Soldiers of the Damned
Author: Garrett R. Kirby

Chapter 10
Dead on the dance floor

Chapter 10:

"Time to party!" Drake yelled as we walked through the front doors of the club. The red lights were very bright and disorienting as they flashed on and off. It was hard to look for anybody in these conditions. How was I supposed to find Mike like this? The first few times the lights flashed I flinched, remembering those strange flashes I had today. It was almost exactly the same, but worse. Now it was on and off, over and over.
"I'm going to the bar." Jerry said, almost yelled, over the music. He and Jane walked off to the bar area. The only thing I could think to this was "Of course, dancing and drinking! This night will be great, just great. Oh, and to top it all off we have blood-thirsty monsters dancing with us!"

I looked at Bree. "You know I don't really dance a whole lot..." I said, my cheeks starting to turn red. Not that it mattered in here anyways.
"Well, when was the last time you danced?" She asked.
"Um..." I paused, thinking of what to say. "The last time I danced might have been when I was a toddler and I danced in joy of being potty trained."
"Was that a joke?" She asked, trying to hide a laugh.
"Yeah." I smirked. "But seriously, I don't dance."
"There's a first time for anything." She shrugged, taking my hand and dragging me towards the dance floor. "Come on."
I jerked forward, following after her. "When do I get a say in this?" I asked.
"Never." She smiled, pulling me into the crowd.
"I don't know how to dance though." I frowned.
"Just do as I do, and move to the beat." She said.
Before I could object she started to dance, twisting and bouncing to the song. I knew this was not some kind of dance I could do, because it looked pretty girly to me. So that must have meant when she said to do as she did, she meant dance at the same time but do something completely different. I looked around at the guys, who were dancing way different then the females were, and I tried to dance like them. Bree laughed, and I thought she was laughing at me, but then she finally said "Hey, your actually pretty good!"
"Really?" I shouted over the music.
"Yeah!" She replied with a big smile, twisting again.
I smiled and danced with her, but at the same time I was looking around the room, feeling a large amount of butterflies in my stomach. I had to make sure I remembered the plan. If I saw Mike, I had to get the gun ready.
There was nothing really crazy about the place so far. I mean, nothing was out of the ordinary, or at least... not yet.
Suddenly, the lights changed. Instead of flashing red, they started shifting to all sorts of different colors every second. And I thought the last part was disorienting...
I could see somebody out of the corner of my eye jumping into a pool, which was located off to the side of the club. A quick flash of a vampire jumping up and tackling somebody into the water went through my head. I could just picture them waiting under the water, like sharks...

"You alright Randy?" Bree asked, still dancing. I was as well, but didn't really notice.
"I just realized this place is probably full of traps." I replied, looking at a small, golden poll. I pictured Mike picking it up and slamming it into Tank's head, then shuddered. "We shouldn't have done this... where's Jerry?"
I looked back at her and she smiled. "Don't worry, it will be fine..." She said. We weren't dancing anymore.
I looked over at the doors and noticed two men locking them up. "What the... what are they doing?" I wondered out loud. They looked at each other, then one spoke into a small microphone that he pulled from his pocket. I never noticed guards...
"Their just guards Randy." She sighed.
I went to look back at her, then my eyes widened in fright when I saw Mike walking through the crowd towards us. How did I know it was him? Well, for one he was wearing Jack's mask, and for another thing he was the largest person in the room, by the looks of things.
"No no no!" I yelped. I wanted to push Bree away, and I went to grab the gun, but he was to fast. Suddenly he moved with extreme speed, turning into a blur. Before I could even blink he was standing in front of me. His hands suddenly pushed into my chest and I took flight across the dance floor. I flew over the heads of the dancers like a rocket, and the next thing I knew was that I had hit something hard. It slowed me down when I hit the floor.
I looked around at the shattered glass that was surrounding me, then looked up when I heard Bree scream my name. "Randy!!" She yelled. I jumped up and pulled out the gun. People were starting to panic, starting to run. It was a bad idea to get so close to the crowd. I could see Mike, but there was no way I could shoot him in here. Bree was a little short, so I couldn't see her. She had to be where Mike was though.
It was when Mike started walking towards me, without Bree, that I felt a little relief. I was hoping that meant she got away from him in the crowd. I felt something warm drip down the side of my head. It ran down my face quickly. I backed away to make some room between me and Mike when he got out of the crowd, then put my hand on the side of my face. When I looked down at it, I saw that there was a thick layer of blood coating the palm of my hand.
When Mike was getting close enough, I unlocked the gun, and aimed it in his direction. Mike started to charge now, and I pulled the trigger. The gun made a small, high-pitched noise, then shot a large, blue and black wave at Mike. It was so odd, it was like you could literally see the particles in it.
Mike was hit quickly with the energy wave, and it sent him flying, literally, to the other side of the club. He slammed into the wall with a force that would kill any normal human being, then fell to the ground right next to Jerry and Jane. They both looked down at Mike, then up at me with a look that said "What was that?!".
I ignored them, leaving Jerry to deal with Mike for a minute. I went to the dance floor to look for Bree. She had to be in the crowd somewhere. Before I could get very far I was suddenly surrounded by many other vampires. Some were guys, some were girls.
"It smells so good!" One of the shorter ones growled. I remembered him from the other night. What was his name? Larry? No, Gary.
A tall one with short, jet-
black hair growled at him. "No biting, Mike's orders. Mike wants to finish this one himself."
"Well Mike can burn in hell." I scowled, shooting the ones in front of me with the gun. I didn't realize the gun had such a kick to it! It almost made me fall back.
I turned quickly and shot the ones that were behind me, before they could react. They all flew back into the wall behind them. One of them flew out the window, which was fairly high up. I turned back and started running off to where Bree was last seen. When I reached the spot we were dancing I looked around, and she was nowhere to be found.
"We have to get out of here!" She suddenly said from behind me. I jumped and spun around.
"I've been saying that!" I yelled. The music was still blaring, and now people were screaming. One person ran by us and shoved me to the side. People were flocking to the doors.
"The doors locked!" Somebody yelled.

