Memories (Completed)
Author: Jewel Heart

Chapter 4

This really wasn’t my day. James, my first love who hates me on one side, and Demetrius, the boy who’d had a crush on me ever since grade school, on the other. This was awkward.

I hung my head, trying to hide the tears that were still threatening to shed. My hair was covering my face. I half expected James to push back my hair and say, “You’re so pretty, Lumex. Don’t hide,” again.

I ran a hand through my hair. Then, I pressed my hand to my warm forehead. My fingers were cold. I didn’t feel good at all.

“Lumex, are you okay?” Demetrius asked. “I called a couple of hours after taking you home, but your maid said that you were asleep.”

I looked at him. “No, not really,” I said. “How’s Brooke?”

“She was sleeping when I left.”

Something sunk in. “Why did you take me home?” I asked. “Why didn’t you just leave me there?”

He shrugged. “There are people who care about you. You shouldn’t make them worry.”

“It won’t matter to Molly if you just call,” I shrugged. I put my head on my desk and closed my eyes.

“Okay class,” the teacher said. “Settle down.”

I lifted my head and looked at her. The teacher was an elderly woman in a tan pant suit. She had big glasses and curly hair, too much make-up on, and little hunch. She looked like she only had a few years before retirement.

“I'm Mrs. Dashwood. I hope we will have a quiet year for I have zero tolerance for misbehavior,” she said. “Okay, attendance….Tatiana Acosta….”


Mrs. Dashwood carried on and I played with my pencil. I eyed James. He was staring angrily at the wall. My eyes began stinging again. I swallowed hard.

“…Lumex Cockcrow….” Mrs. Dashwood called.

“Here,” I choked out.

“…James Eventide…”

“Here,” he said in his smooth voice.

“…Marshall Thompson….”

James, I'm so sorry, I apologized, even though I knew he couldn’t read my mind. I understand if you hate me, but let me explain.

For the rest of the class period, Mrs. Dashwood read over our planners. She told about the rules and school dress codes and all that other crap that we already know. Then, when the bell finally rang, I turned and reached for a pale arm.

“James,” I started. He ignored me and stood up. “Look, you don’t understand.”

He left. I blinked away tears.

“So that’s James, then?” Demetrius said, appearing next to me with my books in one hand.

I let my head hang.

“I’ll take care of him. You deserve better than a jerk that makes you cry.” He helped me up and started heading out of class.

“Demetrius, mind your own business,” I said. “I don’t need you to try and help.” I took my books from him and marched out of class.

I hate being thought of as a defenseless child who needs to be protected. I marched all the way to my locker and then grabbed the little mirror and checked myself. My mascara hadn't run but my eyes were red. And my expression was sad. I couldn’t even take it. I stuffed my history textbook in my locker and then headed off to art class.

For the next four periods, I kept my head down and my expression emotionless. As predicted, my new appearance attracted a lot of attention from the boys. But none of them was the right guy. Not even when he was in my classes did he look at me. Not once did I try and explain again. I was going to corner him at lunch.

Finally, at lunch, I sat down at an empty table. I wasn’t hungry now either. I looked around, searching for the silky golden hair and sad expression that made my heart stop. Even though he was pretending that I didn’t exist, I was going to explain myself. I found him sitting at a table with a couple of girls and some of the popular guys.

I stood up and walked over. I stopped and they looked up. The guys were drooling and James was expressionless.

“James, we really need to talk,” I said and everyone at the table’s eyes widened. They knew that I didn’t do this kind of stuff. “You got the wrong idea.”

He looked away. “You don’t need to explain anything, I get it,” he said.

“No you don’t. James, I didn’t want to leave. That call was about Brooke, she was in a—”

“Save it. It doesn’t matter. Just bring the dress back tomorrow and I’ll give you your clothes.”

I’d forgotten about the dress. “James, just turn around and look at me,” I said. My eyes began filling up with warm tears. He needed to at least know.

He didn’t move.

I shook my head and blinked back tears. “You’re an idiot. Just go on hating me. See if I care!” I exclaimed. I turned around and walked to my table. I was bluffing. I knew that I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t stand to have him angry with me.

Claire and her followers stopped me.

I hardened my expression. “What do you want? I'm not in a good mood,” I said.

“I'm here to warn you,” Claire said carelessly. “I've decided to have James to myself. So back off,” she growled.

I threw my head back and laughed. “What makes you think I care? I just had something to settle with James. It was so easy to trick you into finding him for me.”

