Soldiers of the Damned
Author: Garrett R. Kirby

Chapter 9
Blood Club

Chapter 9:

Drake and I stood outside the base, watching the cars. That was all I really knew at the moment. I couldn't remember what happened leading up to this moment. Things were kind of weird. Like I was in a daze...
"Poor Bree." Drake sighed. He looked over at me. "Right after the first date too."
I wasn't sure what he meant by that. "What?" I asked, confused.
"I wonder when the funeral will be." Drake wondered to himself, paying no attention to me.
"Drake, what are you talking about? She's fine!" I laughed nervously, hoping he was just joking with me.
Still, Drake heard nothing. He just kept watching the cars pass. I looked back to the cars as well. Suddenly, Drake screamed. When I looked over he was no where to be found.
"Drake, this isn't funny." I frowned.
No reply.
"Drake?" I whispered, walking in the door to the base. All of the lights were off. The only light was what was coming in through the door. Through the windows of the building the city was dark, and there were stars in the sky. A full moon hung high in the night sky.
As I walked further into the house, the door closed behind me. I turned, expecting to see Drake jump at me and scream. There was nothing. Nothing but darkness behind me.
I turned around again and walked down the dark hallway, stopping outside of Bree's room. I looked inside, seeing nothing. A sudden, red flash of light hit me. It was instant. There and gone. I shook it off, and started walking again. As I walked I could hear voices in the distance. They were very, very faint.
"His memory's will be the same?" A voice whispered.
"No." Another replied. "Only slightly. We don't want him remembering anything involving the Red..."
I looked for the source of the voices, but nobody was there. As I came to the end of the hallway I stopped. I wasn't sure what the reason was for even coming down here. I turned, and walked back to my room. I stepped inside, then stopped suddenly as I saw, not a bedroom, but another hallway. This one was very long, with flickering lights. The lights were like strobes, flashing quickly. I walked slowly down the hall to see where it led. There were no doors on the sides, just blank, white walls.
The first door I came upon I tried to open, but it was locked. Upon realizing this I began to walk again. I felt sick, drained, and tired.
I heard a door open behind me, and looked back over my shoulder to see that the one I had just checked had opened itself. I started walking back to it. When I turned to see what was inside, I saw nothing. Blackness again. This time it was different, however. This time I waited. I waited to see if the darkness would change. After a few seconds I gave up.
Just before I turned to walk away I saw something eerie in the darkness, a skull, floating high in the air. It slowly closed the space between us, and it moved as if it was a head bouncing with the steps of it's body.
"How odd." I said to myself. Then I realized the skull was not some floating orb, but a mask. The clothes were hard to see. They must have covered the tall body of the man stalking towards me.
Jack. It had to be Jack.
"Jack?" I asked.
The figure stopped in it's tracks, but did not reply. After a few moments of staring at each other the figure became a blur. It moved so fast towards me I did not have time to react. Before I knew it I was on the ground, my eyes closed.
When they opened I was in the streets, laying in the middle of the road. I stood and looked around. There were no people, and no cars.
Again, a red flash. It knocked me back down this time, though I felt nothing. More red flashes started going off in my eyes, like the strobe lights in the hallway. They became faster and faster. A strange sound echoed in my ears, coming from all around me. I couldn't tell what it was at first, but then I could hear it better.
"Music." I said, looking in front of me. There was a club.
I saw Jerry's car parked outside next to Tank's van. Neal's jeep was there as well, along with Drake's bike. I smiled, knowing I had found my friends. I walked inside the building.
The crowd was huge, nearly over whelming. People danced and swayed to the music. After a few moments the crowd separated, and in the middle of the dance floor stood Bree, smiling at me. The lights flashed red on and off quickly. I walked towards her and began to dance with her.
I never danced in my life, but I wasn't so bad, I figured. Bree and I smiled at each other as we danced to the sound of the loud base, and the hip-hop music.
Then finally something odd happened, out of the ordinary. Everybody kept dancing, but their faces showed to emotion. Bree even stared into my eyes with the same expression.
"Bree?" I asked.
She just stared, still dancing even though I was not. She stopped when a arm wrapped around her. I looked up at the large brute that held her close.
Mike stared back at me, smiling widely. He looked down at Bree. "May I have this dance?" He asked, his voice soft, and polite. Bree nodded in response and danced with him. I didn't understand it. I walked towards the two, anger flowing through me now.
"Let her go!" I yelled.
When I reached them, I stopped. I couldn't move.
Mike leaned down to her neck, chuckled, then dug his teeth into her. My eyes grew wide, and I pushed him away.
Bree screamed in pain, and Mike punched me in the chest. It knocked the wind out of me. I flew back through the crowd, and hit the wall. "No!" I yelled. "No, get away from her!!"
My vision blurred, then went black.

