My Poem Book
Author: ~Jessia*The*Star~

Chapter 73
Where's Your Daddy?

Where's Your Daddy?


We were at such a young age,

So why were we trying to hard,

To play and all but engage,

In those painfully stupid,

"Grown-up" games"?

They all start in love,

And end in pain,

It's enough to turn the most stable,

Into the most insain,

You see what it does to a,

"Sensible" adults mature mind,

So what would it do to us,

What are we trying to find?

Focus on schooling and future plans,

It's only when true love will call,

And we're older and more responsible,

That we can allow ourselves to fall,

For I have been "in-love",

More then my fair share,

Had my heart shattered into tiny peices,

Therefore "love" I have come to fear,

My Baby-Girl just go to sleep,

Go ahead-close those tired eyes,

Forget all that dreadful pain,

Forget all those foolish lies,

I know you thought you loved him,

Like I thought your Daddy loved me,

Never in my wildst dreams Baby-Girl,

Did I ever think this is how things would be,

Every night when you're fast asleep,

Mummy will scream and start to cry,

You wouldn't want to see Mummy like this,

Letting her once beautiful eyes slowly drip dry,

Wouldn't want to see her once rosey red face,

Stainned by these useless salty tears,

And her noes running like a waterfall,

Showing her usually hidden inside fears,

Where's Your Daddy?


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