Claire grinded her teeth and said, “I saw how you looked at him. I'm taking both Demetrius and James. I'm going to make you cry.”

I was so sick of Claire butting in and trying to make me miserable. I sighed angrily, the next two words coming through grinded teeth, “Try me.”

Claire narrowed her eyes and I pushed past her followers. I sat down at my table and took a sharp breath as I stopped the tears from ruining my make-up. Someone sat down next to me.

I looked over.

“I thought I told you to mind your own business,” I said.

He smiled apologetically. “You can’t really expect me to stay away from you when you’re upset.”

“Demetrius, I’ve told you, I'm a big girl. I can handle things.”

Demetrius put his hand over mine. I looked at him, pushing his hand away. I wet my lips and shook my head. I brushed my hair back and stood up.

“If you really want to help, then, please stop. I've got too many things on my mind and I don’t need you on my trail. Stay away for a while.” I left. I walked to the library where I knew I could find some peace and quiet.

I grabbed a random book from the shelves. I sat down in a chair and looked at the book. It was Marked by Kristin and P.C Cast, a book about vampires. I had been meaning to see what was so interesting about these creatures nowadays.

Vampires are pale and can live forever. Those sophisticated eyes, how do you get eyes so wise if you haven't lived forever? I'm going crazy. There’s no way that James could be a vampire. They’re myths. But still, I have some suspicions. I stood up and headed to a computer.

I turned it on and typed: vampires. Over a million sites popped up. There were books about vampires, movies about vampires and something on Wikipedia. I mentally slapped myself. This is ridiculous. I logged off and left.

James. He can’t be.

An image flashed in front of my eyes. I caught myself on a wall before I could fall flat on my face. I was breathing hard. That wasn’t anything human. That thing I saw had animal teeth.

Those eyes were inhuman. They were glowing silver. The boy was as pale as a ghost, as white as snow. He was gorgeous of course. Golden hair was flowing around his face. He was nearing me. He was walking towards me with animal eyes and fangs sticking out his mouth.

No. I'm going crazy. I'm depressed. That’s it. The same thing happened on my fifth birthday. James isn’t a vampire. He isn’t a mythical creature that drinks blood and hates the human race. It was just a coincidence that that animal face was his.

I leaned on the wall and slid to the floor. I have a headache. I need to go home. I struggled to my feet. When I finally got to my feet, I couldn’t move. I couldn’t feel my legs and the world was spinning. I blinked and the world stopped moving. A second later it began spinning again. Just then, the lunch bell rang. People started filling the halls and I was starting to believe that they were going to run over me.

“Lumex?” someone said. The familiar voice made my head spin even more.

“No. Go away. I'm mad at you,” I moaned. Why can’t the world stop moving?

“I don’t care. I'm taking you to the nurse,” he said.

“Leave me alone. You hate me. You won’t even let me explain, James,” I groaned. “You don’t make any sense either,” I added at random.

“I see you got my letter,” James mumbled regretfully under his breath.

“Yeah, and it really doesn’t make any sense. And another thing, if you can’t trust me then, how can I trust you?”

“You make a good point.”

“So will you let me explain to you what happened?” I blinked. The world stopped spinning. I noticed that I was kneeling on the floor, with James inches away from me. His eyes weren’t full of hate anymore. He looked concerned.

“If you let me explain my letter,” he said.


He smiled. Then, he crouched and swinging me onto his back, as if he were giving me a piggyback ride.

My eyes widened and the world disappeared again.

“No. Put me down! James!” I struggled to loosen his hands from my legs. “James, I’ll walk! Put me down!”

“I'm taking you to the nurse.” He started making his way to the nurse’s office. People stared as they watched the gorgeous James carry the unattainable Lumex, a nickname I had been granted freshman year, in his arms.

“James, let me go!” I was too exhausted to put up a good fight. I weakly pounded on his back. “No.”

“Lumex, don’t scream. Enough people are staring as it is,” James whispered.

I don’t freaking care! Put me down!” Thirty seconds later, I gave up and leaned my head on his back and hugged his neck.

We reached the nurses office without any trouble. At the back office there wasn’t anyone. The secretaries were probably eating lunch. James walked in and the nurse raised an eyebrow curiously.

“What happened?” she asked as James set me on a bed. I sat up.

“Nothing happened. I just have a headache,” I said.