I woke in my bed screaming.
"No!!" I yelled, then stopped and looked around. I was in my room. Wait, why was I screaming? I couldn't remember...
Jerry burst through my door and looked at me. "Dear lord! Are you ok?"
I shook my head, shaking my blond hair from my eyes. "Fine..." I sighed. "Just... must have had a nightmare."
"Well you look like you just saw a ghost..." Jerry said, flipping the lights on.
I closed my eyes, blinded for a moment. "Be gentle." I grumbled. "What time is it?"
"Three." Jerry replied.
My eyes grew wide. "Three?!" I yelled.
"In the morning. Quiet." Jerry corrected.
"Oh." I frowned, hoping I didn't wake anybody up.
I wasn't paying attention to what Jerry had on. He was just wearing a pair of black sweats, not his day time clothing.
"You going back to bed?" Jerry asked.
I sighed, then stood. "Might as well, but I'm going to get something to drink first." I replied, walking off towards the kitchen.
"Night." Jerry said, walking back to him and Jane's room.

I reached the kitchen and opened the fridge. I pulled out a bottle of water and drank it down. I threw the bottle out, then walked back towards the bedroom. When I left the kitchen, and entered the living room, my vision flashed red. It scared me, and I fell over onto the couch.
Another flash. It scared me again. I wasn't sure what was going on. I curled up and just let it happen.
It flashed in my eyes even while they were shut tight. Over and over again.
When it finally stopped I stood and went back to the bedroom. I stopped in the doorway.
The helmets flashlight was turned on, shining on my bed. It never turned on by itself. Oh, and my bedroom light was suddenly off. Jerry didn't do that... he went back to bed.

The helmet seemed to be turned a little. I followed the trail of light to my bed, where a small envelope sat. Now things were getting odd. I picked it up and opened it. There was a black paper inside. I flipped it over and held it in the beam of light. In white letters the paper read:


You and your friends are invited! To what, you might ask? The Blood Club, all out dance night! Just what happens at all out dance night? Free drinks, and loads of party time! Open dance floor, and later in the night a dance off to decide who is the best of all New York City!"
Under the message was the directions to the club.
I looked slowly around the room. No sign of anybody, and no sign of there ever being anybody here. A rush of fear should have took me, but it didn't. At first there was nothing, no emotion. Then I started to laugh. It was a nervous laugh, not a ha ha funny laugh.
"The blood club." I muttered to myself. "That's so obvious!"
Suddenly my laughing stopped. The hairs on my back, my arms, heck, my whole body, were standing. The fear rushed over me like a match being thrown into a puddle of gasoline. Mike had just been in my room. Or one of them. And they were inviting us to a party?? Surely this wasn't the real plan, but just a disguise to hide their true intentions. Maybe we knew to much. Maybe they were going to kill us out of fear, or just to get us out of their way.

I wasn't planning on going. I didn't want to put myself in danger right now. I wanted to keep taking Bree out, and I wanted to at least try to build up a healthy relationship with her. I hardly knew her still, but I could just tell that if we were together for a while, we would be the perfect match for each other. I walked over to the window on the back wall of my room and checked it. Locked.
"This is so weird." I sighed, putting the card on the shelve next to the helmet.

