Soldiers of the Damned
Author: Garrett R. Kirby

Chapter 13
Randy vs Drake

Chapter 12:

"Good to go?" Jerry asked as the machine lifted up and went into sleep mode.
"Yeah." I sighed. The pain stayed for a little while after the healing process. "Tell Bree I'll be up in a minute, would you?"
"Sure thing. Take your time." Jerry smiled. I nodded as he turned and left the room. My arm went from feeling like it was broken into little pieces to feeling like it was on fire. The glue wasn't the most pleasant feeling stuff. Somehow I managed to move my arm around a little and get it used to the fast healing, which was standard procedure. I sighed and walked into the basement bathroom. I brushed my hair a little, because it got a little messed up during the club, and then decided it would be wise to brush my teeth as well, which then led to me using mouth wash to make my breath smell extra nice, which then led to me washing my face to make sure I looked nice. I still had dried blood on the side of my face, and that wasn't very attractive.
"Randy." Tank's low voice said behind me, startling me. I turned and looked at him.
"Yeah?" I asked, drying my face off with a small towel. He seemed to find this kind of funny, but his laugh was kind of off. It wasn't gentle and comforting like he usually was, not his little kid in a twenty-nine year old body laugh.
"Randy..." He said, his voice turning serious now, and his smile fading. "What the heck happened? What were those things?"
"Vampires. Jerry didn't tell you that?" I asked.
"Oh he told me, but he also told me that you and Jack know more then anybody else here does. I was going to ask that new guy, Steven, but he seemed pretty clueless so I decided to come down here to talk to you."
"Tank, I don't know much of anything to tell you the truth. People are just assuming that because Mike, the leader, seems to have some strange obsession with killing Bree and I. If anybody knows anything here, it's Jack. We need to get him to talk." I explained.
"Right. You tell me what you get out of him."

Well that was strange. Tank was avoiding Jack? How odd, I didn't think anything was going on between the two of them. If Tank should be avoiding anybody, it should be Drake. Those two are always at each others throats.
Tank walked up the stairs, back towards the living room. I sighed and followed after, now in dire need of shirt that was not covered in blood. I snuck past the others, and went into my room. I shut and locked the door behind me, then took off my shirt. I was very surprised to see a very long cut down my stomach. It looked like it needed stitches, but somehow the blood had dried, and I must not have lost to much because I was still able to walk a straight line, and I didn't feel very dizzy. I went to the bathroom and wrapped up my side, then walked back to my room and put on a white short sleeved shirt, and changed from jean shorts to sweat pants.
Suddenly I heard Bree in the living room. "Drake!" She yelled.  "That was not funny!"
"I thought it was." Drake's cocky voice replied. "Maybe you just don't know funny like I do."
I could hear Steven and Jerry laughing with Drake. "Great..." I sighed, then walked out into the room looked at Bree, who was soaking wet. "Drake, what did you do?"
"I splashed her with water and told her that's what it will be like when she's having your kids. You know, water breaking?" Drake smirked.
"What? That's not even funny..." I said, a odd expression on my face. That odd expression quickly turned to a angry one. "But still, that doesn't give you the right to-"
"Blah blah blah." Drake interrupted, then stuck his tongue out at me. Was he drunk or something? I didn't see where he went when we were inside... he must have went drinking.
"Don't interrupt me." I scowled.
Drake made a funny face. "Oh! Telling me what to do tough guy? Ha ha! Funny..."
"Shut it." I nearly growled.
"And if I don't?" Drake whispered. His voice reminded me of Mike right there... low and menacing. Almost threatening me. I wanted to smack him, but I kept control.
"I'll punch you in that smiling mouth of yours." I threatened, my hands clenching into fists.
"Oh! I'm shaking!" Drake yelled, shaking rather stupidly.
"You are really pushing it..." I said through my teeth.
Drake laughed for a few seconds, and for some reason, that's what did it for me... That laugh was all it took to make me snap. I quickly threw my fist into his face, which made him stumble back a little. The smile was gone, and the laugh stopped just as my fist hit him. I didn't feel content though, I wanted more. I hit him again, then tackled him. We both flew over the couch. I went to hit him again, but this time he grabbed my hand and spit blood on my face. His free hand came up fast and hit me in the chest, knocking the wind out of me. I rolled off of him, gasping for air.
"Tank, you want to do something?" Jerry sighed in the background.
"Wait a minute." Jack said, his tone lighter then usual. "This is cool. Two of us fighting!"
Jerry made a pretty annoyed sound and then Tank suddenly grabbed Drake and threw him on to the couch. Then he turned to me and held out his hand. "You ok dog?" He asked.
"Just fine." I grumbled, grabbing his hand. He pulled me up and I looked at Drake, who was smirking again. I scowled at him, and walked over to Bree.
"You ok?" She asked, smiling. She seemed to be happy that I did that.
I nodded. "Just fine." I took one last glance at Drake, and walked off with Bree to her bedroom.

