Withered Weather
Author: Ella

Chapter 26
self denial

sunshine looked wearily upon the school compound as lassie walked swiftly alongside.

"come on," lassie smiled. "let's go in."

sunshine closed her eyes as she saw the multitude of students dash pass her, "i can't."

"can't what?" lassie asked.

sunshine turned her back to the school gates, "go to school. i've never been to school. i don't want to meet so many people. i feel uneasy."

"you never know what school can bring unless you try. it'll be fun, i promise. and you'll get to learn lots of new things. and make many more friends. you've been searching for a friend all these years."

"i haven't."

"don't live in self denial. you may never have thought that you wanted a friend but i know you did, sunshine. that's why you wanted to be with me so much that day. you wanted a friend badly. if you don't learn to face it now, you'll never be able to again," lassie slipped her hand between sunshine's fingers.

"so be it. i don't want to scare you lassie. i overeact when things go wrong. i should not be here."

lassie ignored sunshine's words and pulled her towards the gates. sunshine resisted and yanked her hands away. she turned to run. grabbing sunshine's skirt, lassie tried to stop her, but caused sunshine to fall onto the muddy grass. sunshine's light grey skirt was splattered with dark mud as her hands went forward to break her fall. she glanced at her skirt and immediately stood up. other students began staring at them. sunshine glared back at them with her eyes filled with hot tears. she turned around and glared at lassie before running off. lassie was anchored to the ground, not knowing what to do. she felt guilty of making sunshine angry and maybe sunshine would no longer want her as a friend anymore. how would she answer to lavender? it would be all her fault. sunshine was finally out of the sad gloom that had locked her away for years, yet now she has been thrown right back in by the same girl that brought her hope.


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