Watching the Ripples Radiate.
Author: marshalg

Chapter 87

Pantomimes are fantasy
Portrayals of a theme,
Actors playing someone else’s
Phantom in each scene.
A quality performance
Invokes joy and living pain
From an evaluating audience
Who blend accolade with acclaim.
The  fastidious Director
Deploys creativity and class,
He extracts gold dust from his crew
And gems of genius from the cast.
The suspended teardrop’s brilliance
A raised brow infers a sneer,
The offhand shrug for Gallic emphasis,
A whist full smile to help endear.
The sweep of arm, enfolding drama
A soft shoe shuffle to begin.
The great inclusiveness of theatre
Compels the audience within.
The orchestra, as one, commences,
Violins in chorus sway
A serenade of serendipity
Footlights fade as spotlights play.
In elegance the tenor enters
Magnificent in flowing gown,
His voice projects in angel splendor
Breathless, the audience spellbound.
The cameo of live performance
A spectacle that does enfold
An audience within its clutches,
Immobile whilst the tale is told.
Mounting tension swells to climax,
Cymbals tremble in the air,
A crash of drums reveal the villain
Titans kiss and trumpets blare.
Crescendo as the  curtain falls
Released, the pheromones do flow.
Accolades in waves of sound,
Shining eyes and smiles aglow.
The tiers of velvet seats are empty
Rows of red and numbered chairs
In the darkened gilded balcony
A hint of perfume lingers there
The stage hand sweeps the floor in silence
Desultory in this final task
His cigarette end glowing dimly
Echo’s hiding shades of past.
The Captains and the Kings departed
Excitement and applause has gone,
Departing crowd smiles dissipated
Leaving accolade’s quiet ghost forlorn.
@ the Gate
Mangere Bridge
16th January 2009


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