I looked over at Jerry, and my eyes widened upon seeing him fly towards me. Before he could hit the ground, Tank caught him. He sat Jerry down on his feet.
"Thanks buddy." Jerry said, patting him on the back.
"No problem Jerr-" Tank started to say, then was suddenly cut off by some strange blur sweeping past him. When the blur was gone, so was Tank. We all looked in the direction of the blur, and there was Tank on the ground. There was also, however, no sign of Mike. I was about to look around some more, but then I was suddenly swept off my feet and moving at what felt like a hundred miles an hour. I looked up at Mike. He looked so weird when he was moving at this speed.
The loud music sounded strange when we moved at this speed. It sounded slow, making it seem like we were moving faster then time itself.  I wasn't sure what shooting the gun so close would do, but I decided to try it anyways. I aimed the gun up at Mike, and the last thing I saw was his shocked eyes staring at me through the eye holes of the mask. I remember pulling the trigger, and then I remember blackness...

I opened my eyes slightly. Everything was blurry and out of focus, like looking through a foggy window. I could hear the loud music, now techno, blaring in my ears. When my vision was back in focus, I could see the small gun laying about five feet away from me. I reached for the gun, then started crawling towards it. I felt strange, light-headed. My head didn't hurt, just felt weird...
I reached for the gun again, but just before I could grab it, Mike's foot kicked it across the room. The gun hit the wall with a small "bang". When it fell to the ground there was a loud high-pitched noise again and then, suddenly, it fired off. I followed the wave with my eyes, and watched as it crashed into a small vampire, who was just about to hit Drake. The vampire flew into the wall and then fell back, onto the floor.
"Gary! Be more careful next time!" Mike yelled.
"It's not my fault you kicked that death trap across the room!" Gary screamed at Mike. "Bloody hell man! You expect me to pay attention when I'm trying to kill this guy?!"
"Don't you yell at me!" Mike barked, then turned back to me. My arm was still reached towards the area the gun was once sitting. Mike laughed, a scary sound, and his foot suddenly came crashing down on my arm. There was a loud snapping sound, along with the sound of my painful screams. My arm felt like it had just snapped in two!
"Darn it!!" I screamed. I was holding back a whole lot of cuss words.
"That's right, scream." Mike said in a low growl, he then turned to one of the other vampires, the tall one with short, jet-black hair. "Get the fog going, and tell the others not to breathe before you do."
The tall one nodded. I could see his expression was not one of enjoyment. He looked almost saddened by what was going on. He took a small glance at me. "Understood." He said with a sigh, and walked off.
Mike took another glance at me, then turned and walked away in all the chaos. After a moment, somebody was running and stepped on my arm. I screamed in pain, and used my other arm, my good one, to stand. My broken arm was limp, not moving. I just let it hang at my side.
"Are you ok?!" Bree yelled, now at my side.
"Not...really..." I gasped, leaning into her side. "I have to...get to my gun..."
She frowned. "Take it easy." She looked down at my arm and gasped. "My god Randy, what did he do to you?"
I looked down, seeing that my arm was bent in places it should not have been. "Ouch." I frowned, pushing away from her and walking towards my gun. I finally picked it up and looked for Mike. Half of me wondered what the fog was, the other half didn't care, and just wanted Mike to pay for what he did to my arm. When I saw Mike standing across the room, I aimed the gun, and fired. He was talking to another one of his vampire buddies, this one was a girl. When the gun shot, my whole arm felt the shock. I had been using both of my arms the last time to hold it, but I couldn't really do that now.
I didn't even see if it hit Mike, because as soon as the gun shot and my arm ached, the other arm, which was now broken, wanted to go up and rub the other. This, of course, resulted in more pain from the broken arm. I guess on the bright side of things, it helped distract me from the pain in my good arm.
"God!!" I yelled, dropping the gun. This was bad, very, very bad.
The tall, black haired vampire was running around at full speed telling the others to not breath. I picked the gun up to shoot him next, but when I stood back up to aim, Gary was standing right there.
"Hey there!" He smiled, rather sadistically might I add. In a flash I was flying across the room again. I flew over the counter of the bar, and through a mirror, which divided the two sides of the bar.
My arm was just crushed now. I tried as best as I could to ignore it, but it was so hard. I stood and aimed the gun around. When I saw Gary charging at me at full speed, I shot the gun. The blur that was Gary came to a halt when he collided with the wave, and there was a small sound, like an explosion, just before he went flying. If I wasn't in such pain I would have yelled some smart-alec remark about how I'm wiping the floor with them.

Then something strange happened. Fog-like gas poured from the vents, and I tried as best as I could to hold my breath, but then when I had to breath nothing came in. I tried again, but still no air. Was it the fog choking me? No, it couldn't have been... everybody else seemed to be breathing just fine. I looked at Bree, seeing that she was staring back at me, I choked "Help me..."
She looked weird, like not herself. Her face was almost drained of all expression, and as I looked around, everybody elses was as well. People were walking back to the dance floor like nothing had happened. People were dancing again. For a moment, I wondered why this was happening, and then my mind flashed back to the choking. I fell to the floor, my hand gripping my throat. Why couldn't I just breath?!


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