Dark Mercenaries
Author: Neil Evans

Chapter 6

    Uskusto quickly grabbed two kitana and rushed to the upper deck to see another ship beside theirs. The other ship was filled with bandits, each having battle scars that were enormous. They were jumping over to the deck from their ship, carrying knives and swords. Uskusto heard the drunk and slurred voice of Jack. He glanced over.
    "Bring it on you horse-fucks!" Jack yelled at the top of his lungs. In his hand was a bottle of brandy gripped tightly in one of his hands.
    "Jack!" Uskusto yelled, tossing a kitana at him. Despite being drunk, and having one hand filled, Jack caught the sword flawlessly. Uskusto watched Jack fight in a bit of awe. The first man came charging at Jack. The bandit threw his hand forward in an effort to stab Jack. Jack, however, quickly evaded the effort and smashed the brandy over the man's head. Jack watched the bandit crumple to the floor, seemingly unaware of many more charging at him.
    "Ja--" Uskusto's voice was cut off as a fist slammed into his jaw. Uskusto went through the air. His shins smashed against the railing of the ship and he quickly flipped overboard. Uskusto reached up and caught the railing just before he fell. The bandits would be sure that he had fallen, though.

    Jack stared down at the bandit's unconscious body. What little brandy had been left was wasted on the man. Jack sensed more bandits charging. He quickly unsheathed his blade--oh! How flawed the blade was compared to ones that he made--and jumped with such force that he was more than six feet in the air. Below Jack, four bandits tried to scatter so as not to be hit by the blade. Too late, now, Jack thought as he brought the blade crashing down through the skull of one of them. Blood scattered around, spilling on Jack and the deck, but it was ignored.
    With haste, Jack ripped the blade out--causing more blood to spill--and swiftly sliced away the remaining three bandits. But by the time he finished off four, more were already coming! Nonetheless, Jack killed them before they could see it coming, swiftly and easily. Jack made a corpse of every man that dare even try to board the ship. He took a few strides confidently toward the other ship, which was now trying to retreat. Jack took three more strides and quickly dropped to the floor. The bandit behind him--the one he had spared by using the brandy bottle--stabbed forward but only managed only to gouge the air.
    Jack quickly swept the bandit's legs out from under him and stood back up. He slammed a boot down on the bandit's ribs. "Teach you to run your fucking ship into mine you stupid rat dick!" Jack shouted. He slammed the boot down again and again, hearing a crunching noise every time he did so. The bandit was crying, and blood came out of his mouth. Jack took the blade and drove it into the bandit's groin and pulled up, ripping the body in half with what seemed like ease.
    Suddenly, Jack heard a roar of a mighty beast come from behind him. He turned to see a giant of a man slam down onto the deck. In the middle of the giant's forehead was a third eye. Jack pointed his blade at the beast and said: "You just try me, Cyclops!"
    The beast was wearing only but a rag around its waist with a belt securing it. It seemed obvious, however, that the Cyclops was the captain of the other ship. The Cyclops's skin looked like it was decayed and infected, and flies swarmed around it. It held a blade in each hand, ones of proportions Jack had only ever dreamed of. It was apparent the two had a similar strategy, though, hold defense and don't go on the offense.

    Uskusto popped through one of the windows of the vessel, taking him to the weapons. There were hundreds of bags, and he could hear the distant neighing of two horses. He ignored the horses and searched through bag after bag, looking for a specific weapon. It was taking forever to find the weapon, but Uskusto needed it. Uskusto had been trained with every weapon possible, but he absolutely needed a specific weapon against a mass number of bandits.
    Much to his relief, Uskusto found the weapon!
    The moment was bitter-sweet, as suddenly he heard two enormous feet slam down on the deck above him. A monstrous roar erupted soon after. He didn't need to hear the roar again, it was obvious what the beast was. Uskusto lifted his new found weapon and said, "Hold off for a minute or two, Jack, Uskusto's gonna be up there soon."

    The Cyclops and Jack were walking around in a circle for what felt like hours. Finally, Jack shouted, "C'mon, sweetheart! Swing a damn sword you pansy!" The Cyclops came forward at amazing speed. A massive knee was driven into Jack's stomach and he was hoisted directly up into the air. The Cyclops dropped his swords and caught Jack--who felt as if his stomach had been crushed--by his head. Quickly, the Cyclops smashed his own head against Jack's.
    Jack's body went limp, and the Cyclops tossed it aside. The beast quickly grabbed one of the massive swords and walked over to Jack's body. The Cyclops smiled, showing a nearly toothless smile, and brought up the giant blade. Just as the Cyclops slammed the sword down, Jack rolled quickly under the Cyclops. The smell of the thing was terrible. It was like moldy cottage cheese and, worse, it smelled like the Cyclops never showered or took off its rags when it used the restroom. Jack pulled a knife out from his pocket and stabbed up, giving the Cyclops excruciating pain to a very sensitive area.
    Jack rolled even farther, leaving his knife where it was. He got to his feet, only to see that, instead of hurting the monster, he had simply made it angry. It threw a fist at Jack, but Jack easily avoided the impact by moving to the right. Jack got ready to throw a punch when the fist suddenly swung in his direction, smacking against his jaw and sending him through the air. The impact caused a horribly sharp pain in Jack's jaw, and he heard a loud cracking noise.
    Jack quickly rolled into the railing when he landed back on the ground. The Cyclops ran at Jack, screaming its roar of anger, when suddenly a voice called out from behind it, "Hey, buddy, want a real fight?" The Cyclops slowly turned around.
    Fatal mistake.
    When the Cyclops was two thirds of the way turning when a blade cut right through both of its shins. Blood squirted around. Jack looked up to see that Uskusto had grabbed a scythe from the cargo to help fight. The Cyclops squirmed on the deck. Uskusto quickly brought down the scythe, stabbing the Cyclops in its chest. Even more blood poured out onto the deck.
    "Well, fuck, next time I want to bathe in blood I'll take another job from that old bitch!" Jack yelled, trying to hide his obvious glee of winning the battle with the Cyclops. Uskusto could only smile at Jack's remarks. The two of them slowly lugged the body of the beast overboard, along with its two severed legs. Jack looked over at Uskusto. "What the hell are you smiling at?" He shouted.
    "C'mon, Jack, let's get some more of that brandy."


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