Soldiers of the Damned
Author: Garrett R. Kirby

Chapter 11

Chapter 11:

"He's not breathing." A distant voice whispered. I wanted to open my eyes to figure out who, but I couldn't. I was pretty much out.
"I know. Mike, are you sure you only broke his arm?" a British voice asked.
"Yes Gary, I'm sure." Mike's deep, under control voice replied.
"I could stab him... see if that makes him breath?" A unfamiliar voice growled, yet laughed at the same time.
"Cain, control!" The first voice sighed. I wondered who these two new voices were, but in the back of my head I knew they were enemy's.
I tried again to open my eyes, but it didn't work. Was this it? Was I about to die? Nah, there was no sign of it. No light at the end of the tunnel.
"You think he might be allergic to the fog?" Another new voice whispered.
"Anythings possible." Cain's low, growling voice agreed.
"No, no... somethings wrong." Mike said, his voice curious. "Where's the doc?"
"Somewhere around here..." A female voice said.
Finally, my eyes opened and my vision came into focus. They widened as I took in my surroundings. Skull-masked Mike and many others were all standing over me, staring at me with curious, red eyes.
"Hey, he's up!" the rather short Gary yelled.
"I can see that." Mike nodded. "Shall we break his other arm?"
"Mike, no." The first voice said. I looked over at him,and noticed it was the kid with short black hair. His face was formed into a hard frown. He didn't look like the others. They all looked happy, but he looked saddened, like he really didn't want to be there.
"Aw, Tim's getting all soft for the human!" Gary laughed. "Seriously Tim? You need to snap out of it."
"Shut it." Mike growled, then looked to a boy with short, reddish-brown hair. "Max, I think Tim needs to feed." The boy nodded and waved for Tim to follow him.
"No, I don't need to feed Mike. I am tired of feeding. It's all we do is feed now! You know, your the main reason we are in this mess! Randy could have lived if you didn't go and say we were vampires! We wear contacts for a reason." Tim growled at first, but by the end of his statement it turned into a loud roar.
Mike's head slowly turned to look at Tim. I could see fury in his eyes, more so then usual. A low, menacing growl ripped through his teeth and the other vampires fell silent. "What did you just say?" He asked, then started laughing kind of oddly. "What did he just say?"
"You heard what I said." Tim's voice was still serious, and his expression matched his voice perfectly. "Don't pretend  like you had no idea this would happen after you opened your mouth."
In a few quick flashes there were three vampires standing around Mike, almost like body guards. Gary was one of them, on Mike's right side, with a tall vampire with short, dark brown hair on the other side. Behind Mike was a girl with long reddish blond hair.
"Susan, stay out of it." Mike said in a low, controlled voice.
"You never let me fight!" She complained, stepping away. Mike looked to the other boy and smirked. "Thank you for getting my back Cain."
"No problem." Cain growled. "Traitor boy was getting on my nerves."
"You need these two to fight for you Mike? Come on, let's go right here, right now. A fight to the death. If I win then I take your spot, if you win then you get to keep your leadership."
"Tim I will not fight you. If you are tired of the way things are done, then I am sure Cain has a way out just for you." Mike said, his eyes dark now.
Suddenly the loud music was silenced for a few moments by a very loud insane laughing noise, coming from that Cain boy. "Oh yeah boss! I got plenty of ways out for Tim here!" He roared.
"Hey Mike?" Gary asked. "We are going to need another dose of the fog soon before they all snap out of it."
"Ah, right." Mike nodded. "You do that"
Tim growled. "No, let these people go. They have done nothing wrong. So what if they tell about us? Who cares if people believe them? We can hide Mike, we can kill anybody who stands in our way."
"Hide?" Mike laughed, and others around me laughed with him. It made his laugh that much more scary. "Tim, you believe to much in peace. Where is the signs of power in hiding out in some secret base? Where is the sense of control? Tim, if there was peace, there would be no freedom! To have peace the world leaders would have to take complete control over one's mind, choosing what the normal, working man thinks. With peace we would all be prisoners."
"You don't even know what your saying, your just trying to make me believe you know it all." Tim said, his voice nearly a growl. "Everybody thinks you are such a great leader, but where is the power in hiding behind this insane fool? Huh Mike?" Tim was now pointing at this Cain guy, who growled at the word insane.