We went to the bed and sat down. She looked at me and smiled. "Well, Randy, that was very nice of you to stand up for me like that. You really are a nice guy."
I shrugged. "If you say so." I sighed and looked into her eyes. "You know I really like you, and that might sound pretty childish, but it's true. Never in my life have I really fell in love. I didn't think it was possible. I don't want to rush things, of course, because I know we have hardly even dated... but I just wanted to let you know that I really, truly do like you."
"Well I really like you-" She stopped talking, her smile faded and she sighed. "What do you want?" She asked. I shifted where I sat, and saw Drake standing in the door way.
"I came to tell you I'm sorry." He said.
"Do you mean it?" I asked.
"I have to, otherwise I don't get ten bucks, so yeah."
"Drake, you idiot..." Neal sighed. "You weren't supposed to mention that bit."
I stood and pointed towards the guest bedroom. "I think you better take your leave now." I frowned.
"Ok, so I had a little bit to much to drink!" Drake yelled. "Shoot me!"
"Gladly." I said, reaching for Bree's pistol.
"Randy!" Bree hissed, standing and smacking me across the face.
That hurt. "Ow!" I yelped.
"I dare you." Drake chuckled. Bree turned and walked to him, then smacked him across the face.
"Ouch." Drake frowned. "So now your girlfriend is helping you with your fights? Only because you can't take me yourself." Yeah... he was so drunk.
"On second thought..." Be mumbled as stomped past me. "Shoot him."
"Gladly." I smirked, even though I was never really going to shoot him, it would be nice to scare him into thinking that I would.
"Ok, that's it!" Jerry yelled, pushing Drake to the side and walking between us. "Both of you knock it off... now."
"Yes sir." I nodded, eyeing Drake.
"Your both going to be punished for this." Jerry said. "Tomorrow your both going to patrol the streets together."
"Great, just great." I muttered in a sarcastic tone.
"I don't even work with you guys! I'm on vacation!" Drake said with slightly widened eyes.
"You do now, and I don't care." Jerry smirked. "Now go to sleep, I think you need it Drake, you need to calm down."
"Fine..." Drake sighed, and walked to his room.

Jerry looked at Bree and I and smiled. "I'll leave you two alone." He said, walking out of the room. I looked at Bree and smirked.
"Well this has been a very eventful night, huh?" Bree laughed, laying back on the bed.
"Very." I nodded, smiling at her. "I had my arm broke, we made friends with a vampire, I got in a fight with Drake-"
"And nearly shot his head off." Bree added with a laugh.
"True, true." I nodded, laughing as well.
"Want to lay down?" She asked. "I can make room."
"Hm... alright." I replied, laying down next to her and smiling at her. "So what were you saying before Drake interrupted us?"
"I was trying to tell you that I really like you too, even though we just met. I feel... different with you. Your so much nicer then some of the other soldiers, and your so much more down to earth. I just really like you Randy." She smiled back.
"You think if we tried we could be something special? Something that will last a long time?" I asked.
"I do..." She whispered. "I do if your willing. If you want to be with me, then I will be with you. I can tell now that you will be nice to me and treat me like a man should."
"You mean it?" I smiled.
She nodded. "I mean it. Randy if you keep this up, I will go through everything just to be with you. I would... I would turn into one of those monsters just to be with you! I mean... I might not like it, but I would."
"Don't say that." I shuddered. "I don't think you'll be turning into one of those things any time soon."
"I don't think I ever will, I'm just saying..." She sighed, kind of moving closer to me.
"Right." I said, putting my arm around her and pulling her into my side. "You know I was worried about you... I wasn't sure what to think when all hell broke loose."
She laughed. "I would have been too... but we made it out right? So nothing to worry about. We don't even have to think about it."
"Your absolutely right again." I replied. "We don't have to think about it. So let's focus on something else."
"That's the spirit. What would you like to talk about?"
"You should talk about counting sheep and going to sleep!" Jerry called from the living room. "It's midnight, and your still getting up at six in the morning for your street run."
I looked at Bree and smirked. "We really need to close that door." I whispered.
"Yes, we do." She agreed with a smile, then went to shut the door. "But if your going to fall asleep in here, don't expect me to be taking my clothes off."
"No sex until after marriage." I said honestly.
"Good." She said, taking one last look at me, and smiling just before shutting the door.

