Trees were surrounding it, creating a shade from the sun.

We stopped there.

James stopped and so did Max and Jeff behind him. Violet kept moving towards the cabin. There she looked through the window and checked the door. Andrew appeared from behind us to help her. Viv and Scarlett easily got off Jeff and Max while I remained frozen on James’s back. I didn’t want it to end. I wanted him to keep running. I wanted to feel that wonderful sensation of bliss that came with speed.

“Off, Lumex,” James said.

“I—I don’t think I can,” I admitted. I tried to loosen my grip on James’s neck and my legs from his stomach, but they wouldn’t respond.

Something similar to this happened when I rode my bike. The adrenaline in my blood had always made me ride well, but when I was done, something made it freeze. The aftershock left my body tingling with excitement and my mind swirling. That was why it was a little more complicated right now. My head was spinning more than usual. All other times, it had been easy to gain control of my body, but now I just couldn’t.

He reached to loosen my legs. It wasn’t hard with his iron grip. He bent down and unlocked my arms from his throat.

There was something uncomfortable about the way my hand brushed his throat, I thought nervously. I can feel his pulse. I can feel the warmth of his blood. And it’s tempting. All of a sudden I had a horrible dryness in my throat and my muscles tightened. I seemed to drool and my stomach seemed to empty.

James dropped me and I remained on the ground for a minute, shoving away the strange feelings and making my body respond. I slowly got on my feet. James had to help me stand when my legs began to quiver. He let go when I looked stable but had to quickly catch me before I could fall.

“I'm okay,” I said after a few minutes. “Let me stand.”

James hesitantly released me, but stretched his hands to catch me if I were to crumble under my own weight—which wasn’t much. 89.4 pounds. That’s how thin I am.

“See? I'm up; I'm alright.” I was afraid that my voice was going to crack. The truth was that I wasn’t sure if I could remain standing for more than three seconds.

“Secure,” Violet said suddenly when I finished.

“We’ve just re-checked them. They’re working better than we expected,” Vivian said.

James nodded at them and put a hand on my back. “Let’s go inside,” he suggested. I wanted to protest, considering how much time we had lost, but he dragged me along with him.

We walked into a warm, country styled cabin. It was small for me since I was used to mansions and limos. Though there was a comfortable atmosphere that made me fall in love with the place. Maybe it would have been better if I had been born into an average family. I realized now how much I would have like a house like this. Something small, but big enough to live in.

I looked around speechless as I followed James into a small living room. Two orange couches sat facing each other with three green armchairs around them. An oak coffee table sat between the two couches with some books stacked on it. There wasn’t any bookshelf in sight, so this was probably it. There was a fake bear rug that was freaking me out. It looked so real. With its dark black hair and it’s beady eyes. The long canines that came from his mouth…. It freaks me out.

I walked over towards the coffee table, carefully stepping over the bear’s head, as if it were going to snap at any moment. I brushed the cover of the top book and then picked it up. I looked at the cover as the room began filling.

I stared puzzled. There wasn’t anything. The hardcover was black and the pages were blank. I skimmed through the pages again, making sure that I hadn't just imagined it. It was still blank. If this was a diary, wouldn’t it be better hidden? And if it were an incomplete manuscript, then it should at least have one sentence in it.

I set it down and moved to sit between James and Scarlett. I looked around the room over and over again, too mesmerized by its beauty to care that nobody had spoken for the past five minutes.

This place just seems to glow, I thought dreamily. I'm definitely getting a house like this when I move out. Maybe I’ll get one of these houses for college. Molly wouldn’t mind that I spent a little money to buy a house. After I moved out I could get a job in her agency if I wanted. I probably wouldn’t, but being a model would help cover the bills. Just so that I could have a place to call my own. It was a good thing that she had made me take those modeling classes when I was ten.

I had hated that time. I had modeled dresses, skirts, purses—just about everything. For a year I attended the classes. And to make it worse, I was offered jobs. So many that I didn’t even remember the amount.

