Dark Mercenaries
Author: Neil Evans

Chapter 1
Three Empires

    There are three empires in the world: The Darqueue; an empire based on war and fighting, the Larklet; an empire based on peace, and a small fishing empire isolated from the two named Cari.
    Before, there were more empires, many, many more empires. The Larklet and Darqueue had one thing in common: A deep, thriving lust for land. Their methods of gaining land much different. The Darqueue Empire, ruled by Emperor Noir Desto I, devoted themselves to conquering empire after empire, city after city, until they had the world. The Larklet formed treaties with each empire they could. The empires eventually came to name an emperor for all the lands bound by treaties: Emperor Elamio Kyzer.
    Eventually, both lands were spanning almost the entire world. The only land left belonged to the Cari Empress: Susan Fowe. Though Elamio sent a message for peace to Susan, she politely declined. Every decade, another treaty offer was sent. Each time, Susan declined. After three decades, Elamio gave up. At this time, he sent a treaty of peace to Noir Desto I, in hopes of him approving. Noir did approve, however he firmly made it clear that they would not join the Larklet Empire, as the previous empires had.
    While peace was being offered from Elamio, the Darqueue leader, Noir Desto, sent an army of seventy-thousand men to conquer the land. Empress Susan Fowe had foresaw this, and wisely gave orders for the village magicians to create whirlpools to surround the empire. Not one man returned from Noir's invasion.
    Now, twelve decades after the peace treaty, the new emperor of the Darqueue Empire, Noir Desto II, has declared war upon the peaceful Larklet Empire. Darqueue, nearly twice the size of Larklet, was ensured victory. The new leader of the Larklet Empire, Leon Jur, faces a perplexing problem. Should he break the Larklet Empire's notorious record of peace, or be invaded? The answer seemed obvious. . . .


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