-Six hours later-

I opened my eyes and saw Bree laying next to me, her eyes closed as she breathed calmly and deeply. I smiled and kissed her cheek before very gently getting out of bed and walking to the door. I quietly opened it and shut it, leaving it cracked just a little bit so I would not make any noise shutting it. I walked into the living room and saw Jerry watching the news. He looked at me, then the clock, and smirked.
"Just in time." He said. "Drake is waiting outside, but you should eat something before you go."
"I'll just grab a breakfast bar or something." I muttered, scratching my head. "I'm not even hungry."
"If you say so." Jerry shrugged. "But you should at least shower."
"I'll do it soon as I get home so that I won't just go out and get all sweaty again." I said.
"Suit yourself." Jerry replied.
I walked to the kitchen, smiled at Jane, who was sitting on her laptop at the table, and went to the counter. I searched for something small that I could take with me, and found a small cereal bar. "This will do." I whispered to myself, sticking it in my pocket and walking to the bathroom. I brushed my teeth and all that, then went into my room to get my armor. Once I was all suited up I walked to the gun room, and looked for something nice to take. I saw the little gun I was using in the club, and picked that up. I put that in a holster on my left thigh, then put a standard SSP labeled pistol on my right. I also figured I would need something a little bigger then that, so I picked up a SSP labeled shotgun, which I put on the holder on my back. The holder was just a few clips that would reach around a gun that I held to my back. It was very useful.

When I was all ready I walked out into the living room and looked at Jerry. "When are you leaving?" I asked.
"Soon as Neal wakes up." Jerry replied. "For once he decided to sleep in."
"Lucky you." I laughed. "See you later Jerry."
"See you kid." Jerry smiled.
I walked outside and looked at Drake. His back was pressed against the brick wall of the base, and his head was tilted up towards the sky. He was wearing blue jeans and a shirt that had an SSP logo on his chest. The shirt had short sleeves, so I could see the cybernetic under-armor he was wearing. His goggles were down, so I couldn't tell if he was awake or not.
"Cloudy day. They say we're gonna have rain." He said lowly. I wasn't sure if he was talking to me or himself, let alone if he even knew I was there. I looked up at the sky and saw there was not a single bit of blue in them. The clouds were almost purple they were so dark.
"Glad to see your being serious." I smirked under the helmet. "How do you feel?"
"Like I'm being hit in the head with a hammer. Now let's go..." Drake sighed, walking off towards his motorcycle.
"Whoa now, if your getting on that thing I am so not riding with you. I'll drive, and we will take a car from the garage." I frowned, running up behind him and dragging him off towards the back of the base.
"Ah come on Randy... where's the fun in that?" Drake asked stupidly.
"Drake..." I scowled. "I am wearing this big, bulky armor and you think we can take the two-wheeled death trap of yours? No... absolutely not. We both won't fit, and I would be to heavy."
"Fine..." Drake sighed as we came to the back of the building. I walked up to the two big garage doors and walked over to the keypad on the wall beside them. I typed in the code and the doors slowly opened, revealing a small red car, a big green truck, and a blue Hummer.
"Hey look, I found Jack's Hummer." Drake smirked.
"Just shut up and get in the red car." I replied, not really in the mood for his stupid jokes.
Drake and I both walked to the car and got in. I made sure he didn't drive, because that could have been deadly with his hangover. When I pulled out of the garage I drove off into the busy city streets.
"You know what I think?" Drake asked after a long while.
"What?" I replied.
"I think that we are missing something so obvious, that the vampires have this really stupid weakness that could have allowed us to kill them so easily." He laughed without humor. "I mean, come on Randy! These things can't be un-killable."
"You heard what Jack said the other night." I said. "Get them in the sun and you can kill them as easy as killing a normal human being."
"But there has to be something more then that!" Drake said, turning to look at me. "There has to be."
"Maybe, and if you find out, you tell me." I frowned. "But I highly doubt it."

After a bit Jerry's voice came over the ear-piece. "Hey, can anybody hear me? It's Jerry." He asked.
"Mouth-piece on." I said, and the female computer voice replied. "Mouth-piece activated."
"We can hear you Jerry." I said. "What's up?"
"Randy, activate your little radar thing you got going on and come find me... I have something to show you." Jerry replied.
"On my way." I nodded, even though he could not see me. "Mouth-piece off."
"Mouth-piece deactivated." The voice said.
"Radar on." I said back to it.
"Radar activated."
Drake was staring at me, probably jealous I had all this stuff. I smirked. "Radar, find Jerry." I muttered, and the radar showed a blinking light. The radar was only appearing in the bottom left side of my vision, so I could still see. I followed the radar until I saw Jerry standing in a ally. There was something below him. A... body?
"What the hell?" Drake whispered, jumping out when I parked.
"Heck!" I yelled after him before he shut the door. I frowned then got out and ran with him over to Jerry. When we reached him I looked down and my stomach just sank. There was the body of a older man, his shirt ripped off and his torso cut straight down the middle. Blood was everywhere. The mans dead eyes stared into mine, and I looked down at his body and saw right inside his stomach. I threw off my helmet and puked...


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