That place had been a purgatory. It was a good thing that the other girls had been enjoying themselves. I had finally put my foot down and accepted some skating lessons so that I wouldn’t be sucked back into modeling by Molly or any of her associates.

What was amazing, though, was that I had been able to juggle so many activities at once. With violin lessons, skating lessons, piano lessons, cello lessons, singing lessons, art lessons, photography classes, and biking, it was surprising that I had time to take care of my cousins and have time alone to myself.

I came back to earth when somebody slammed the door open. After all that I had gone through, my body automatically switched to defense mode and I grabbed the nearest object I could find to throw. I had reached for the blank book, but relaxed when I saw Violet and Andrew at the door. A static went through my body as I grabbed the book and I tried to ignore it. It was too easy.

I couldn’t seem to get my body to relax. I understood why, I just couldn’t see it. There was something unfamiliar in the room. A new scent, a new heartbeat, a new…creature. I tried leaning back into the chair, but that didn’t help. Soon it became uncomfortable. I tried to shake it off, but that only irritated me.

“Did you find one?” James asked.

Andrew nodded. “It didn’t like me,” he said emotionlessly. “But it liked Violet just fine. I think that it thinks that she’s like a big yellow carrot. I saw it eyeing her hair….”

“Oh shut up!” the windpipe voice said from behind him. Violet, who had been behind, covered up by Andrew, walked past him and came into full view. “Look. Smell it,” she said to James. “It’s healthy. Two or three years old.” She was holding out a brown rabbit towards James. It looked comfortable in Violet’s grasp.

It had startled me. I hadn't seen Violet or Andrew go out. I had assumed that they had just gone into a different room. But what really scared me was that it seemed to be staring straight at me. It was eyeing me with big, hostile hazel eyes. Like it was trying to identify if I was a friend or foe.

James sniffed and the corner of his lips twitched. He began drooling and he backed away from it. “Yeah,” he said. “Just make sure it doesn’t run away.”

Violet nodded and moved towards one of the empty armchairs. I could hear her murmuring to it. Soothing it.

“Just keep the thing away from me,” Andrew said. “Spilt blood and I'll go crazy. I haven't fed today.”

“I told you so,” Violet teased. “That little girl was so healthy. You should have taken the opportunity.”

“I would have, but you bit her before I could even look at her.”

She shrugged. “Bloodlust.”

“What’s all this about?” I asked, looking from Violet to Andrew to James.

“How do you think you’re going to become a vampire if you’re already one?” Andrew snorted. “James won’t bite you; I offered but he hit me with a wooden baseball bat; he gave Violet a threat—under these circumstances, this is the only choice left.”

“Go bite it,” Scarlett ordered.

Everything clicked into place. Oh, God. They’re kidding. “Bite it? How?” I exclaimed. “If I bite it I’ll get hair in my mouth!”

“Vampires can drink any kind of blood, either it’s living or not. We could drink a human’s blood right from the source, animal blood, or blood that has been donated by a human. There’s a difference in the taste and that’s why most vampires drink living blood. But, hey, if you like donated blood, I wouldn’t mind.” James shrugged. “Though, for a person to become a vampire, they must drink living blood. Even after that. I think it’s for the next year that they have to hunt.” Then, James sighed. “Violet. Give it to Scar to tame. I haven't fed either and it’s not going to like me.” James smiled warmly at me and whispered, “I’ll guide you through it. Just listen to me.”

I watched him stand up and moved as far away from me as he could. Andrew joined him and so did Violet after handing the terrified rabbit over to Scarlett.

I hadn't passed the test. I was a foe.

I flinched. The rabbit is scared of me, I thought horrified. Just like everyone else in the world with a working subconscious mind, it knows that I'm dangerous. It knows that it should stay away if it wanted to live. The odd thing was that I hadn't even awakened yet. But it could feel that it was going to be my first victim.

“Okay, Scar,” James said. “Hand it over and I suggest that you move away.”