I looked around as all of the vampires slowly inched towards Tim. I scooted back behind them as they moved. They payed no attention to me. Good. I had no plan, but I knew one thing was for sure: I had to get out. This gas stuff was doing something to people, making them brain dead. I had to get away before the next bit was coming through the vents. The only thing that stopped it before was the gun, and that was because it took my breathing away for a bit. Without the gun not only could I not do it again, not that I would want to, but I could not defend myself. My arm was hurting so bad, and I didn't have the gun.
"Mike." Cain growled. "He's moving away."
Mike looked at Cain, then over the crouched, growling crowd at me. Oh crap, I was so dead. "Do something about it." Mike said calmly, turning his attention back to Tim. Cain's face twisted up into a sadistic smile as he stalked towards me slowly. His fangs were long and menacing, his eyes were almost like fire balls.
This was one of those times where even I would be cussing like heck, that is if the pain wasn't to extreme. It was hard to make my words make any sense.
"Crap..." Was all I could say when Cain suddenly burst in a sprint and rammed into me. I felt like I had been hit by a brick wall, and like the brick wall was charging me into another wall. Next thing I knew I was in more pain then ever. It would be a lie if I said that this didn't hurt like no other. There was another loud crunch and snap... there went my shoulder.
"Oh! Did that hurt human boy?" Cain laughed maniacally, his red eyes suddenly turning black. After a few seconds he just stopped and looked down, which caused me to do the same. My arm was covered in blood, blood was still on my face, and my shirt. Cain looked into my eyes, and his smile returned and he held up his right hand, just in front of my face. His palm was out in front of my face, and I could see long, strange looking slits down each finger-tip. Suddenly, very long metal claws slid out of them slowly. I cringed. I could faintly hear the others talking over the loud music. "Fine." Mike said. "I'll fight you, but not to the death. Your lucky I am in a good mood."
Cain's hand slowly reached back, his fingers curling up. "Say good bye..." he whispered.
I heard a few loud snarls and growls from the vampire crowd, then I heard a ripping noise, and then Cain was suddenly swept away in a quick blur of color. Something just hit him, something big. I looked over to see Tim actually swinging Mike by his leg, and Cain flying over the crowd of dancers. Tim let go of Mike and Mike flew with him. More growling was heard as the vampires grew closer to Tim, and he growled back.
"Stand down!" Mike roared from across the room. That was all it took for them to back away from Tim, and just watch. They all looked pretty mad. Only one stayed by Tim, but not in a threatening way, he looked more like he was standing with Tim. It was that Max kid.
"Need help?" He asked Tim, like a soldier asking a commander for orders.
Tim didn't take his eyes off of Mike for the slightest moment. "Open the doors. When the people wake up, let them run. Kill anybody who tries to stop them." He commanded.
"Right." Max nodded in response, then darted off to the doors, kicking them open.
"Tim!" Mike growled, now suddenly in front of him, pushing him back a few feet. "Who said you called the shots?!"
"Looks like Max did. Like me, Max is probably tired of this crap your pulling. Your a brute Mike, but I can beat you. Why else would you have put me so high up? Your afraid of me."
"Oh you want a bet little man?" Mike asked, now laughing as he spoke. "Let me show you something." And with that, Tim was flying, and Mike was flying after him, though it looked more like Mike was jumping and Tim was just... flying from some mega kick. Mike pulled Tim over to him as they flew towards the wall, and used Tim like a shield to keep him from taking damage. Tim screamed. Next Mike brought Tim to the ground by using his knee, which was shoved right into Tim's gut. When they hit the floor a thick, black stream of liquid shot from Tim's mouth and his eyes widened in a mixture of pain and shock. Mike started to walk towards the bar. When he reached the bar he grabbed a bar stool by one of it's four legs and then was back in front of Tim. When Tim stood he swayed a little bit, loosing his balance. Mike quickly used the stool to hit Tim over the back of his head, which completely destroyed the stool and made Tim fall back to the ground. Just when Tim hit the ground Mike was off again, running like the wind to get another stool, by the looks of things. This time he picked up two of them, and headed back towards Tim, who was trying to stand again. He quickly kicked Tim back down and slammed the two stools into him until there was hardly anything left of them.
Just when I had thought Mike was done with the fighting, he stalked off towards Max, who readied himself for a fight. Mike didn't grab anything this time, but he took off the skull mask, and threw it to Gary, who caught it quickly. Mike's face was strange. Not because of the way it looked, but because for somebody so menacing and so evil, he looked like one of those guys all the ladies would be huddled around. I was sure all the girls thought he was stunning.
"Want me to hold him boss?" One of Mike's guys called from the small crowd.
"No." Mike said, shaking his head. Max growled when Mike got close, and Mike's only reply was "You disappoint me Maxwell."

