The Lying Eyes
Author: MadKilljoy

Chapter 10
Another nighttime trip

My bag lay open on my bed, waiting to be used, it wasn't long before I began shoving jeans and shirts into it. I grabbed what I would need, and not much else; I felt guilty in a way, but at the same time, this is what I needed to do. I pulled on the jacket for the first time since hiding it and opened the window. I stretched my arm out, reaching for the closest tree limb, my hand just barely brushed the tip. I leaned out again, this time further, I felt me feet shift under me and before I could do anything to stop it, I was falling.


My room is on the second floor, so I was falling from the second story, as you would expect, the fall would be quick, and the impact would be hard. It wouldn't be something I could just get back up from, but as I fell things seemed to slow down around me, it was like the feeling you get before falling asleep. I still hit the ground hard, but not nearly as hard as I should have. The hit left me gasping for air, what just happened? If I hit the ground as hard as I should have, I'd surely be broken, and probably knocked out.


After regaining my breath, I stumbled to my feet. I knew I couldn't linger around, one, so I wouldn't change my mind, and two, because I didn't want to be seen. The air was cool, the typical Autumn weather, the wind picked up, sending crisp leaves sliding across the pavement. I walked quietly, heading towards the more abandoned parts of the city. My footsteps seemed to echo off the brick walls of the buildings that lined the streets, every move I made seemed unusually loud, making me paranoid that someone would hear and start asking questions.


I was suddenly aware of the feeling that was becoming familiar by now, the pulling feeling. I glanced around, waiting for him to step out of an alley or turn one of the corners, but I saw no one. I continued to walk, but now I was frequently glancing around, even more paranoid as the feeling continued to throb in my head. The wind picked up again, except for this time it was different, I felt it inside rather than against my skin.


I ignored the breeze and turned the sharp corner, and I was suddenly stopped in my tracks. She had blond-silver hair that fell like a waterfall down her shoulders, her aqua eyes caught in the light, and her pale skin made her look fragile, like a doll. I was alarmed at once, I because suddenly tense, my hands balled into fists. She looked me over slowly, her eyes looked sad, and I noticed her lips were pursed softly. She opened her mouth and her words came out slowly, softly, she reminded me of a flower in a way.


"Petra," She looked into my eyes, she was one of us. How do they always know my name? I focused on her, concentrating on uncovering her name, it came together in my mind. Celia. She gave a small smile, knowing what I had done. "hello," Her skin almost looked like it had a faint glow to it.


"Hello," I spoke carefully, remembering to be cautious.


"I can't stay long," She began her head was turned sideways, as she bit her lip. "I'm just here to warn you." She looked at the ground now, not meeting my eyes. I took a step towards her, questions flying through my head.


"Warn me? About what?" She held up a hand, stopping me from asking anything else.


"With darkness does not always come the bad, while with light does not always bring the good." Her words seemed to be filled with regret. I opened my mouth to ask what she meant, but I was silenced again. "He seems safe, harmless, doesn't he? Like he would never hurt you?" She sighed, "That's what I thought too, but I was wrong, and I don't want you to make that mistake too."


"What do you mean by that? He wouldn't hurt me." I told her this trying to sound confident, but inside, I didn't have much faith in my own words.


"They aren't all bad, but some of them, like him, have no mercy, they have no emotion," She stepped towards me, "he has no will to do what's right, he cannot be trusted. Don't make that mistake."


"What do you mean by this, what has he ever done to hurt someone?" I questioned her, trying to believe that she was wrong, even when she seemed so sure about all of this.


"Look at me," She began, "what do I look like?" She asked frustrated.


"Well, honestly, you kind of look like a ghost." I told her shyly.


"Exactly!" She cried.


"Wait...what do you mean "exactly"...?" I was even more confused now, I didn't understand her at all.


"I'm out of time, Petra, be careful, I must go. Goodbye, you will see me again." She held out a hand, in her palm rested a small silver locket, she nodded towards it. I picked it out of her hand softly, and fastened it around me neck slowly. She turned away and walked through a brick wall, I gasped at the sight of it, it came together, she was a ghost. Did that mean that he had killed her?


"Petra!" My eyes shot open, and my hand flew to my neck, there was nothing there, but in front of me stood Jace, looking worried. I realized that I was on the ground, it must have all been a dream, I told myself. "Are you alright?" He asked me with clear worry in his voice. I nodded slowly and got to my feet. "What are you even doing out right now?"


"I'm...I'm leaving I think." I said, my words were coming together slowly, as thoughts were coming back to me. "No, I'm definitely leaving."


"What do you mean by "leaving"?" He asked me, he was clearly confused too.


"I mean I'm leaving, you know, the city, I'm going to find my father I think." Something flickered in his eyes as I spoke, but he said nothing.


"I can take you to our city...the city of our kind, I'm sure he'd be there." I studied his face, and decided that it would probably be the best to go, he was my best chance at finding him.


"OK, I guess that sounds right." I tried to sound like I normally would, but the dream had left me questioning what I had thought, for the second time this week. He was always here, at the perfect times, like he had known what was happening, and he always seemed to know and have what I needed. All of this troubled me, I looked at him and he gave a small smile, it was probably all a dream, I told myself, why would he hurt me, anyways?


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