“Oh, no, dear,” the nurse said. “You don’t look like you only have a headache. Just give me a second, I’ll get a thermometer.” She opened a drawer and got a thermometer out. She grabbed a box and put a cap on the end. “Open,” she ordered.

I opened my mouth and she stuck the thermometer under my tongue. I gave James a ‘you owe me,’ look.

He shrugged.

We stayed there, just staring into each other’s eyes for a moment. When I realized what was happening, I blushed and looked down.

The nurse came back and took the thermometer out of my mouth. “Hmm,” she said.

‘Hmm…’? What does she mean by ‘Hmm…’?

“I can go back to class, right?” I asked.

“Not with a fever of 110.3. You’ll be going home,” she answered.

I sighed sadly.

“I need to call your parents to come pick you up. What’s your name and phone number?” she asked. She sat down at her desk. She turned on her computer and put a pair of reading glasses on.

“Lumex Cockcrow,” I said. “But my mother is in an important business meeting and she won’t be able to pick me up.”

“What about your father?”

I swallowed and blinked back tears. “He perished,” I whispered.

The nurse looked up from her computer and took off her glasses. Her mouth was hanging open. She was speechless. She didn’t know what to say. She hadn't been expecting that.

For a second I thought she was going to apologize, but instead she said, “You’ll have to remain here then. Until your mother can come and pick you up.”

“I can take her home,” James offered. “I’ll read over the parts I missed in my planner.”

The nurse considered that for a second. Then, she nodded and said, “I’ll have to excuse you. What is your name?”

“James Eventide. And, if it isn’t too much trouble, could you send a message to my sisters? They’ll be worried if I don’t show up.” He used some kind of trick to make the nurse blush and agree. Maybe it was some trick he could do with his sad gray eyes.

Right now, I didn’t care. I just needed to talk to him.

“Of course,” she said. “I’ll need names, though.”

“Giselle and Harmony Eventide,” he grinned.

“Very well.” She looked over at me. “Do you need any help taking her to her car? Or can you stand, dear?”

“I’ll walk,” I said before James opened his mouth. I stood up and lost my balance for a second as the world spun in front of my eyes. I blinked and noticed that James had his hands outstretched, ready to catch me if I were to fall.

“Lumex—” he began.

I walked to the desk to show him that I was in perfect condition.

“Thank you,” I told the nurse and headed towards the door.

James followed after me after thanking the nurse. We walked into the hall and towards my locker.

“You know, I could have carried you. You shouldn’t be walking,” he said.

“I told you, I'm not as fragile as I look.”

“I'm not going to argue with that. I'm walking on eggshells as it is. By the way, why are we going to your locker?”

I looked at him. “My bag is in there.”

We remained quiet as we walked to my locker. It was silent in the hallway because everyone was in class. Though, the ones with hall passes and bathroom passes looked up from what they were doing as we passed by. They would have something to talk about now. There would be annoying rumors going on around the school about the new guy and the mystery girl. Rumors that would say something ridiculous like: new guy tames the unattainable guy magnet.

We reached my locker and I grabbed the orange bag from inside.

“Can we just get moving?” I asked when I saw that he opened his mouth to say something.

“That’s probably a good idea,” James agreed.

We headed for the parking lot.

Somewhere I said, “It wasn’t what you thought. I didn’t just ditch you because I found a guy.”

“Yeah, I thought about that at first,” he laughed humorlessly. “Then, I saw you get in his car.”

“That call was an emergency. Thank goodness she was okay. I left, because I got a call that my best friend, Brooke, had been in a car accident.”

James stopped. I turned around and looked at him with tears in my eyes. “Lumex, I didn’t know. I was stupid—I am stupid,” he said. His eyes were wide.

“It’s okay,” I said. I turned around and kept walking, knowing that he was right behind me. “And that guy you saw me with—Demetrius—he’d offered to help. He was only driving me to the hospital. And then, I saw you. I saw you standing there a block away. I knew you were watching me get in the car. I knew why you looked at me with so much hate.” I opened the door that led to the parking lot. “And honestly, that killed me. Knowing that you hated me because of what I did killed me.” I laughed, humorlessly. “I'm sorry.”

“Lumex,” he stopped me. James grabbed me by the shoulders and turned me around. It was such a gentle touch. He was looking at me, regretfully, almost…pained. “Look, no matter what you do. It doesn’t matter if one day you decide to kill me—literally kill me—I’ll never be able to hate you.”