Suddenly Mike grabbed Max's arm, kicked into Max's side, applied a little pressure, and then ripped his arm off. Black liquid seeped out of the wound, and it was eerily standing out against the white bone. Max's eyes widened, and his mouth just dropped. There was no sound for a moment, except for the music, and then Mike was beating Max to the ground with Max's own right arm. I flinched as blood flew from the arm, then cringed when Mike threw the arm and got on top of Max, placed his hands on both sides of Max's head, and shoved his thumbs into Max's eyes. Max was screaming now, and it was louder then anything I had ever heard in my life. I would have covered my ears if I could have moved my arm.
Next thing Mike did was pound his fist into Max's left eye, which black blood was pouring out of. Mike's fist plunged right into Max's skull, probably killing him already. Max's head was now very oddly shaped as the skull inside his head was shattered into pieces on his left side. Mike pulled out his fist and something flew through the air and landed next to me: a black eyeball. I shuddered, and looked away, only to see the madness in front of me. Max was still screaming. I wondered how he could be alive, but then I remembered these guys were far from the average human. Mike's black hand flew into Max's wide open mouth, muffling the screaming. Black blood rolled down Max's face, but it looked like he was crying. Mike pulled, and a ripping noise filled the room just before he ripped out what was once Max's tongue, and threw it across the room. I didn't understand how I hadn't already passed out from the fear that was now rushing through me. Mike stood, kicked Max a few times, then stepped on Max's chest, right over where the heart was located, and pushed his foot in, probably crushing Max's heart as he did. Max was no longer screaming. The only sound was a low gurgling, and that stopped pretty soon too.
"I ain't cleaning that up." I heard somebody laugh. How could they laugh at such a horrid thing?
Ok, I wanted to puke. I wanted to scream. Why did Jerry insist we came here? This was his idea, I wanted no part in this. Now here I was, the only one watching other than these freaks. If I had respect for any of these idiots it was Tim. He was at least trying to stop this.
Oh man, I could feel it coming. Things were spinning, I was gagging. I was going to be sick. How could they just sit there and watch that? How...could they laugh at it?!
I took one last look where the body was, not meaning to, and saw brain seeping front the broken head. That did it for me, that was all I needed. I was out after that. This time there were no voices, I was just out. And you know what? I was happy about it. I did not want to see that.

When I finally came to, there were no more disorienting lights, just darkness still. I could hear the music, but stars were sitting overhead. I looked over and saw that the door to the club was opened, and everybody was outside. Around me were all of my friends, looking down at me with odd expressions.
"What...?" I whispered, then realized my arm was hurting like no other again. "Oh...that..."
"Your arm looks like string cheese." Steven said. "Uh... no offense?"
"Thanks." I replied sarcastically, then looked at Bree. "What happened to you guys?"
"I can explain that." A familiar voice said before Bree could reply. I looked towards the direction of the voice, and there stood Tim, looking down at me with blood red eyes. He was sort of smiling now, but only a little. "See, along with that little ray gun of yours, which hurts like hell by the way, SSP was developing a sort of gas that would shut down half of the human brain, thus causing you all to go back to dancing like nothing happened. This isn't a very good description, but it's what I made out from what the doc said..."
Jerry nodded. "Yeah I heard of something like that. How did you guys get your hands on it?"
"That is a rather long story." Tim replied.
"Wait." I frowned. "What happened to the others?"
"They got away. They left Tim alone. We were going to try to kill him, but then he explained what happened." Jerry said. Tim nodded, then looked at me, then back to Jerry. "What about Randy?" He asked, gesturing to my arm.
Jerry sighed. "We can take him back to base and get him fixed up. You remember the machine Randy?"
I shuddered. The machine was my worst enemy... and a blessing. It would heal my arm in seconds, but it would be more painful then anything. When somebody breaks a bone, it stabs right into the break and coats the bone with some sort of glue type substance that heals you quick. But I don't know half of it, like Tim with the gas. This stuff was more for rocket scientists then myself.
After we went home Jerry took me in the basement, past a bunch of large machines, which were used for virtual reality training, that's like a video game come to life, and then we went to the small, white bed. I sat down on it, careful not to touch my arm to anything, and then laid down. Man was my arm killing me.
The lights flipped on and a monitor came down and scanned over my body, searching for the break. After about a minute it stopped and went back up. A bunch of robot arms with needles on them came down, got close to my arm, then stabbed all up my arm. That was when I screamed.


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