Memories (Completed)
Author: Jewel Heart

Chapter 13

Molly got lucky last night. James had dropped me off somewhere around midnight. I had found my car parked in its usual spot. Molly’s Mustang was gone when I arrived.

I woke up in my bed. I jumped out of bed and got dressed in a rush. I threw on some Capri’s and a blue t-shirt. I put on some blue converses and quickly untangled my hair. Being half vampire came in handy when dealing with hair. I just had to get the knots out.

I grabbed my bag and ran downstairs, trying to see if I could get my vampire speed working. It didn’t work. Molly was gone, but Matthew was at the table. He was sipping a cup of coffee and wrinkling his nose.

I wonder if I should tell him that I know. My conscience told me not to. And I didn’t. I didn’t feel like explaining how I knew.

“Hey,” I said, sitting down.

“Good morning,” Matthew sipped his coffee once more. Impressive.

“Um. Look, I know you came here to spend time with me and all,” I began explaining. He raised an eyebrow. “But I'm really just busy. And I'm going to be busy from now until my birthday.”

“That’s fine,” Matthew responded.

That was too easy. “Really?”

Will came and offered me a bagel. I shook my head.

“Yes. I'm sure you’re busy. You must have half of the school after you.”

“The whole school, actually,” I muttered dryly. “But, thanks for understanding.”

The phone rang and I stood up and answered.


“Hello,” the smooth voice that I would walk through fire for answered.

“James! Hey! Is everything alright?”

“Yes. Actually, I'm waiting for you.”


“Go outside.”

“I’ll be right there!” I said, hanging up. I ran to get my bag from the chair next to Matthew. “Bye, Matthew,” I said, dashing out the door. I ran through the lobby and slipped before I reached the door. I caught myself on the door. I opened it and crashed.

I staggered and then was caught by hard, cold arms. They steadied me and when I looked up brought me closer.

I grinned. “Jamie.”

He smiled back and leaned down. He kissed me. I kissed back. I felt how James’s mind stretched as he tried to connect with mine. It was bliss to let him in. And when I tried to get in, it was so easy. But then, abruptly, the connection was broken.

James had broken our connection for the first time. I bit my lip.

“I don’t want you to see in my mind,” James said. “There are some things—dark things in my past that I don’t want you to see.”

“I'm sorry,” I apologized. “I didn’t mean to pry. It’s just—no never mind.” I blushed.


I looked at the floor, embarrassed. “Well, I thought we were really connecting. You know everything in my past. I have no clue about what you’ve gone through. I thought it would be—you know—even. But I'm sorry. Why don’t we just go?”

James watched me startled. He bent down a little and gently grabbed my chin. He stared into my eyes, focusing hard. He moved tilted my head to one side gently and examined it, then did the same thing with the other side. He brushed my cheek with his thumb and sniffed my hair. I waited, puzzled.

“You look and smell the same, but are you, you?” he asked. “No arguments and no yelling? No…nothing? I don’t even know you anymore.”

I smiled. “I thought you’d be happy that I didn’t fight. But if you want me to fight, I’ll fight hard.” I gave one of those dramatic pauses. “And win.”

He snickered. “All right, Lumex, let’s go,” James said, putting an arm around my waist.

James closed the door behind us and we walked towards my car. I hope his car is behind mine. It was. But it wasn’t exactly a car.

Behind my Camaro was a shiny black motorcycle. It was beautiful. I recognized it immediately. A 2009 Buell Blast. It was 25.5 inches from the ground, had a 492cc engine displacement and an amazing 34 horsepower. I’d seen it a couple of months ago in a display window in a store somewhere in Ohio and almost bought it.

I stopped frozen. “This is yours?” I asked.

“Yeah,” James shrugged. “It’s easier to ride on motorcycles through traffic when you’re trying to get somewhere.”

“Or get away,” I said dryly. “I’ll go get my helmet,” I said, turning for the garage.

I used to ride motorcycle, but stopped last year. I don’t know why, I just stopped and started driving. I had always loved motorcycles. I loved working on the engines. Making them go faster. I love the wind in my hair and the roar of the engine. I regret ever stopping.