I stepped back and looked at the shelve. Something was out of place, but what was it? Everything looked normal, and all of my armor was there. My armor, the card, a radio, a... journal? I thought it was lost. I quickly picked it up. I flipped through the pages, and found that not a single one had been altered, or taken out of place. It couldn't have been there this whole time without me noticing.
I put the journal on the very small table next to me, then stood and walked over to the helmet to shut off the light. I paused when I reached out to turn it off, and I looked into the eyes of the helmet. They were black, like an endless void. I wondered for a short moment, wondered if this was a good description of us. Black, heartless, killers.
No. If I could show love for another I was not heartless, I was not the bad guy, and I was not going to think otherwise until I had solid proof of it.

I sighed and looked down, then put my finger to the button on the flashlight. Before I could press it I jumped at the sound of Bree's voice in the doorway.
"Randy?" She asked. "Is something wrong?"
I looked over at her and half-smiled. "No..." I paused, taken off by my voice. It sounded strange to me, emotionless. "I'm just pondering a few things is all. What are you doing up?"
"I heard you scream." She frowned, at least I think she did, it was still dark. "Are you ok?"
"Oh, yeah... sorry. I don't know what happened. I guess I just had a nightmare or something..." I looked down again, feeling a little embarrassed. She walked over to the bed and sat down.
"Do you want to talk about it?" She asked, her voice sweet and gentle.
I sighed, then picked up my helmet and sat next to her. The light made a small orb around us when it bounced off the ceiling, like a safe zone that kept us from the evils of the dark and shadows. "I wish I could." I said, answering her question. "But I can't remember anything that happened in it. Soon as I woke up it was just... gone."
"Oh... well is there anything you would like to talk about?" She asked.
I looked at her, meeting her gaze. "There is one thing..." I replied. "But it's kind of silly, so promise you won't laugh at me?"
She chuckled lowly. "Of course I won't. I'm here to help, not discourage. So speak away."
I nodded. "Well... I have this fear. It's kind of silly... but I can't look at the mask without being scared a little. When I look at it, I can't help but think 'What if I'm not so nice, what if we are the bad guys here?'. I mean, we are at war with China, and I thought they were a peaceful country for the most part. At least they were recently. I remember some world leader, or somebody from China, I don't pay much attention to politics, said that China would not declare war, unless they were attacked. So that means that we had to have hit them first. So Bree, who's the bully? Us, or them?"
"I don't know what to say to that Randy." She frowned. "I see your points, but look at it this way, if we were to pull out now, then we would all be killed. They would invade us, and the war would just start all over again. You guys have proven that we are stronger then them. Do you know how many soldiers there are now in SSP? Over two thousand."
"That's not the point though!" I explained. "Every time we fight them I kill more people, and each person I kill had a mother, had a father, maybe a brother, a sister, wife, aunt, uncle, and now they won't go home to see them because I put a bullet in them. They will never hold their children again because of this." I pointed at the black helmet I was holding.
She smiled. "And that's exactly what I like about you Randy. You do as your told, but you don't like it. Your one of the few that really think, really care. A whole lot of you guys a trigger happy dogs, and if we tell them to jump, they jump. You, you think about it. You care Randy."

She kissed my cheek and stood. "Good night Randy."
"Night." I smiled.
And just like that she was gone and the door was shut. It was just me and the black object in my hands. I looked down at the helmet, and it stared up at me with blank eyes. "You don't own me." I said right at the mask, then threw it across the room. I wasn't worried about it breaking, after all these things could take bullets. If I had armor that could take so much damage, was I worried about a vampire with brute strength? Well, yeah, I guess the real question was should I be worried, not am I worried.
No, I should not have been worried.

