My Poem Book
Author: ~Jessia*The*Star~

Chapter 69
Nonsense Ramble (6)

Nonsense Ramble (6)


So what if I show,

Some care and affection,

To a guy who doesn't need it?

In his eyes is detection,

Like he knows just what,

I be thinking,

My brain's expanding,

But my heart is sinking,

I'm so niave,

And so very young,

How should I know what to beleive?

I beleive there's no god,

And no such thing as spirits,

But there is a after life,

I know how strange,

This must be sounding,

And I know my beleifs,

Are still very much rounding,

But let me be a kid,

Yea-let me beleive,

I know this must sound stupid,

But who knows what's up my sleeve?

I could be a guiniues,

Or mabey a phycopath,

Who is to know,

What my path beholds?

Who is to ever know,

What will even unfold?

Just let me live this life,

Weither I do it by heart,

Or my still growing head,

Mabey working all week,

Or mabey spending it in bed,

In the end it's my life,

And I need to do,

What I need to do,

I'll pretend to be independent,

But really-I still need you.


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