James grabbed my arm to stop me. He shook his head. “No. I have one for you.”

“Jamie, it’s no problem. I’ll even get my bike out.”

“No. You’re going to be on my bike when we go into school.” He pulled me closer. “I want the whole school to know that I love you and you only.” He leaned down and his lips met mine.

I smiled. “Fine. But only because this might stop the guys at school. I hate being “Lumex the unattainable,” “Lumex the untamed.””

“I feel the same way about those girls.” He grimaced. “But you might as well take a wooden stick and beat them with it.”

I laughed. “I think they learned their lesson the first time I did that.”

“You actually did that?” he asked, humored. He put on his helmet.

“Yes. I was seven and felt like a monkey in a cage. It’s not a good feeling,” I added. “Which brings the next name, “Vicious Lumex.”” I eyed a bag of dirt for the plants. The gardener should be here very soon. Maybe I could just sneak one bag of manure. No. No. Not now. Later. Maybe. “I'm proud of that name. People fear me and keep their distance because of it.”

“And to think that you used to be a princess,” he sighed. “But I love you all the same,” he said, handing me a black helmet.

I put it on and got on behind him. I wrapped my arm around him and held on as he waited for the gate to open. Then he sped off.

“Are we going to train today?” I asked when he stopped at a red stop light. There were various cars filling up the highway, all filled with teenagers from high school. We both had our helmets on and I doubted that anyone could see through the dark glass. But I was worried that my unique figure would draw attention.

“Yes. Try not to kill Andrew,” he responded.

I sighed. “Make sure that he doesn’t tick me off, then. Because when I lose control, it’s not pretty.”

“Everything you do is ‘pretty.’”

I rolled my eyes. “Anyway, I don’t want to kill your best friend.”

The light turned green and the bike roared to life. James entered the school and parked in front of the school in full view. He turned off the engine. I let go, and he took off his helmet. I watched how his hair ruffled in a golden mess as it was released. He really did look like a prince. His hair swirled around him and his gray eyes were distant. He waited as I regained myself and got off. Then, he swung one leg over and jumped off. I took off my helmet and handed it to him. He simply set them on the bike and left them there. I choked out a laugh.

“What? Prince James has so much money that he’s practically just throwing out a beautiful piece of machinery?” I said.

He snickered. “No, Princess Melody. But I'm pretty sure that even these simple-minded humans can see that I'm dangerous. And that you’re dangerous.”

“Hey!” I exclaimed. “Watch the ‘princess’ thing.”

He smiled. It was hypnotic. He brushed a strand of hair from my face and then sighed. “They’re here,” he murmured.

I didn’t need to ask who. I could smell and strangely feel them.

“Hey! James! Lumex!” a girl called from the school doors. Our heads turned to look at them. Viv and everybody else from the gang were walking towards us. “Let’s hurry up!” Viv continued as she reached us.

“Viv. You—you guys transferred here?” I stammered.

“Yeah, Lumex,” Jeff said.

“You didn’t think that we’d let James keep us locked up in there,”—Max pointed at Crystal Flower—“bored, while you guys went out.”

“Even if it means school,” Violet said, “at least it’s out.”

“Can we go inside now?” Scarlett complained. “I'm hungry! There should be something to eat in that cafeteria! Let’s go!” she exclaimed, turning around and marching back towards the school.

“Um. She does know that there’s a vending machine right over there, right?” I asked, pointing a finger over at a fence that was a different entrance to the courtyard.

“I don’t think she does,” Andrew snickered. “Should we tell her?”

“I think we should.” I nodded. She looked moody. And soon enough it would get on my nerves. No way. I like Scarlett. She’s nice. I don’t want to end up breaking her arm. “Scarlett!” I chased after her.

“What?” she exclaimed, turning around to look at me.

“There’s a vending machine right over here,” I grabbed her arm and tugged her towards the fence.

“I knew that,” she mumbled sheepishly. I tugged her until we reached the fence, then I let her go when my cell phone beeped. I took it from my pocket and read over the text message.

WHERE R U? It read.

I cursed.

“What happened? Are your drawings missing?” Andrew said.

