Soldiers of the Damned
Author: Garrett R. Kirby

Chapter 14
Little help from my "Friend"


Chapter 13 Part one


I leaned against the brick wall of the ally way, not daring to look down at the body. I didn't even eat anything today, but that didn't stop me from loosing... something. My stomach felt like it had been beat to a bloody pulp, like it was ripped to shreds, or turned completely inside out. So much for eating the cereal bar I picked up. One thing was for sure: I was ready to call a clean up group and get the heck out of there. Jerry was already on that, his blue armor standing out against the purple sky as he contacted Jane and Bree with his back turned to us.
I looked at Drake. "Who would do this?" I asked, frowning deeply.
"See for yourself." He muttered, pointing down at the body. I almost looked, but stopped.
"I'd rather not." I replied. "I just puked from looking the first time."
"Randy..." Drake sighed, grabbing my head and forcing me to look down at the man's neck, where there was two very small teeth marks.
I shuddered slightly. "Well isn't that just lovely?" I frowned.
"I know right?" Drake replied, letting go of my head. I was about to look away, but something caught my eye. The man's hand... it was twitching violently. That wasn't something dead people did... or living people for the most part.
"Drake..." I said, my eyes widening. "We need to get away from him."
"Why?" Drake asked, looking at me.
"Now it's your turn to look..." I replied, gesturing to the twitching hand.
Drake looked down and smirked. "His body is probably just acting up or something. Don't worry about it."
As he spoke I took a few steps away from the body, standing right beside Jerry while he talked to Bree and Jane. I looked at Drake and made a gesture to tell him to take a few steps back. Drake, on the other hand, found this funny and leaned down over the body, where he gently slapped the guys face. I wanted to yell so many things at him that I knew I shouldn't have. When I looked over him I saw that the large, cut open, stomach was now just one long scar on the mans torso.
"Drake!" I yelled. He looked up at me and smirked, and the mans eyes opened. They were black, thirsty looking. They were also angry looking. Drake laughed, then looked back at the man. His expression slowly went from one big smiling face to a small, scared frown. Not even a second later, the man pushed Drake off and Drake flew into the side of one of the buildings. Jerry turned quickly at the sound of Drake's pained scream.
"What the hell?!" Jerry yelled, suddenly disappearing beside me, leaving a small black haze in the spot where he once stood. I saw him appear in mid-air before Drake hit the concrete, then he disappeared again, leaving another black smoke, and then appeared back beside me in his original spot. He put Drake down on the ground and pulled a rifle off his back. The man didn't hesitate when he saw the gun, he just ran at us with the speed of a race car. Jerry pulled the trigger and fired away, every bullet hitting the monster, but the beast did not slow. Just before he could reach us somebody tackled him, somebody extremely fast.

I looked over and saw Tim bashing the vampires head into a brick wall, slightly smashing the bricks to dust.
The vampire growled, and tried to scream but it couldn't, because Tim's hand was clasped over it's mouth. Tim stopped and pulled it's face away. The vampires face was covered in the black tar-like blood that I saw coming out of Mike and... Max...
I shuddered at the memory of what had happened with Max. I didn't know the kid, but I sure felt sorry for him after seeing what Mike did to him. It had to have been the most horrid and painful thing he could have gone through in his life.
"Looks like somebody forgot to clean up after they ate." Tim growled. "Mike trains his slaves to take every last drop of blood, that way the victim will not change. You guys are lucky I was only a few blocks away. I could smell the new venom from miles if I had to."
"Nice to see you too." Drake commented. Jerry slapped him on the back of his head after that and Drake jumped forward a bit.
"Don't talk." Jerry sighed. "That mouth of yours might just get you killed some day."
"Most likely." Tim smirked, then growled again and slammed the enemy vampires head back into the brick wall when it started to growl in protest to Tim's painful ways. "Shut it."
"You gonna kill him, or should we?" Jerry asked, pulling a large knife from the side of his armor. "I'm ready to kill one myself... no offense to you of course."
"None taken." Tim laughed, then sighed. "But killing one of us is a bit harder then you may think. See, you have to literally rip one to shreds, otherwise it could just put everything back together."
"What about this thing?" I asked, pulling out the little gun that I was using last night. "Do you think this could kill one?"
Tim frowned. "Most likely. That thing packs a punch... I would know."
"How many shots would it take?" I wondered out loud.
"A few, maybe three in a row and it would completely... hold on."
"What is it?" Jerry asked.
"I know that scent..." Tim whispered, then cursed under his breath. "Randy, you better get that gun ready."
I nodded and unlocked the gun. "How many?"
"One... wait, two... crap." Tim hissed. "No three!"