I was staring into those sad eyes. I realized now, that we had moved closer. James was holding my face in his hands. Our faces were only inches apart. My muscles locked and I froze in place. James wasn’t moving either. We both stayed there for what seemed like an eternity, simply staring into each other’s eyes.

Then, the world started spinning and I could barely stay standing. I took a step backwards dizzy. James took a step forward, crouching with his arms outstretched. He’s going to pick me up again, and that’ll only make it worse.

“No. Let’s just keep moving. Please,” I said, taking another step backwards. I avoided his hands.

I forced myself to turn around and head to my car. I took out my car keys and unlocked the doors. Then, I walked to the driver’s seat and opened it. I stumbled as I tried to get in. In the blink of an eye, I was in the air.

“Put me down!” I yelled.

James looked at me apologetically. He had sneaked up from behind me and lifted me off my feet.

“You can’t drive. Now hand me the keys,” he said.

I frowned and lifted my hand. He put my feet down and took the keys. Then, he picked me up again before I could escape and carried me to the passenger side. Somehow, he managed to open the door while holding me. I couldn’t figure out how he did all these things. Most teenagers—even adults—wouldn’t be able to do it.

It brought one thought and one image to my mind. Vampires are myths, I told myself. They don’t exist.

James gently put me in my chair and closed the door. I leaned my head on the window. It was burning hot in this place. I want to get out of here. James has my keys so I can’t even turn on the air or roll down the window.

Finally James got in and turned on the car. I put the air on full blast and opened my window. James got out of the parking spot easily and headed to the front of the school to get out that way.

I was sitting with my head leaned against the door when we passed the front of the school. My lips stretched into a wide smile as we passed Claire and her group. I'm so glad that I decided to open the window as well. Claire stared, her mouth hanging open. I had an urge to get out of the car and rub it in her face.

“You don’t like her very much,” James said. He didn’t ask, he was clarifying.

“She’s always been a pain,” I responded. “She tries to ruin my life at every chance. I don’t know why she doesn’t give up.”

“Why does she hate you?” he asked. He’d guessed correctly. Claire does hate me.

“I don’t know. I’ve always thought that it was because guys paid more attention to me,” I shrugged. “It’s not like I asked for all that attention.”

“You can’t dislike a person so much for that.”

“Well, I really don’t know. I’ve been trying to figure it out for years,” I sighed.

“Well, have you done anything to her? When you were younger?”

“Not that I know of,” I said. I tried to remember when the whole war between us had started. I felt tears build up in my eyes as I recalled.

Don’t think about it, I warned myself. If you think about it, you’ll see him.

“Anyway, I’ve been meaning to ask you something, but you have to answer it honestly.” I eyed him. If he could get out of this one, I’d cut all my hair off.

“Shoot,” he said. Then, at the realization of what he’d just committed himself to, he frowned.

“Why do you care so much about what happens to me?” I watched him, expecting a protest.

He was silent for a minute. Finally, he sighed and said, “I like you, Lumex. More than you can imagine.”

“We just met,” I mumbled to myself.

He heard it. “It’s not about that,” he argued. “It’s not about that at all. Look, I feel a connection to you. I feel as if I’ve met you before.”

“Déjà vu,” I whispered.

“Yes, exactly that,” he said. “At the airport, when we touched for the first time….” He shook his head. “I just haven't been able to get you out of my head.”

Just like me, he feels it too. And more importantly, he likes me and I like him back. I looked down at the bag next to my feet. This was all confusing.

“What about that letter? How did you know that all that happened?” I demanded.

He kept steady hands on the wheel.

“I can’t explain that now. I'm going to explain everything along with that.” He stopped the car as he waited for Anthony to open the gate.

Someone knocked on James’s window. James rolled down the window and stared in confusion.

“I'm sorry, sir, but you are not on the list,” a voice said from the other side of the window.

Anthony had met James and he recognized my car. What was he doing?

“Anthony, let us in,” I ordered, looking around James.

It wasn’t Anthony who was there. A new guy was denying us entry.

The new guy looked to be around my age if not a couple of years older. He had short brown hair and eyes so dark that they looked black. He had tan skin and was dressed in the guard’s uniform.

“Who the hell are you?” I asked. Usually I wouldn’t talk like that to anyone, but I have such a headache that I don’t know anything anymore. “What happened to Anthony?”

“Anthony is on vacation,” the guy answered snobbishly.

“So who are you and why won’t you let me in?” I asked through my teeth. My headache was getting worse.