“I don’t have time to humiliate you, Andrew,” I said, looking up from my phone. “I forgot that I was supposed to meet up with Brooke a few hours before school started. You know, make some mud and stuff it in Claire Jones’s locker. Mess up her books and then trash her classrooms and write, ‘Claire was here.’” I sighed. “A little amateurish, I’ll admit to it, but I don’t have time to make it any better!” I was pissed. I really wanted to break some records here. But James is much more important.

They stared at me shocked.

“What?” I asked.

“Lumex, ho—how were you planning on getting away with something that big?” James asked.

I chuckled. “Don’t underestimate my powers. Plus, she’d have no proof.”

“Fingerprints, fallen hair, footprints, hand-writing,” Andrew started listing. “Dirt in cars, the scent of dirt in the cars, the trace of dirt left behind—should I continue?”

“That’s another thing I'm great at. I'm sure you read yesterday’s newspaper,” I said. He raised an eyebrow. “They still haven't figured out how I got the motor in that locker. Or the books balanced on the thin tree branch.” I smiled and shook my head. “They hardly even know how I got the motor out in between classes without skipping.”

“But it said in the newspaper that it was you. So they know,” he argued.

“Don’t you know that you can't trust the press? They could be making up that stuff for all we know!” I said, smoothly.

“But you just admitted to doing it!”

“Did I?” I said. “Did I really? Or did I just say what happened last year?”

Andrew frowned and breathed, “What?”

I laughed. “Exactly.” I texted Brooke.


“Okay! I got an apple! I'm better!” Scarlett said suddenly coming from the courtyard.

“Great! Now, let’s go,” Violet said, eyeing around. “People are staring at us.”

I sighed. “Trust me, Violet. It’s not you that they’re staring at.” I looked over and made eye contact with a couple of guys and two girls. They jumped and practically ran inside.

James put an arm around my shoulders and we began walking. Somehow, James and I ended up in the middle of everyone. Like the president surrounded by his bodyguards. I wanted to punch them. We stopped by my locker and then James’s. Finally the bodyguard circle was broken when we reached Mrs. Dashwood’s classroom. Only Max and Violet stayed. They managed to talk their way into the seats behind me and James.

“Where are we going to train?” I asked. James and I were sitting so that we were looking at Violet and Max.

“We found this place right next to the school in that forest,” Max answered. “There’s a little cabin that can comfortably fit us. It’ll be our HQ.”

“What’s the difference?” I asked. “I mean Crystal Flower is right next door.”

“But there’s a gate,” Max added. His tone told me that he thought he’d outsmarted me.

Wow. A gate. Crystal Flower has wards and vampires, shape-shifters, witches, werewolves—but, the cabin has a gate. So much more protected.”

“Viv and Scarlett are supposed to put wards up. Only we will be able to get in. And only people who receive an invitation from one of us or somebody inside can get in,” James added in.

“Double wards. It’s better than having only one,” Max shrugged.

“I really don’t think that’s possible, Max,” Violet said. “And you’ve lived longer than I have.”

James stiffened beside me. Violet looked away, bored, and Max hissed under his breath. I looked at them. A second later, my head snapped towards the door.

“Lumex. Do you know why there are so many new kids around?” Demetrius asked, coming from the door.

Sudden fury rose up in me. I gritted my teeth and stood up.

“You damn parasite!” I exclaimed. I wasn’t worried about teachers. It was still early. About twenty minutes before classes started. There were a couple of students in here—five. There should be some brainwashing that Viv and Scarlett could do. Or maybe mind control would work. But they were going to witness something. Demetrius stopped in front of me, startled. “You knew all along and you didn’t tell me!” I carried on. “I’ve known you since I was four and you never told me!” I marched towards him and yelled in his face. He kept backing away until he hit the wall. “And when my dad died, you still didn’t tell me! You knew that he was one of you! And you knew what I was! How could you have kept a secret like that from me? You tried to make me feel better with your lousy chocolate and gift baskets even though you knew it wasn’t working! And you knew that if you had only told me that he was a vampire then I would have felt better!” My voice softened a little when I said ‘vampire’ but at least one person must have heard me, because somebody snorted. Max, Violet and James acted up then. They whispered in my ear, trying to calm me down and pulled at my arm, trying to get me to sit down. I shrugged them off. “I would have understood if you had just told me that vampires were hunted by everyone! That would have been all it took! And to top it off, you knew that I was The Animus Materia! I could have spent all those years searching for James, but instead I wept over my dad’s death! And then you had the guts to ask me out, over and over again for twelve years!” I eyed a pencil that was next to a globe on the spare desk a few feet away from us. Something so little could do so much harm.

