The Lying Eyes
Author: MadKilljoy

Chapter 6



We walked side by side along the sidewalk, our shadows stretched across the pavement. I thought of the questions I needed to ask, I tried to put them together in my mind, trying to find the right words to say. I replayed the questions in my head, over and over, but I knew they wouldn't happen like that.


"I can't stay too much longer, my mom will get mad again." I said mindlessly, my thoughts were distant, I only said what was on the surface. He laughed a little, pulling me back to reality.


"I guess that means you can't get lost in any alleyways, OK?" He joked.


"Did you do that?" I was almost afraid of the answer I would get.


"No!" He seemed shocked that I would even think that. "I don't really know what happened, I just saw a random girl laying on the ground. I was actually pretty surprised when I saw your eyes." He walked while watching the scenes in front of us, while he held his dark blue hoodie. What he said reminded me of what I needed to ask, the whole reason I had gone looking for him.


"Jace, am I like you?" I realized that it was the first time I had used his name. " What are you exactly?"


"Ah, I was wondering when you were going to ask about that" He said with a smile in his tone. "Well, you're not exactly like me. Um, I'm not completely sure how to explain this. Ok, so your eyes, they're violet. That's rare for our kind." He seemed to be talking to himself a little.


"Our kind? So we are the same?" I asked, I was eager to get my answers.


"Petra, shh." He said shaking his head. "Now, we are both the so called "dark ones" but we're different types." I was confused, and I'm sure it showed on my face. "Think of it like this: my eyes are green, yours are violet. They mean different things. That's how we're different." He explained, but he called his eyes "green" they were more than just green, they were more like the deepest green I had ever seen, or maybe even liquid emeralds. I snapped my attention back.


"What do you mean but "they mean different things"?" I asked.


"I mean that basically, your eye color portrays what you can do." He told me, it all suddenly clicked.


"That's why! That's why they lie, because they're afraid of us! We can do things they can't, that makes us more powerful! Right?" I was finally understanding it all.


"Yes, that's exactly why!" He exclaimed.


"It all makes sense now." I said softly. A breeze picked up, leaving my suddenly cold.


"Here," He said offering his jacket he was holding.


"I'm fine." I lied.


"Liar," He said laughing. "take it." I took his offer and slid on the hoodie.


"You should probably be getting home, it's getting darker." He said after a few minutes of silent walking.


"Oh! You're right!" I hadn't realized the setting sun. I began to take off his jacket but he shook his head.


"Keep it." Was all he said.


"Are you sure?" I asked. He nodded and smiled. "Thanks, I guess this is goodbye." He gave a half smile and a slow nod.


"Bye, Petra." There was an odd look in his eyes when I turned back before running towards home.


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