Kid Island
Author: Colleen Miller

Chapter 8
The third Challenge

The green light lifted us off our feet. I fell onto a soft white surface and found myself violently shivering.

“Welcome to the tundra!” exclaimed Katherine from her TV.

            I looked around at the pale faces of my team members. We were used to cold, but when we were properly dressed for the cold. Not wearing t-shirts and shorts. I lifted myself from the snowy surface to look around.

“Ok” said Nate “I know that you’re in a TV so you are in a different place and can’t feel what’s going on here, but just so you know we’re freezing!”

Katherine rolled her eyes in his direction.

“Really, I didn’t know.” She said sarcastically.

“Ok” Said Molly “I know what the challenge must be. The team with the least amount of dead team members wins!” She looked angrily in Katherine’s direction, waiting for a response.

“Oh, Molly what a sense of humor!” said Katherine lightheartedly. “Hey, it’s my fault you didn’t dress for the weather, come along now.”

Her TV moved a few feet and we all followed her to a frozen pond.

She smiled and pointed to the frozen pond.

“As you have pointed out you’ve had both physical and mental challenges not completely given to your teams evenly. As this will seem only a physical challenge it is both physical and mental. It’s simple, each team has to take all of it’s team member’s to the other side of the frozen lake, but only one team member can touch the ground. If anyone but that person touches the ground everyone must go back and start again.”

“If we don’t die along the way” Nate mumbled.

Katherine rolled her eyes “Fine!” she yelled.

Our blue T-shirts turned into warm blue winter coats. I looked down to see my white shorts transform to cozy blue jeans.

“Happy?” asked Katherine. We all nodded.

“Now you must decide among your team who will be able to touch the surface. Chose wisely though, you will not be able to redecide.”

We turned in huddle and I stared at the startled faces of the team.

“Is this possible?” asked Nathalie“I’m not sure if this is actually possible.”

“I think it is” I replied “It’s just like cooperate games in gym class.”

“Well I’m definitely not being the person who touches the ground!” exclaimed Nathalie, holding up her weak arms.

“Molly should” I clarified “She’s by far the most athletic of all of us.”

The team nodded in agreement as we broke out of the huddle.

The others had chosen Tim, the quietest of the boys but also the most athletic. He was the tallest of all of us, making me nervous. Molly breathed deeply, trying to calm herself down.

I put my hand on her shoulder “You’ll do fine, Molly” I said trying to relax her. I hope it worked.

We lined up ready to bolt across the frozen lake, Molly sitting on her hands and knees with both Nathalie and Nick on her back. Tim had Melanie on his back ready to sprint to the other side.

“Now remember if any part of your other team member’s body touch the pond everyone must go back to the start got it?” We nodded “Okay on your marks get set go!”

They both set off across the lake Molly was crawling for her life with Tim way ahead of her. She was halfway across the lake when Tim set Melanie down on the other side. “Get Nate!” screamed Melanie as he ran to the other side. By the time Molly came back to get me Nate and Tim were almost at the end of the lake. We were going to win!

I jumped onto her back and got ready to move. Until I looked down to see why we were standing still. Beneath Molly’s feet the ice was cracking.

“Melissa, what do I do?” she asked me

“Try to go quick!” I yelled “It’ll only get worse”

She dodged the cracks trying not to slip. I looked to my left and couldn’t believe my eyes. Tim was right behind us with Josh on his back.

“Faster, Molly, faster!” I yelled

“I can’t I’ll fall!”

Suddenly I could feel my body lowering until I realized we were sinking.

“MOLLY?” I screamed


I got off her back and stepped onto the ice. Molly was waist deep in water, boosting herself up with her arms on the ice. I grabbed her hands and pulled and pulled until I heaved her out.

There were tears on Molly’s face and as she hugged me I could feel how freezing that water was.

“Thank you Melissa Oh my god I would’ve drowned!”

We walked to the other side of the lake slowly. When we made it to the other side I could see Nate and his team celebrating their victory by jumping up and down and screaming.

When they saw Molly they were stunned.

“What happened?” asked Melanie

“The ice wasn’t really stable.” I said

“What are you talking about?” asked Tim “It was totally stable for us”

We all looked at Katherine waiting for an explanation. She said nothing.

I was starting to get the feeling that she definitely wasn’t telling us everything.




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