“Wait. What?” Demetrius cut in.

“Go, Scruffy,” I heard Violet say. “Get Scar and Viv, we have some work to do.”

“What the hell are you talking about?” Demetrius continued when I stared with my mouth open and no words coming out of it. “What’s this Soul Mate thing? And how do you know about vampires? I thought Molly was keeping it a secret.” He looked over at James. “Did you tell her? Didn’t Molly explain to you the danger?” he yelled at James.

“Don’t lie, leech! And don’t yell at someone else when I'm yelling at you!” I exclaimed. “Even your brother knows! He was the one who called me that, damn it!”

“Why the hell would Orion call you that? You shouldn’t come accusing me for things that I have nothing to do with! So would you care to explain what you’re—” he stopped abruptly. He stared at me, then at James. Then back at me. Then his eyes widened in horror. “Hravart,” he breathed.

That name rang a bell. An image flashed in front of my eyes. A girl with silky black hair down to her ankles. She had sad, empty milky brown eyes that had a cold, distant exterior. She was wearing a kimono and had a fan that she was lifting up to her face. It hid her full red lips and some of her porcelain skin. She didn’t look Japanese, but she was. It was just the wide eyes that threw off her features. But yet, it made her look even lovelier. She was the daughter of the emperor or Japan. How did I know that? It was my two hundredth life. I was Hravart, the burning rose.

“How—how do you know that?” I asked, taking a step backwards. “James! Do you know him? Why the hell does he know me?” I looked desperately at James. His jaw was set and he was trembling slightly, as if he were restraining himself with a great amount of force.

“You can't be…” Demetrius was whispering to himself. He grabbed my shoulders and shook me. “You can't be!” he yelled.

“James! What’s the problem?” Viv asked, appearing at the door with Scarlett and Max. Her chest was heaving.

“Get the students,” James said calmly through his teeth. “Erase their memories. I don’t want them to remember anything starting twenty minutes ago.”

“Yes, but what’s—” Viv was cut off.


“You aren’t her!” Demetrius was still trying to convince himself. “And he can't be! I couldn’t have! You don’t believe anything that that phony Soul Mate Protector tells you! You aren’t her!” He was still shaking me.

“What the hell are you talking about?” I regained myself. “I am Hravart and he is my soul mate! Now why are you all worked up? I'm the one who’s angry here!”

“We’re all set, James, but why is she so angry?” Scarlett asked.

“Just go. You’ll be late,” he responded.

“But he shouldn’t have told you anything because I can't be in love with the Savior!” Demetrius continued. He opened his mouth and looked away. Then he said softly, “It’s not possible. Only the Protector can love the Savior.”

I felt my mouth drop. I had always suspected as much. But now, coming from him—it was impossible to believe.

This was one of those moments were everybody around would stop with whatever they were doing, look, and gasp. But nothing like that happened. The five kids in the classroom just kept doing what they were doing, as if they were completely oblivious to the fact that I had just called Demetrius a bloodsucking vampire and that he’d just said that he was in love with me.

What the hell are you talking about?” I yelled.

“Ms. Cockcrow!” a raspy voice exclaimed.

Busted. Again.

“What in the world do you think you’re doing?” Mrs. Dashwood asked, appearing from the door. The rest of the class was right behind her. I hadn't even noticed that the bell rang. “And such a vocabulary in school!”

“No. That’s not what happened,” I said as I racked my brain trying to come up with an excuse. I eyed James, who was still standing, with a “help me” look. He shrugged.

“Then what happened?” Mrs. Dashwood asked with her hands on her hips.

