Soldiers of the Damned
Author: Garrett R. Kirby

Chapter 12
Cain Mini-Chapter

Mini Chapter:


-Cain's point of view-

Tim was gone, out on his own, and Max was killed by Mike for helping Tim. Nice kid Max was, but nice doesn't mean you can betray your brothers. Tim would soon learn that, I knew from past experience. You piss Mike off like he did, well then your pretty much good as dead. Yes... Tim would learn... and Tim would die. It was a simple cycle, one I have seen before. That said, it was also a rare cycle, one that I saw very little of. Most of the traitors were new guys, kids that didn't think we had the right idea, ones that called Mike insane. Those were the ones who were granted quick deaths, a great gift, but Tim would suffer. If Max had to deal with such pain for helping, and Tim was his master in this case, then what would Tim get? Maybe Mike would let me kill him. I smiled at the thought.

At the current moment in time we were going to the back-up base of operations. It was a simple warehouse that Mike owned in case something happened like the club burning down or something like that. It was a wide open space, with no privacy. Not that we needed it, in fact we were always out on the dance floor and doing different jobs around the club when we were there, so there was really no point in anybody being upset about this.

We stood on top of a tall building. Some of us were sitting on the edge, some of us were just waiting for Mike to speak. None of us really knew the meaning behind the whole skull-mask thing. Mike claimed it was because he found it and it looked cool, but I knew damn well that was not the case. The only person who really knew much of anything was Gary, and if he was asked about it, he would just try to change the subject or act like he had something important to do. Gary and Mike had some kind of past, a long one too. Gary had been with Mike's little group longer then any of us had been, and whatever went on between Mike and Gary in the past, sure made them better buddies then Mike and Tim. Yet, somehow, Tim was still second in command even though he and Mike did not see eye to eye. Tim was actually the most against everything we stood for, and he was still at the top with Mike. Why any of this was the way it was, I was never sure, but now Gary was second in command, and I was just below him.

I smirked, looking at my brother Zeus from across the building. Zeus got his name because he was very fascinated by Greek Mythology, something I could never get into. I wasn't much of a religious person really. I had my own beliefs. I didn't believe in some all knowing power, or a hell in which a little red man with pointy ears makes you sin. But then, I never gave it a chance. My beliefs were pretty simple: When you die, you don't come back as a animal, person, or thing for that matter. You do not go to Heaven, nor do you go to Hell. Instead, you become your own God. You control the next person to take you place from a subconscious world in which the puppet can not, and will not see. In other words, I believed that I was a puppet. Nothing more, and nothing less. I was being controlled by my own God, and when I did wrong it was not my fault, but his. He made me choose what I did, he made me say what I said, and I thought what he wanted me to think. I liked it too, because this God liked my thirst for blood, and he let me loose on the people who deserved to die... and some who did not when I was feeling a little bored with life, if you could call this life.
"You know what?!" Somebody yelled, breaking me from my thoughts. "Tim was right, this is all bull!"
"Um... excuse me?" Mike growled, his head flashing in the direction of the voice. It was one of the new guys... as usual.
"You heard me! You think that you can control us, like we won't realize somethings up! You did this on purpose... all of it! What is the point of killing those people for knowing when you let them know on purpose? Do you just- ahh!!" The kid's voice got cut off by his screams as Mike dashed over to him and punched him in his gut really hard. I was surprised Mike's hand didn't fly right through the kid. Then Mike got pretty bad. He grabbed the kids arm, brought his elbow down on the kid's elbow, which snapped his arm in half, and then tore the kids hand off and threw it. The hand flew right at me so I had to duck in order to avoid it. Pity nobody was behind me, it would have been funny to see them get hit in the face instead of having to watch the hand fly off the building. Mike shoved his hands right into this kid's chest and, literally, ripped it open. Venom, our source of blood, poured for the kid and he just gave Mike this pleading look that said "Please don't kill me" all over it. I couldn't see Mike's face, because it was covered in that skull mask, but I knew he was smiling. Mike loved that look of fear in the eyes of his prey... I knew the feeling.

I looked into the large rip in the boys chest. His whole rib cage was showing. It was like... like it was begging me to come over there and break a few of those bones. I smiled, a few flashes of evil thoughts going through my head. Then I saw his unbeating heart. Oh, how fun it would be to just rip that out and crush it in my hands...  I looked down at my hands. I looked at the scars running down my fingers. I had these things like metal claws put in my fingers surgically, which caused my healing process to bond the blades with my nerves and flesh. It hurt like hell, but now I could pop these baby's out at will and claw right into something... or someone... in the rib cage...
"Cain!" Mike yelled, his voice commanding. Because he was the strongest, our instincts made us do as he said. So when he used that voice, my head snapped right to him.
"Yeah?" I asked, excitement nearly dripping through my teeth.
Mike turned around to face me. "Finish him off, would you?" He chuckled. He didn't even have to use that voice for me to say yes.
"Hell yeah!" I smiled, already walking towards the boy, who was looking at me with that same expression as venom poured from his chest. "Now how to do this..." I pondered for a moment. "Claws." A voice whispers in the back of my mind. God... My god. I smiled and popped out my claws. It tickles as the metal slides out of my finger tips, nice and cold from the venom around it. I looked down at the eight inch blades, then back at the boy. Venom was starting to come out of his mouth. "This might hurt... just a little." I whispered, then used the blades to pry open his chest a little more, ripping the skin. He screamed again, and I laughed. I retracted the blades, and then I pulled out a couple ribs. I held them like daggers, kicked the boy over, got on top of him, and shoved them right into his eyes.

