My Poem Book
Author: ~Jessia*The*Star~

Chapter 66
My Love Is True!!

My Love Is True!!


So when your life,

Seems such a waste,

And for human blood,

You've aquired a taste,

Sitting in the cold alone,

The curb on the street,

That's your home,

When people walk past,

You hold out your hat,

When you have money at last,

You bug the drugs,

And get the girls,

No need to worry,

For buying exspensive pearls,

Nobody gets your situation,

Nobody gets how you feel,

But inside their heads,

They know it's real,


I'm so confused,

Wanting work and needing love,

But I'm always getting refused,

Pouring my heart and soul,

Into getting you,

Listen up now got it?

My Love Is True!!

Thinking of you ever second,


Hour even,

Of the drawn out day,

Hoping you'll hear me out,

In what I have to say,

But you got other girls for fun,

It's slowly killing me now,

Knowing I'm not the only one,

I'm begging you to notice me,

At least show me some affection,

Or set my broken heart free!


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