“Well, I uh—I was—I mean, Demetrius wanted to know about the mythological tales that help explain why Hades was sent down there. And I was just adding an example.” I squared my shoulders and put on my “angel” face. “But, I'm sure that you would know more about it than me, because you know so much. I mean, you should be the president with all that you know. And—and I uh—I just can't wait for class to start, because you know, you do a really great job. And that is why you are my favorite teacher and why history is my favorite subject.” I looked at Demetrius with hostility. “Isn't that right, Demetrius?” I said through my teeth.

He looked even more confused than James. “Yeah. Sure. That happened,” he said as he tried to figure out what I was talking about.

“So can we please start, Mrs. Dashwood? I want to be enlightened by your astounding skills,” I said, putting a hand on Mrs. Dashwood’s delicate back.

She smiled. I knew she was confused, but she didn’t. That was how it worked. I confused them so much, that they didn’t even realize that they were puzzled. “Yes. You know, Cockcrow? You were always one of my favorite students,” she said. “Straight A’s, never speaking out, always being respectful and paying attention. You’re an amazing student.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Dashwood. I've always seen myself as the kind of person who inspires and learns from her mistakes, but you—you never make any mistakes. You’re a role model.”

God, now I’m lying through my teeth.

“Yes. Well. Thank you. It’s nice to be appreciated. Now take a seat,” she said.

“Of course,” I said, walking back to my seat. I plopped down, still worked up. She’d startled me. Demetrius sat down next to me, shaking his head, still completely lost.

What was that? James’s mental voice appeared in my head.

I sighed and sent, I really have no idea. I just started talking. I watched as the classroom filled up. Violet had kept everybody out of the classroom until the teacher came. I spent twenty damn minutes yelling at Demetrius and I didn’t even say half of what was on my mind.

I ran my hands through my hair and let my head hang. I felt like throwing up. I just wanted to get away for a while. To get away from everyone—including James. And that wouldn’t be possible anywhere near him, because he knew how to get past my shields and into my mind. I hated it.

I shut my eyes and rested my chin on the desk. My dark brown hair fell onto the desk and a few strands stuck to my cheeks. The chain of my Lumex necklace clinked as it hit the edge of the desk when I breathed. Under the desk, I was holding onto the charm and twisting it around with my fingers, feeling every detail. Usually it would help me, but now it felt repulsing. I wanted to rip it off my neck and then throw it across the room.

I remained there like a statue, thinking for what seemed like only a few minutes. Then the bell rang and I returned to the present. I wanted to remain sitting there, but I knew that next period was an escape from Demetrius and James. I stood up and grabbed my books before James even had a chance to look up. Swiftly, I made my way around everyone and towards my locker. I wasn’t oblivious to the fact that Violet and everyone else, including Scarlett, Viv and Jeff, had caught up to me, but I ignored them.

I put in my combination, but before I opened the locker, I turned to look at everyone and said, “Either move, or duck.” They all gave me odd looks, but did as I said, stepping to the side. “James, go over there and ask George to come over here,” I said, pointedly eyeing the boy with hair so dark that it looked black, who was standing over by the water fountain. “Tell him I want to talk to him.” He turned around halfway, then gave me another odd look, and started walking. “And if he tries to run, tell him that it’s about the project in biology,” I called after him, controlling my voice so that George wouldn’t hear.

James reached George and started talking. I knew what James was saying when George’s eyes widened in surprise. It didn’t seem as if James had to use the biology excuse. As I predicted, George would want to know why I was suddenly talking to someone other than Brooke. James followed behind him all the time watching me with curiosity. He was trying to read my expression. He didn’t have any luck; just like every other creature in the world.

“Lumex, what did you want to talk about?” George Mocha asked. He tilted his head and studied me, his blue-black eyes turning a lighter shade when he looked back at my face.

“Nothing. I just wanted to see you,” I lied convincingly. “And,” I sighed, the moan making me sound like the delicate flower that I looked like, “well, I can't open my locker. It’s stuck. And I know that you’re captain of the baseball team, so I'm sure that you can open it.” My eyes moved down to look at the floor in what was supposed to look like a blush.