Scarlett carefully handed me the bunny. Its fur was so soft and it was so warm. I could hear its heartbeat and smell him. It was mouthwatering—for the first time ever, blood was something other than a puke bomb. Scarlett joined Viv on the couch and watched me.

“Okay, Lumex,” James continued. “I want you to smell the rabbit.” I did. A sweet forest smell came from it. And there was something more. Something like carrots. Only sweeter. “Now, you have to find the pulse. Try the neck. That’s the easiest one.” I traced with my fingers around the rabbit’s neck until I stopped at the side of the neck. “Perfect,” James complimented. “Lean in,” he ordered.

I licked my lips as I looked down. Blood was such a temptation at the moment. I was aware that some part of me was very uncomfortable with it. I knew what part it was. It was the sensible part. The one part I hadn't been able to get rid of, only suppress. I was so thirsty that I barely even noticed it, though.

“Okay, now only concentrate on my voice,” he said. It wasn’t that hard. He didn’t even have to ask. “Breath in the scent.” His voice turned soft and professional like a therapist who was hypnotizing someone. “I want you to take deep breaths,” he continued. “Just keep breathing and let go…of everything.”

I slowly breathed in and out. I kept breathing and soon enough millions of different feelings and thoughts began rushing through me. Everything in my life that I had shoved away or suppressed suddenly came into my mind. And my body seemed to be speaking to me. It said, “We’ve held it in long enough. It’s time to deal with it.”

I wanted to shove away everything. To hide it all away someplace where it could never bother me again. But, James’s honey voice kept repeating, “Breath and let it all go…”

I kept breathing and released my feelings. I let them all drain away like the water under my feet in the shower.

My eyes had closed as soon as those feelings began and I felt my lips part slightly. My mouth dried like a desert and there was a hollow yearning in my stomach. My stomach rumbled hungrily as the right food appeared and there was an excess of saliva in my mouth, even though it felt dry.

I noticed that I was leaning in even closer to the neck. Where my finger was pressed in particular. I could feel the blood flowing under my fingers and it was pulling me in.

I felt a blissful pain come from my mouth and soon something poked my lip. Something hard and sharp grew from my mouth and gently touched the soft fur. My lips began shaking and the fang brushed against the warm skin. Automatically my tongue poked out and licked the soft fur, wetting it.

“Oh my God,” Viv breathed.

The rabbit’s eyes widened. It began shaking and it tried to escape from my grasp. I held onto it with an iron grip. At some point I heard a sickening crunching sound as I broke one of the creature’s fragile bones.

I could feel a wicked smile cross my face. It can't escape now, my instincts told me. And it can't.  I had broken its paw and probably a rib. Luckily no blood had been spilt, because I would have gone insane.

I wasn’t breathing evenly any more. I was panting now. I was running out of air. Choking. Brain cells were dying and I was beginning to see stars. I was dying. I was going to die. And still, I was focused on only one thing.


It was all around me. I could feel them. I could smell them. Seven life forces in this room with flowing blood. One smelled like wet dog, the other like a zoo. Two of them smelled like flowers and herbs and the last three smelled like wood and snow. The most tempting ones were the two that smelled of flowers and herbs. The witches. The creatures that most resembled a human.

But that wasn’t my food. They weren’t here to save me from death. They were here to help me fight it off. My victim was another. It was small and frail and, frankly, didn’t smell as good as the others. But it was the only edible thing here that could stop the deadly bloodlust.

It was scared to death, too. That was good. The adrenaline was making the blood flow faster. It would be easier to suck it in that way. Plus, the scent becomes more mouth watering at the moment that the adrenaline rush began. There’s something about adrenaline that makes blood taste better, some part of me noted. It gives it flavor.

At the moment my tongue had brushed the fur, a vein had popped up. I could see it through my half-closed, half-opened eyes. The pink skin had turned rosy but a sharply marked vein remained. I hungrily watched the blood flow as more brain cells died from the lack of oxygen.

“Now…” I heard James say, “…feed.”



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