-1 Hour Later-

Zeus and I stood on top of a house in District One. We were trying to follow Tim's scent, but had just reached a dead end. There was no way he could be in the house, we checked high and low for him. His scent just... stopped. It made me angry deep down, but I could hide it. "Where could he have gone..." I whispered to myself, though I knew Zeus could hear. Our hearing was not like that of a normal humans. If one of us said something, all of the others could hear it no matter what, as if the person speaking was right next to you. Of course it could only work if we were in the same building, or in some area by the other. It helped though on scout missions, even though we had few of those.
I heard Zeus chuckle and I looked at him oddly. "What's so funny?" I asked, popping my metal blades in and out.
"Maybe your God will tell you." Zeus smirked at me. He wasn't exactly ready to believe the same things I did, but that was fine with me as long as he didn't poke fun at it like he was now.
"Yeah..." I said, looking at my claws. "And maybe yours will hit you with a lightning bolt."
"Mmm...funny." Zeus replied. "But seriously, let's get back to searching for him."
I nodded. "Yes, indeed, but I need to ask you something."
"Alright." He sighed, like he didn't have time to talk to his own brother. "What is it?"
"I heard people talking before we left... some of them were new guys asking about me. Gary told them I'm a schizophrenic." I frowned. I hated it when people acted like I was completely insane... ok maybe I was, but at least I could be smart and reasonable at points, this one was a good example.
"Ok, what's your point?" Zeus asked. "Or were you just getting that off your chest or something?"
"No." I growled at his tone. I wasn't exactly angry, but I was annoyed by his tone, like he was in a hurry to get away from me. "What I want to know is, what do you think? Do you think I am just crazy, and hearing these voices because of that?"
"No, of course not brother." Zeus sighed, putting a hand on my shoulder. He looked at me with sad eyes, and then suddenly laughed. "But I'm not saying you weren't dropped on your head when you were changed."

I swung at Zeus, but we was already gone. He was a little faster then I was, and he always knew when I was going to attack him. He was a smart guy... he calculated things in his head, and he thought of reason. He stayed back during fights. He watched, and he learned. That is what made him more dangerous then even Mike, though not quite as dangerous as myself. I was the exact opposite of Zeus in every way. I did as my God told me, and it made me very, very hard to predict. Also, I wouldn't stay back and watch fights, just charge into them and kill. This might make you think Zeus is more dangerous then even me, but he's not. Yes, he knows when I will attack him, but he does not know how, so he only jumps far away from me so that I can't harm him. If I was really trying to kill him, I would simply tackle him down after he jumped back, and rip into him. I always thought it was ironic that the man who is predicting everybodys movements is so easy to predict himself, well, for me anyways.

"What's the matter brother? Afraid that your going to get injured?" I laughed.
Zeus smirked. "In your dreams Cain. Now then, shall we get back to searching for him?"
I nodded, looking around at all of the little houses. "Let's just get the hell out of District One. I don't like being here."
"Of course you don't." Zeus said. "You never liked it. Which is why if you ever try to kill me, this is where I will lead you."
"You really should not have told me that." I laughed. He smiled at my joking tone. I wasn't usually happy unless I was killing something, so this was sort of a rare moment for me. It was odd how we took talking about killing each other so... nice. Almost as if we both knew at some point it would come to that, because we both knew that we were a bit too different for our own good. It helped us have good teamwork, yes, but it always led to the two of us fighting eventually about who had the better strategy.

Before I knew it Zeus was flying through the air. He grabbed on to the top of the small video store across the street and climbed up. I ran to the edge of the small house and leaped across the street, and on to the roof as well.
"Nice jump." Zeus approved. "You picking anything up here?"
"Thanks." I said, then inhaled very deeply. I could smell the smoke of a cigarette, whatever the crap was that came out of the back of a car, and the faint smell of blood from the person smoking. They must have been standing outside of the video store, because I could smell them a bit to well. I looked at Zeus and shrugged. "I got nothing."
"Same. Oh well, want to freak out the smoker?" He smiled rather evilly at me.
"You know me to well Zeus." I laughed, and before you could say 'Heart Attack' we were both on each side of the man outside of the video store.
"See any good movies lately?" Zeus asked, looking at the man with his blood red eyes. The man jumped back, but just ran into me.
"Holy-" The man started to yell, but I gave him a swift punch in the gut to shut him up. It wasn't a very hard punch, of course, because I wanted to mess with his head a little more before we drank his blood. A big cloud of smoke puffed out of the mans mouth, and the cigarette fell towards the ground. Before it could hit the cement I grabbed it and took a puff from it, then blew smoke in his horrified face.
"You want a smoke?" I asked Zeus, smirking. Smoking didn't effect vampires, because we really didn't need a whole lot of our insides. Lungs were pretty much useless when you didn't have to breathe.
"Hell yeah!" Zeus laughed, taking it from me and smoking the rest of it. "You never answered my question buddy." He hit the man kind of playfully on his shoulder, but we both knew it probably hurt him. The man was just backed into the wall, still staring with shocked eyes.
"Hey, don't let the eyes scare you." I whispered to him, gesturing to my eyes. "It's just contacts... see?" I slowly moved my hand up towards my eyes, and suddenly my claws popped out, just a centimeter or two away from stabbing me in the eye. "Oh whoops!" I frowned. "I really need to watch where I put these things!"
"Tsk tsk, always forgetting." Zeus shook his head, smiling widely.
"You know it." I chuckled, looking towards him. "I can't even remember what I had for breakfast."
"The same thing every day!" Zeus exclaimed, slapping me gently on my head.
"Oh? What's that?" I asked, building up the moment.
"Blood." Zeus said menacingly, and suddenly we looked towards the man, smiling wide enough to show our fangs. That was the last thing he ever saw...


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