Suddenly there was a loud laughing noise, the very crazy sounding one that I heard from the Cain boy in the club. I remembered how close he came to killing me.
"Ah! What the hell was that you stupid maniac?" Gary's British voice growled.
"Sorry." Cain's voice laughed. "I couldn't resist... wait, he's close..."
"As I said just two minutes ago." Another voice sighed. When I looked up I saw that they all suddenly appeared at the edge and were looking down at us with all sorts of emotions. Gary was slightly ticked looking, Cain was frowning, and the new one that was very tall, and had black hair with white streaks in it, was looking slightly bored.
Gary looked between Tim and the vampire monster in his hands, and us. "Well well... two for one." He smirked, then looked at Cain and Zeus. "Don't think this gets the two of you off the hook though. I'm still pissed."
"Mad..." I whispered. Drake gave me a angry look.
"Aw come on, I swear we thought he was drained Gary." Cain sighed.
Gary looked at Cain and growled. "You know damn well Mike would have had your head by now if he was the one that found out about your little mishap."

Wait, why was I standing there? I could have shot them down already. I looked down at the gun, then aimed it up at them when they were all looking at Tim, and fired. A few bricks blew up into reddish dust, and the three vampires flew in random directions. Gary fell down in front of us, Cain flew to the left, and the kid I didn't know yet flew to the right.
"Ah! God!" Gary yelled as he crashed to the ground below.
"Nice shooting Tex." Drake smirked.
"Thanks partner." I joked, then I felt a sinking feeling in my stomach as Gary slowly stood and growled at me. Tim slammed the other vampires head into the ground, then punched it hard in the back of the head, which knocked it out. He walked up behind Gary silently, but Gary turned quickly and punched Tim in the face, then kicked Tim's legs out from under him. Gary turned back to me and Cain and the other vampire with them flanked Gary.
"Cain, Zeus, take care of your mess." Gary commanded. The both looked at him and then turned to the other vampire.
"He gets all the fun." Cain muttered as the two appeared behind the one. Cain's little metal blades popped out of his fingers and he smiled. "Night night."
Zeus smirked and held the vampire from behind while Cain tore into it. I flinched and looked back at Gary, who was smiling kind of evilly.
"Clean up your mess and leave." Jerry sighed. "We aren't looking for trouble."
"Well it looks like trouble came looking for you." Cain said, now back on Gary's right. Zeus was back on Gary's left.
"That's nice." Drake said in a cocky tone. "Leave us alone, please?"
"Oh look, the funny guys asking nicely." Zeus commented in a rather bored tone. "Mike didn't say anything about killing them if we saw them, just Tim. So... we leave them right?"
Gary nodded. "I guess so." He looked at Zeus, then Cain, then back at Tim and sighed. "You two, take care of the trash."
"Now that's a command I am willing to follow!" Cain roared, dashing towards Tim, who was still on the ground. Just as he reached Tim, they both became blurry, ghost-like, streaks in the air around us. Ripping and screaming noises could be heard everywhere, up until the point Cain fell to the ground, covered in thick, black blood.
"Looks like that hurt... a lot." Drake muttered.
"That it does." I agreed, slightly smirking. It was nice to see Tim beat him.
"Wait a second..." Jerry said, looking down at Cain. "He  doesn't even have a scratch on him."
Drake and I both took a closer look. I frowned when I saw that Jerry was right: there were no scratches at all. Which could only mean... Cain wasn't the one bleeding. I turned around and saw Tim laying behind us, his shirt full of long cuts as blood gushed from his torso.
"We're screwed." Drake sighed.
Cain stood and backed away, going back to Gary and Zeus. "No your not." Gary said. "We can't kill you. Mike didn't tell us to. We were only here for him." He looked at Cain and smiled. "Finish him off, would you?"
"Sure thing boss." Cain chuckled, suddenly jumping up at the wall, and running across it to get over us. He jumped down next to Tim, who had a look of fear in his eyes.
"Stop!" I yelled at Cain, but he acted as though he did not hear a word.
"You know I always wanted to be a doctor." Cain said lowly, then his voice was a little louder, making it easy to hear. "When I was about five I had to get a broken bone set back in place. My doctor was a very nice man, and he assured me at that young age that nothing would happen to me. When I saw how nice the man was I trusted him, and when I woke up after being knocked out, everything was ok. Nothing went wrong."
"W-what are you-" Tim choked.
"Getting at?" Cain interrupted. I could see on his right index finger a metal claw was ever so slowly sliding out. I would have shot him right there, but Tim was way to close. "Well... if I were a doctor, then I could cut people open every day. I would get paid for it, and I would love it. The smell of blood filling the room, the look of all of those organs and intestines... It makes me smile just to think about it!"
"Oh man..." Drake whispered. "This dude is nuts..."
Cain's claw was now all the way out. He looked at it, then at Tim. "How to go about this..." He whispered, then smiled demonically. "Yes, yes, the heart... the heart would most likely finish him. Good idea." He started saying to himself, then suddenly plunged his blade into Tim's chest, cutting a very large line all the way down to his stomach. Tim started to scream, but Cain kicked him in his jaw, which looked like it completely shattered it. Cain ripped Tim's chest open and punched his fist through Tim's ribs. When his hand came out, it was completely black, holding Tim's heart, which was also black because of the blood.
I cringed back and closed my eyes. I was not in the mood for that. Before I opened them I turned around, and looked at Zeus and Gary, who were smiling widely. I heard Cain whisper something to Tim that sounded like 'Say night night.', and frowned. The only good vampire had just died...
Cain leaped back over to Gary and Zeus and smirked. "All done." He said.
"Nice work." Gary replied. "Let's go now."
"Yes, let's." Zeus agreed, disappearing. Gary disappeared as well, but Cain just stood there with his back to us. I stared at him for a moment, and he turned slowly to stare back at me. His eyes were like piercing daggers when they hit mine, like he was ready to kill me. I could feel it, I could sense it, he wanted to rip me to pieces just like he did with Tim.
"Cain! Are you coming?" Gary called from the roof of the building to our right.
Cain kept staring at me. He wanted to kill me, no, he needed to. He was going to kill me at the club and Tim ruined his chances. I knew what he was thinking, I could feel it. A second: That's all it would have taken him. He knew this, I knew this, Gary knew this, Jerry, Drake, Zeus, they all knew that's all it would take. I held my gun tight and prayed to god things would not go to hell in a flash... and just like that, Zeus turned his head up to Gary. "Sorry, coming." he said lowly, then disappeared as well. I took a sigh of relief, then slowly turned to Tim, who was still on the ground. Something I noticed though: He was not cut open anymore. He was healed, and he was gasping.
"Hey... he's alive." Drake said. Jerry turned to look at Tim as well, and then suddenly appeared by him.
"You ok Tim?" Jerry asked, holding out his hand to help Tim up. Tim nodded, but didn't speak. He took Jerry's hand and Jerry helped him up slowly.
"I'm ok..." Tim whispered. "But I can hardly move... I need to rest somewhere for the night... some place they won't find me."
Jerry looked at Drake and I. "The base?" He asked. I nodded, and I saw that Drake did too from the corner of my eye.
Jerry looked back to Tim and put his arm around him to help him back to the car. "Come with us."
-36 Minutes Later-

