Final Future
Author: Narugan

Chapter 39
Shindomaru and Rika move in

          The next morning, Logan, Mercer, Zhen, Sakaru, Shindomaru, and Rika went to the mechanic’s shop.

          “Hey, I need some parts!” yelled Rika as they walked in, “that and I’m leaving.”

          “What do you need?” asked the mechanic.

          “What’s not working?” asked Rika.

          “Pretty much everything, but the hull is pretty much intact,” said Logan, “kind of.”

          “Every airship part and my stuff,” said Rika.

          “Okay, see ya later then,” said the mechanic as he went to work on another car.

          “Thanks!” said Rika as she went into the back and got her stuff.

So Logan, Mercer and Shindomaru brought the rest of the parts to the trailer behind the mechanic’s truck. After they got the last part on, they left for the ship.

          “Damn, this is going to be a bit…” said Rika as they drove up to the ship.

          “How can we help?” asked Logan.

          “I’ll take care of the electronics and the engines, you guys repair the hull,” said Rika.

          “Okay, Mercer, remember the copy technique?” asked Logan.

          “What?” asked Mercer confused, “oh… that technique!”

          “Ready?” asked Logan.

          “Yes,” said Mercer.

          “Bio Clone!” said Logan and Mercer at the same time.

Then all of the sudden, ten copies of Logan and Mercer formed from water.

          “You can copy yourself?” asked Zhen confused.

          “Yeah, but they don’t have their own will or too much mana,” said Logan, “just simple clones.”

          “Okay… original Logan and….” Said Rika.

          “Me, me, pick me!” shouted Shindomaru.

          “Uh… Zhen I guess,” said Rika.

          “Okay,” said Zhen as she nodded.

          “Oh man…” sighed Shindomaru.

          “The rest of you repair the hull,” said Rika.

          “Okay,” said everyone as Logan, Zhen and Rika went into the ship.

So for the rest of the day and several hours into the night, everyone fixed up the ship.

          “Okay, the hull is fixed, GPS and engines are working and the cockpit is repaired,” said Rika, “however the weapons are offline until supplies are restocked.”

          “Good, we’ll launch tomorrow,” said Logan.

          “Where?” asked Zhen, “there’s pretty much nothing to do.”

          “True,” said Logan.

When they got out of the ship, they went into the city.

          “We could head home and begin some remodeling,” said Logan.

All of the sudden, Logan’s earphone rang.

          “Hello?” answered Logan.

          “Emperor Cao Ju wanted me to remind you about a celebration in Ald Zen,” said Rukia, “everyone will be there, and it’s this Friday.”

          “Celebration for what?” asked Logan.

          “For… the Emperor’s coronation anniversary party,” said Rukia.

          “Okay, we’ll be there,” said Logan.

After Logan hung up, Mercer ran up to Logan.

          “Celebration?” asked Mercer excitedly.

          “Cao Ju’s coronation anniversary party,” said Logan.

          “When is it?” asked Zhen.

          “This Friday,” said Logan.

          “That’s in two days!” said Zhen.

          “When we get home tomorrow, we’ll get ready, I’m bushed,” yawned Logan.

          “True,” said Zhen as she yawned.

So when they arrived at the castle, they got into their rooms and fell asleep. The next morning, loud knocking woke up Logan.

          “I’m coming…” yawned Logan as he got up off of the floor in his pjs.

Once he opened the door, Mercer ran into the room.

          “You ready, you ready?” asked Mercer excitedly.

          “Yeah, yeah, now get out,” said Logan.

After Mercer got out of the room and shut the door, Logan got changed into his day clothes.

          “Alright, let’s go,” said Logan as he got out of his room.

Then everyone left the castle and went to the airship.

          “Does anyone know how to fly an airship?” asked Logan.

          “You got an airship, and you don’t know how to drive it?” asked Rika.

          “This wasn’t ours to begin with, it was our friend’s,” said Logan.

          “Oh,” said Rika, “looks like I’m driving then.”

          “Okay,” said Logan.

So Rika drove the Stragna to the Nu Ran Aerodrome.

          “So where is your house?” asked Rika.

          “On the edge of town,” said Logan.

          “Are we walking?” asked Rika.

          “No, I got us a ride,” said Logan.

Then Ryu drove up in Zhen’s car and Rasputin drove up in Mercer’s car.

          “Nice to see you guys again,” said Ryu as he got out of Zhen’s car, “did you hear about the party tomorrow?”

          “Yes, but we got to get Rika and Shindomaru set up before we can get ready.”

          “Okay,” said Ryu, “but I don’t how we are going to fit everyone.”

          “We’ll fit everyone,” said Logan, “but it is going to be tight.”

So Logan got everyone into the two cars.

          “Told ya,” groaned Logan as he was crammed into Zhen’s car.

So Mercer and Zhen drove their respected cars to Logan’s house.

          “Good to be home,” groaned Logan.

Once Ryu got out of Zhen’s car, Logan fell backward onto Zhen, who was still in the car.

          “Sorry, Zhen,” blushed Logan as he quickly got up.

          “It’s okay,” smiled Zhen as she got out of her car.

          “We need another car,” sighed Logan as he got out of Zhen’s car.

After they got into the house, Shindomaru and Rika stood in the doorway, shocked.

          “Oh… my… god,” said Shindomaru and Rika simultaneously.

          “This is my house, it is in a different dimension,” said Logan.        

          “Really?” asked Rika.

          “Of course, now we need to set you up in your own rooms,” said Logan, “follow me.”

So Logan led Shindomaru and Rika upstairs and into a hallway with a lot of doors. Then Logan stopped in front of a blank wall.

          “Alakazam!” said Logan as a door was formed from the wall, “here is Rika’s room.”

          “Cool,” said Rika.

          “So where’s mine?” asked Shindomaru.

          “Right here,” said Logan as he walked further down the hall.

Once Logan got to a blank wall, he stopped again.

          “Alakazam!” said Logan as another door was formed from the wall, “ok, set up your rooms however you like, there’s a control panel by the door to help you.”

So Logan walked towards the living room downstairs.

          “So… how are you going to decorate your room?” asked Shindomaru.

          “With skulls and bats,’ said Rika.

          “Okay,” said Shindomaru.

          “Why did you want to know?’ asked Rika.

          “Just curious,” said Shindomaru as he went into his room.

          “Whoa hold up, you’re just going to leave like that?” asked Rika as she looked into Shindomaru’s room.

          “Why, what do you need from me?” asked Shindomaru.

          “You at least owe me an answer, after all, I gave you one,” said Rika.

          “Fine, what’s you’re question?” asked Shindomaru.

          “How well do you know Logan?” asked Rika.

          “Not a whole lot, but it seems he loves that Zhen girl,” said Shindomaru.

          “I know that, Zhen seems hostile towards me,” said Rika.

          “She is a fiery one,” said Shindomaru, “but give her time, she’ll lighten up.”

          “Speaking from experience?” asked Rika.

          “Uh…” said Shindomaru uneasily.

          “Typical men, think we can’t handle dating men who dated other women,” said Rika angrily, “when you mature, then we’ll talk again.”

Then Rika walked away.

          “That could of gotten a whole lot worst…” thought Shindomaru as he laid down on his bed.

          “Men these days, they can’t truly understand us…” said Rika, “though Logan does have this certain flair about him…”


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