“I'm going to have to ask you to leave.” The guy looked me over once. “I’ll let out the dogs if you don’t turn around.” Then, he grinned and said, “Though, I’ll pick you up later. We’ll do dinner. Just, keep that outfit on.”

My mouth dropped open. Whoever this guy was, he wasn’t going to be here tomorrow.

A door slammed shut.

I reached down to unbuckle my seatbelt.

“Lumex, stay in the car,” James ordered.

Something in his voice made me freeze in place. His voice was colder than ice and it sent chills down my spine.

“James, don’t do something stupid,” I warned him dully. I was mad, and even though I hated to admit it, I was in no position to be beating anyone up at the moment.

James had gotten my message. He cornered the guy by his post and grabbed him by the collar. I watched bored, as the guy’s eyes widened.

“What did you say to her?” James asked in an angry voice.

The guy turned pale and I could have sworn that his eyes were going to roll backwards. I saw him push a button.

“Nothing,” the guy responded. It sounded more like he was breathing than talking. He was so scared that he couldn’t even say it loud enough for it to be called a whisper.

I was still trying to remember what that button was for.

Oh, God. It lets Coco and Missy out of their cages, I realized.

I took off my seatbelt and slammed the door open. Both of the guys turned to look at what I was doing. I started walking towards some trees where I knew a little gate was. When I was a few feet away, I heard barking and snarling. I waited with my hands on my hips for them to come out.

One Rottweiler and one Bloodhound emerged from the small gate. They stopped in front of me and growled.

“Missy, Coco, back in the cage!” I yelled at them.

Missy is the Bloodhound that loves chew toys and shoes. Coco is the Rottweiler that had a limp in the back leg.

We had found Missy in the pound when she was barely two months old and Coco on the streets when he was about a year old. I remember that when we found Coco, a couple of little kids had been beating his leg with a walking stick. Molly and I had taken them back home and contracted a trainer. Molly had this idea on how to keep them in shape.

They recognized my voice and with their tails down and heads low, they walked back into the passage way connected from the gate to their cages.

When they were gone, I turned around and lost my balance. I had been so concentrated on stopping the dogs that I’d forgotten why I was being dropped off home in the first place. I caught myself before I could fall on the hard cement floor. I had one hand clutching my stomach and the other pressed against my forehead. I wasn’t going to be able to stand through anymore excitement.

I was swept off my feet again.

“James—!” I started screaming. I looked up so that he would see my expression. I stared for a second, mystified. “Who are you?” I asked.

A guy was holding me. Not the guy from the gate, but another guy. This boy actually seemed to be my age. Not any younger or older, but my age. I think I’ve seen him before. The boy had black hair that gracefully fell over his eyes, a pale complexion, and he was strong. I could feel the muscles in his hands from where our skins touched.

He looked down at me and I could see his eyes. He had wise violet eyes.

What does everyone have those kind of eyes?

His lips were stretched in a wide smile and he was looking at me with what seemed like amusement. He didn’t say anything. He just smiled and started walking towards the silver Camaro.

I started kicking.

“Let go of me!” I yelled at the guy. I might be in a weak state, but I could still put up a pretty mean fight. I had the advantages of teeth and the no hitting a girl principle, which in some way helped.

“Hey, James, I think you lost something!” The boy called out to James.

James turned to look at us. He was still holding the tan guy by the collar. A smile played on his lips and he released the tan guy.

James knows this guy?

“Put her down gently, Andrew. She’s got a fever,” James called back.

“Does she know yet? I want to say something!” the guy named Andrew asked.

James shot him a dark and dangerous look. “Say anything to her and I’ll kill you!” he growled.

“So she doesn’t know? Well, hurry up and tell her! I don’t think I can hold it in much longer!” Andrew complained.

Andrew reached the car and set me down gently. Andrew watched bored as James cursed. Then, he looked down at me and grinned. “I hope you remember soon. It’ll be fun.” He turned around and started walking away.

I didn’t understand what he was talking about. I wanted answers. I got one foot out of the car and tried to stand. The world spun and gray dots danced in front of my eyes.

“Oh, and,” Andrew stopped and looked at me from over his shoulder, “don’t kill yourself yet. I have some new material that has been gathering dust.”

I stared at him puzzled. He threw back his head and laughed as he started walking away. He was gone before I could stand up. Though, something else caught my attention. I turned my head to where James was.

Oh, God.


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