My Poem Book
Author: ~Jessia*The*Star~

Chapter 72
Second Chance?

Second Chance?


My eyes sore from connection with her fist,

Day after dreadful day it's the same sin,

For people I've only ever tried to please,

They dispise me...

My very own blood-my very own kin,

Feeling her foot in my stomache,

Tasting the blood in my mouth,

Wondering why the torture me,

And if anybody can even see,

The painful and phycological damage inflicted,

But I am guessing not since it continues,

I know I cause only shame,

But I lay here alone now,

Wondering if I really deserve this pain,

Though I know she is worse,

I'm better off with him,

Still I am curious though,

Who would cast such a curse?

All I ever do is try my best,

You all remind me I'm fucked in the head,

But does that really make me lesser then the rest?

Somedays I tell myself I'll end it all,

This cursed family stops my plans,

I can't let them be my cause of fall,

Shame I love somebody I shouldn't,

As much as he claims he would,

In the very center of my shattered heart;

I knew he wouldn't,


It's a pretty big thing to go threw,

Though if you really think about it,

It would take some courage to do,

So I now respect him in words,

Not the right words but they won't change,

The knife to my throat as tears stream from my eyes,

All because of my "friends" and "family",

I was niave; they were all lies,

Will somebody give me a Second Chance?


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