"YOU WHAT?!" Jack, Jane, Bree, and Steven all yelled at the same time.
"I brought him back to rest here for the night. He's not the bad guy here, he's the one that is helping us." Jerry said in his commanding, leader voice.
"Right... we'll just have to remember that." Jane sighed.
"He's right outside..." Jerry said. "I'll go get him."
Jerry turned and walked back towards the door. I looked at Bree and smiled, my helmet now removed and laying on the table in front of the couch. She returned the smile and did a little nice wave in my direction. Drake, being the idiot he is, thought she was waving at him and winked. Bree rolled her eyes and laughed.
Jerry returned the the room with Tim limping right behind him. Jerry looked at Tim and gestured for him to follow. "Your about my height Tim, you could probably fit into my clothes. Yours are all ripped, and bloody."
Tim nodded and followed when Jerry walked off to his room, but paused before he left the living room. "Look, everybody, I know this may be odd that I am one of them and that I am staying with you for the night, but I just wanted to thank you for putting up with me. I promise I won't be in the way."
"Sure thing." Jack said in a friendly tone. He was wearing his black helmet on his head, which now had a skull painted on it. The skull was a blood red, that looked very nice on the black.
I watched as Jerry and Tim walked off, then went to get my shower and eat dinner. I was ready to sit back and relax.


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