The Lying Eyes
Author: MadKilljoy

Chapter 5

I thought about things as I walked, am I really one of them? I asked myself, I didn't understand what made them so bad. I had never heard of any attacks led by them, I didn't even think they were a threat. The council hates them, if I were one of them wouldn't they make me leave? I stopped and leaned against a cold stone wall. I was calm leaning there, my head was clear of thoughts for the moment.


Suddenly there was a hand on my arm, my eyes shot open to see my tormentor standing there with an iron grip on my arm. My hopes of it being the alley boy vanished and was replaced by adrenaline and fear.


"Hello, freak." That was the only name he knew for me.


"Oh, hello." I hesitated on calling him something back, but decided it would be better off just to say nothing. His name was Daniel, he was tall, about six foot, and he had stiff blond hair that was jagged like a three year-old had cut it. His cold grey eyes and mocking smile always seemed to match each other perfectly.


"Going somewhere?" He sounded more like some evil villain than an annoying teenager I grew up with.


"Actually, I was-"

"Shut it." He cut in.


"OK, that works too..." I mumbled. I suddenly got the pulling feeling again, the one I got before I blacked out in the alley. The next thing I knew he was face down on the ground. I stumbled backwards, catching myself against the wall. He was standing there, the alley boy. His eyebrows were pulled together again, like he didn't understand what had happened. "Are you crazy?!" I was yelling, but I had reason.


"I don't get a "thank you" for trying to help?" He asked, still looking confused, like he was trying to piece something together.


"Thanks, I guess, but now when he wakes up he's going to go off to the council and I'm going to be labeled as "dangerous". I was so frustrated, but at the same time, there was a lot of things I wanted to ask him.


He gave a half smile "You're welcome, I guess." He paused, then gave a full smile. "And don't worry, there's nothing dangerous about you, except for what you just did of course, but still, don't worry, he won't remember a thing when he wakes up!" He sounded surprisingly happy about all of this.


"What do you mean "what I just did"? I didn't do that!" I was about to loose it, I was looking for him to ask him questions, not to be blamed.


"OK, never mind, don't freak out. Just listen, when he wakes up, he'll have no idea what happened, he won't even remember talking to you." He was serious now, his face looked sincere. He turned away from me, leaving me standing alone again, feeling lost in a familiar place.


"Wait!" I called after him, I realized that we were reliving yesterday, except for this time he turned back towards me and began to walk back. He stopped and motioned for me to come, I shook my head viciously.


"What's wrong?" He asked, he sounded completely clueless.


"What's wrong? I barely know you, that what's wrong! Running into you again was a freak accident, and I don't even know your name! I'm not following you." I said taking a step away from him.


"It's not a "freak accident" if you were looking for me." He paused briefly, "Oh, and my name's Jace."


I bit my lip, unsure of what I should do. I took a deep breath and let it out slowly, then opened my mouth. "Petra." I spoke softly, I was still being cautious. "And just because I know your name doesn't mean that I'm just going to trust you. For all I know, you could be lying to me, and how do you know I was looking for you?"


"You're quite paranoid, aren't you? I don't really blame you though, with all the things that the council tells you." He took a step away from me now, but his wasn't in dangerous caution like mine, but more in regret and sorrow. His words me me think, the council had always lied about me, and I had always believed that they were lying about his kind too. Now I was going against my own beliefs, was I no longer trusting my own judgment?


I shut my eyes tight for a second, and then opened them and took a step towards him. His face lit up as I took another step.


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