I looked at the helmet. The light was still on, and I could see the blank eye lenses as they kept staring at me. I was very deeply disturbed, but I hid it. I didn't want my mask to see it was winning.
Maybe I am insane... maybe. Not a big surprise if I am. After all, everybody is different, so everybody has a little insanity right? Am I so different?

-The next day-

After I woke up I went to the shower and cleaned up, then I got dressed and went out into the kitchen, where everybody sat at the large wood table.
"What's for breakfast?" I asked, getting a cup of coffee. "I'm starving." I was too, it was odd. I felt like I hadn't eaten in days. So much for my being sick theory.
"Eggs and bacon." Jack replied. He didn't have a plate in front of him.
"Not eating again Jack?" I sighed, sitting between him and Bree. Jack had a thing for not eating sometimes, which didn't really help the staying fit part, but he pulled it off somehow.
"Nope..." he looked up at me, his green eyes very dark. "Have you seen my mask Randy? I know it was knocked on the floor..."
"Nobodys seen it?" I asked, looking at everybody. Nobody spoke up, but the first person I looked at was Drake. "What did you do with it?"
"Nothing!" He exclaimed. "Why am I the prime suspect here? Just because I joke a lot?"
"That's exactly why." I nodded, then went off to get my breakfast.

After we were all finished eating I told Jerry I needed to speak with him. He followed me to my room, where I showed him the letter. At this time Tank and Neal had arrived from their houses.
"Here Jerry." I said, handing him the black paper.
Jerry took it and looked it over slowly. "Trap." was all he said, then put it on the shelve.
"What do we do about it?" I asked.
"Well, I actually heard of this club. But seeing that they are the owners, it makes so much more sense! Just the name says it all. I say we go."
"Wear something nice." Jerry smirked. "And bring a gun."
"But Jerry, a gun won't even hurt the guy! He's not going to be the only one there."
"Ah, but we will also have a larger number." Jerry said. He was referring to Neal and Tank. Maybe Tank would arm wrestle with Mike or something to distract him?
"Jerry theres more of them then you-"
"Don't worry about it. We'll just get out fast if we get in the red zone. Think of it as a date for you and Bree." He assured me, putting a hand on my shoulder, then leaving. "Be ready at nine." He called, then went off to tell the others.

I stood in the room, frowning. The small light above my head flickered for a moment, and a red flash hit me again. I fell back, but didn't make a sound.
Then another flash hit me. This one made me scream, because, you see, this was not just a red flash like the normal ones. No, this time I could see in the red light Mike biting into Bree's neck, maybe draining her blood. It went so fast, but I was able to make it out.
Nobody heard me, they were all listening to Jerry. I just kept in the bed for a bit. I looked over at the helmet, which was still laying on the floor. I could have sworn for just a moment, that it was laughing at me. "Shut up." I muttered.

When it was eight, I decided to look for something to wear. I wound up wearing a black t-shirt, and jeans. I was not about to look nice for these vamps.
I walked out into the living room and started watching the TV. Of course, the first thing that came on was the news.
"Less than two weeks until the 'cure' is released! Isn't it exciting-"
I flipped the channel. All they talked about was the war and this dang cure.
"How do I look?" Bree asked from behind me. I stood and turned around. She was wearing a shimmering green corset top with no sleeves, black skinny jeans, which were stylishly ripped, black and white  Converse shoes, and a black headband.
I smiled. "Lovely." I said, sitting back down on the couch. "Want to watch TV with me?"
"Sure." She said, climbing over the couch and sitting next to me. "What's on?"
"Nothing." I frowned. "Why else would I need a TV watching partner?"
"For company of course."
"Exactly." I nodded. "Pretty much all Jack and the others watch is the news, well, unless you count when Tank and Jerry watch music videos on the TV."
"That's pretty boring." She laughed. "Oh well, I guess I can't say much. I watch very little TV."
After a little bit of aimlessly searching through channels, Jerry walked, no, danced out into the living room. He snapped his fingers, then pointed at the two of us. "What do you guys want from Burger Sheff? I'm going to pick something up with Neal."
"Hold your horses baldy! I'm still gettin' ready!" Neal yelled from the bathroom.
"Call me baldy one more time and I'll start calling you Old Man Jenkins!" Jerry laughed. "Now hurry up and get dressed!"
"You seem like your in a good mood." Bree commented.
"I am. It's weird." Jerry smiled. "I guess it's just a good day today."
"So far." I frowned, then lightened my tone. "Maybe you should stay off of those shrooms Jerry."
"Yeah, that's what it is. So what do you guys want?"
"Just a burger I guess." I shrugged. "I don't care."
"Same." Bree said.