“Sure I will,” he said arrogantly.

I smiled and let go of the locker door, making sure that it remained closed until I moved out of the way. George opened the locker door with force and was hit in the face by some lemon pie.

“Oh, look that that,” I said. I patted George’s shoulder. “Thanks, Henry.” I sent him off with cream all over his face.

“You know, I saw that coming as soon as she said, ‘ask George to come over here.’” Violet said. “Plus I knew that something smelled like lemon. But I thought that it was coming from the Home Ec. room.”

Max and Jeff were laughing and Andrew had a crooked smile playing on his lips. James was chuckling and running a hand through his hair, amazed. Viv was staring after George, startled and Scarlett was looking around the hallway vigilantly.

I took out the spring from my locker and put my history book in there. I slammed the locker door closed and examined the spring. There has to be something…

“How did you know that was going to happen?” James asked.

“I could smell the pie. When I felt like puking, I knew something was wrong,” I shrugged. “I really hate lemon pie. There’s too much cream.”

“What about the science project?” Max asked.

I snorted. “It’s the third day of school! There aren’t any projects! And anyway, he isn’t even in my class.”

“But why torture the poor boy?” Viv asked. “You knew that his name was George and you called him Henry.”

“So he wouldn’t be back.” I chewed on my lip, calculating the possibilities of problems I would have with Henrys because of what I said.

“And why didn’t you do it to Max or Andrew? You should be mad at them, not that guy,” Violet commented.

“Because these two I can beat up with a stick and a silver golf club, knowing that they’ll get better before the next time I do it,” I said, twisting around the spring in my hands, still inspecting it. “George on the other hand, almost hit me with a wooden bat on the leg yesterday. And I don’t have to plan something diabolical with him, because I know that he’s smarter than Claire!”

“Who?” Jeff, Max, and Vivian asked in unison.

“You’ll meet her,” I said, simply. “Considering how I just ruined this, in five…four…three…two….”

“Cockcrow!” the familiar yell came.

“Here’s the devil,” I said in a singsong voice.

“You ruined it!” Claire yelled. Oh, cry me a river! Why does she have to whine every time she fails? You’d think that she’d learned by now. “And how are you so popular with all these good-looking people?” She pushed past Scarlett and Violet who hissed, and kept yelling things at me.

When I couldn’t take her screaming anymore, I looked at the spring and pie crust with cream still on it. I lifted it up and slowly put it on Claire’s head.

“You’ve met her,” I said dully, slamming my locker closed. “You regret it. Now it’s your first day, you shouldn’t be late. And, Claire, maybe next time you’ll make sure that the spring isn’t initialed C. Jones.”

Viv’s, Scarlett’s, Violet’s and Claire’s mouths had dropped open when they realized what I did. Max, Jeff, and even Andrew were laughing and James was looking at Claire’s big head, wide-eyed. I watched bored as Claire touched the pie on her head speechless.

The first bell rang. I walked past Claire.

“Go on, James,” I said. “I can make my way to class alone.”

“Lumex—” Violet, Viv, and Jeff stepped forward defensively.

I ignored them and locked James’s gazed. He looked a little defensive, but even he knew that it wasn’t probable for anything to happen. His eyes lightened and he shrugged.

Sad, sad gray eyes with such a history behind them. To watch the one you love die over and over again can do something horrible to you. And someone so beautiful and so caring shouldn’t be tormented like that.

I had the impulse to reach out and stroke his face, but suppressed the thought.

One class,” James said, looking behind me.

I smiled. I got on my tippy-toes and kissed his cheek. That ought to get some rumors started. I turned around to look at the rest of the crew and, sadly, Claire. “I’ll see you guys later,” I said to them. Before turning around and walking away, I grinned at the dumbstruck Claire and said dryly, “I can't wait to tutor you.” I grimaced at the idea and then straightened my face. Claire stared confused for a moment, still speechless. I walked away before she could realize what I was talking about.

I had to make some arrangements, but I knew that soon I would have to do it. I didn’t want to, but I hoped I would live long enough so that one day I would.



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