Stuck In Between
Author: dratolson

Chapter 3
Chapter Three

Well this is just great. My olive green eyes started to tear up as I realize that my world would probably never be the same again. No more sitting in the cafeteria and gossiping about Clodia with whoever would listen. No more late nights in the mansion eating popcorn and watching my favorite T.V. shows. I was making a pretty long list of No Mores, before I finally heard footsteps. I listened, straining my ears for any sound that would tell me what kind of shoes they were wearing. Oddly enough before long I realized that it sounded like there was at least four feet which meant more then one attacker. Unless he has four feet too. That wouldn’t have made any since a year ago, but after the whole school exploding and flooding it seemed to fit right in with my world.

My thoughts stopped and my ears fought to hear what was coming my way. If my ears weren’t playing a trick on me I would say that a dog of some sorts was coming down the deserted hall. The click, clack of a dogs paws was what I was hearing and believing.

The invisible door opened up once again. I shut my eyes and turned my head thinking that with a little bit of luck that whoever it was would think I was asleep and pass by. The sudden growl forced me to open my eyes. What I saw was a wolf. Out of instinct I screamed. A soft gentle paw lightly touched my face telling me to be silent. I stopped and closed my eyes to calm myself down from the shock of a wolf being in my face.

“You can open your eyes now. Its over,” the wolf said in a voice barely more then a whisper. At least I think it was the wolf. “I’m human again. There’s no need to worry.”

“I believe you.” I paused. “Do you know how long I’ve been here?”

“Nada. Sorry. My father, Sirious, just told this morning that he had a young girl in the third cellar. He was the one who sent me down here,” he told me. “If my father was right your name is Edan and you have the ability to conjure fire.” I nodded my head as best as I could. “ Well then. I got by Redele. But you can call me Red.” I could see why. His hair was the color of a rich and newly burning fire. “So, lets get to work cutting these straps, shall we?”

Yes please,” I replied my voice harsh from no food or water. Red pulled out a long and skinny butcher’s knife. Is he actually going to help me or is he going to stab me? Bringing the knife down towards my legs he managed to gain my trust and cut the binding at the same time.

"I’m only here to set you free. If I were to lead you through the forest they would automatically trace the evidence back to me and I would end up dead as a chicken in a slaughtering house,” Red told me. It actually made a lot of sense. “But, if were to stay behind and make it look like you had used your powers to escape they would have absolutely no evidence that I was in any way involved.” Here was a guy who was telling me that I could have used my powers to escape and yet he wasn’t using those brilliant white teeth to cut my binds!

“Why did you go through all the trouble all the trouble to get a butchers knife when you could have used your teeth? You are a wolf, am I right?” He let go of the knife, letting it clatter to the ground before heaving a sigh. Had I somehow offended him?

“Let me get this straight; the way my teeth leave jagged marks on what I bit would lead straight to a werewolf,” he continued with a little irritation and impatience in his voice. “With my luck I am the only one of my kind within two hundred miles of the castle. Therefore the facts would lead straight to me once again.” Dang! He’s really smart. Clearly he had either thought this over or this wasn’t his first time. He picked the knife back up and started cutting at my left arm. With only the straps around my waist, my right arm and my neck I figured we would be out of here in less then ten minutes. I heard the snap of leather and moved my hand experimentally running it directly into the sharp point of the cooking tool. Yet, I felt no pain. What’s the matter with me?

What the?” The Redele looked at me with surprise.

“You have no idea. Well, I don’t either, but…”

“There should have been some blood, at least. Anyone in their right minds could tell that that was supposed to be fatal!” My eyes must have widened in horror because Red burst out laughing but continued. “Do you really think I would stab you? I meant that you should be bleeding. Crap! I already said that. Didn’t I?” I nodded my head. “Sorry, I tend to repeat things when I don’t know what to say!”

“It’s okay, I do the same thing.” I couldn’t resist a giggle. That was cut short when I saw that the only band left was around my neck. I braced myself incase the knife grazed my neck. It never did and soon I was free. Jumping up I gave a little shriek of joy and ran to give Red a hug. However, I stopped just inches in front of him remembering my manners.

“Go ahead!” I looked at him then stretched out my and gave him a quick little squeeze. That was my way of saying thanks.

“I’m guessing this is the part where your no longer my night in shining armor since you can’t go with me?” I said letting go. It was meant to be a statement, but it came out sounding like a question.

“Yeah. No need to worry though. My friend, Arnoldo, will be there to guide you through the woods and, trust me on this one, he knows the woods better then he knows his own talons.” This scared me a little. Oh great, another shape shifter. My imagination went wild. Or maybe he is a talking animal! That thought was way out there, but right now I would believe that dinosaurs were coming back to rule the world if someone were to tell me that. “He has been playing dead out in the woods for about three months now. You can ask him about that later. I’m not sure if he would want me to tell you much more then that.” Red started walking towards the exit, but I had to stop him.

“There are no guards?” I questioned him.

“Nada.” He hesitated. “There was until I gave them sleeping pills.”

“Brilliant!” I followed the were wolf out the door and into an endless hallway. I stepped as lightly as I could so I wouldn’t wake the guards. It was when we passed the first that I noticed all the cells lining the walls. A majority of them had hands reaching out towards us as we passed. “Why not take some of them, too?” I looked at all the hands and thought Man, am I one lucky girl, or what?

“Most of them are either too weak to travel or refuse to let a full grown wolf or a man with a knife come towards them. You see my point?” Of course I did. If I hadn’t seen the impossible before I was taken I wouldn’t have either.

“Yeah.” The silence between the two of us stretched on into the empty hall and crammed cells until I couldn’t stand it any longer. “Can you please tell me what exactly what Arnoldo is? I caught the fact he’s some kind of bird. I mean-”

“Actually he is an eagle shape shifter. His name would have told you that. Everyone who has a power has a name that has a meaning somewhat close to the name. Mine means wolf council. It’s some what close. I believe Arnoldo means Eagle power.” By now we were right next to a large double door that looked like it was made of oak. Red started to open the door on the right but I told him off.

“You have to use the left. Right is bad luck, you dumbo!” Everyone knew that. He threw his hands up in a surrender and shut the door with the bottom of his shoe. Walking over to the opposite door I opened it myself. A cold breeze blew in indicating that the travel through the woods was not going to be very pleasant. The night sky was filled with bright glowing stars and a full moon, the only welcoming thing I could see out in the outside world.




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