Jerry left with Neal after that, Bree and I watched TV, Tank and Drake got into another fight, Jack just sat in the kitchen and did pretty much nothing except talk to Jane and Steven about music a little.
After we ate we left. Now I was getting worried.
"Who's riding with who?" Neal asked when we all stood in the parking lot.
"I don't have my ride." Jack frowned. He had put on a tux, just as Jerry had before we left.
"My car can hold two more people besides Jane and I." Jerry said.
"I'll ride with you." Jack said to Jerry.
"I'm taking the bike." Drake laughed, putting on his helmet. "See you suckers at the club." Drake was wearing a nice black shirt, with longer sleeves, and black jeans.
"You got the gun?" Jerry called after him.
"Yeah!" Drake called back, firing up the bike and driving away, probably breaking the speed limit by a hundred miles per hour, or something as reckless as his usual tricks.
Jerry looked at me. "You want to ride with us Randy?"
Bree and I looked at each other, then we both jumped when two very large arms wrapped around our shoulders. "Don't sweat it Jerry." Tank laughed. "I'll take the two love birds!"
"That works." I nodded.
"I'll ride with you guys." Steven said to Jerry.
"Works for me." Jerry agreed.
They all walked off to get in their cars. Neal went to the jeep, and the rest went to the car. We went with Tank to his van. The ride wasn't very long, but there was a little bit of traffic. I had a gun held tight in my jacket I had put on, it was a new type, one the police used. They would stuff a gun in the insides of their jackets, to hide them. The thing that made these jackets really high tech was that the gun could be cloaked. Nothing extremely great, but it helps to keep the jacket open.
Suddenly my cell phone buzzed in my pocket. I whipped it out and answered.
"Hello?" I asked.
"Randy, it's Jerry. I just wanted to give you a heads up about the gun a gave you. I know it looks normal, but do not fire it unless you really need to ok? That thing will take out the entire crowd."
"What? Why?" I asked, pulling out the gun and looking at it.
"You see how the safety is on?" Jerry replied. "Turn it off."
I flipped the gun around in my hand, and hit the switch. Suddenly the gun transformed. The metal on the end twisted and turned, then separated. It was just floating there like it had been broken, but the pieces were frozen in time. There was a small blue field that held the pieces together.
"What the heck is this thing?" I asked. It looked extremely dangerous.
"The boys back at Home Base call it 'Pulse Generator'." Jerry said. "It uses the particles in the space around it to fire, which can be deadly if used enough. If you want though, just call it the laser pistol, because that's pretty much was it is, just stronger."
I frowned. Of course I was the one with a prototype weapon that could kill anybody in the room.
When we reached the club I got out of the van with Bree. My eyes widened at the number of cars there were. The parking lot was huge!
We walked up from the back of the parking lot to meet the others. Drake was standing against the wall with his arms crossed like he had been waiting a long time.
"Remember, don't fire unless you have to..." Jerry reminded us.
I nodded. "Right."
The hip-hop music was blaring so loud we could hear it clearly from the outside! I had never been to a club before, let alone ever dancing before in my life. "You ready?" Bree asked, grabbing my hand.
"I guess." I sighed, feeling the metal gun, which I had locked up now, in my pocket. It felt heavier then before...
We opened the metal doors, and red, blinding, lights flashed off and on in my eyes...


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