Sisters of Midnight:Dark Moon
Author: Kimberly Diaz

Chapter 18
Chapter 18

Chapter 18

Tracey started. “Spirits of goodness, we ask that you speak with us tonight to give us the answers we seek. Is there anybody there?”

We all held our breaths and waited, giving it time to work. The room was eerily quiet and dark, the only lights coming from the lights outside and the illumination of the candles around the room. Even the drunk football players were contained and silent.

Slowly the planchette began to glide. Even though I knew what to expect, I drew in a startled breath. I could feel the energy within the board, causing my fingers to tingle.

“Oh my god!” Cyndi cried out. “What’s happening?” That’s when I knew she could feel it too.

“Shut up and pay attention!” Brock snapped at her.

She angrily started to get up. “I don’t take orders from anyone!”

“Keep your fingers on the board,” I reminded her. She shot me a nasty look but still sat back down.

‘I-M-H-E-R-E’, the letters appeared in the circular window.

“Who are you?”

“Can you help us?” Cyndi and I spoke at the same time. The planchette began to move in circles.

“One at a time, that’s too many questions,” Emily said.

“Can you help us?” I said again.

The window moved to ‘yes’. I tried to relax and think about how to ask my questions.

“Someone we know was hurt badly almost two weeks ago; stabbed nearly to death. We want to know who did it and if they plan to try again.”

“It was a warning.” Jana was tracking the words, the pointer moving fast over the letters.

“A warning from who?” Cyndi asked. “Someone from school?”

“No,” the board said. “A warning from ‘him’”.

“What does that mean?” Brock asked from his place behind Cyndi.

“Did Nick do it? Did he stab Tony?” Cyndi’s voice was elevated, excited, sure that Nick was about to be exposed as a murderer in front of everyone in the room.

I was shocked. “What are you doing Cyndi?”

“Not Nick,” the board answered.

“What?” Brock yelled. “You’re making it say that!” He moved around the table towards me. Suddenly it became clear to me that this had been a trick. Brock and Cyndi had planned this still convinced that Nick was guilty.

The planchette was still moving. “You’re next.”

Before I could react, Cyndi had asked another question. “What were Nick and Faith doing in the woods after Homecoming?” She wasn’t done with her line of questioning.

One of her friends giggled. “They were probably doing what you had wanted to do with him.”

“Shut up,” she growled.

“This is going too far Cyndi, even for you.” I told her.

“Keep going,” Brock threatened. I heard movement behind me as Nick got to his feet, standing between me and Brock. I felt a change in the board, felt something else take over.

“Stupid mistake. You next, you next.”

“Make it stop!” Cyndi shrieked. “It’s moving too fast! I can’t take my fingers off.”

The planchette was flying. “She is mine!” I wondered who it meant.

“Faith,” Tracey said, “we have to end this. The spirit we’re talking to is threatening. I can feel it, it’s not good.”

“This is over Brock,” Nick stated. “You got your truth, it wasn’t me. If I was going to do it, he would’ve been dead, not recovering in the hospital.”

“He’s right,” Tracey said. “There’s something evil here. I feel it.”

Did Tony get attacked because of Faith?” Cyndi asked, eyes meeting mine.

The board continued to spell out words. “All in danger-Tony’”.

“Is Tony still in danger?” I asked.

“Got what he deserved; mine now.”

I had to end this. “We are done with you and we’re sending you back where you came from. Leave us alone, leave Tony alone.”

“I am already here. My rules.”

“What the hell is this, Faith?” Brock yelled.

“I don’t know!” I shouted back. “I told you this wasn’t a good idea Brock. Go back!” I told the board. “Go back to where you came from. There’s nothing for you here.”

A gust of wind blew down the chimney and into the room. Someone screamed-it sounded like Jana. All of the candles blew out. The lights in the backyard all went dark at the same moment. Except for the moon and the streetlights, we were in darkness.

I spoke to the girls who were doing the board with me. “All of you, tell the board you’re done with your questions. Say it, Cyndi!”

They did as I asked. “No!” Brock shouted. He pushed Cyndi out of the way and placed his hands where hers had been. “I’m not done here.” The four of us backed away.

“Brock, this is too dangerous!” I yelled. “You have no idea what you’re doing!” The board began to emit a red glow. I moved away until I found the safety of Nick’s arms. “Nick, I don’t know what’s happening, I can’t stop it.”

“We’re leaving Brock, like we should’ve done before you talked us into your insane plan.”

“Is Tony’s attacker in this house?” he continued like Nick hadn’t just said anything. The planchette moved to ‘yes’. “You’re not going anywhere Sullivan!” Brock’s eyes were wild.

‘No’, the board answered. ‘Not Nick’.

“Brock, let it go. I told you it wasn’t Nick, Tony told you!”

“Then what was it? An evil spirit? This is all Bull!”

“Stop it Brock!” Cyndi screamed. “Stop!” she screamed again, but this time she was looking at a spot on the ceiling. “Aughhh!” Some invisible force picked her up and threw her across the room as if she weighed less than a feather. Ryan had a hold on Tracey similar to the one Nick had on me.

“Oh my God, Brock; what have you done in my house?” Jana was crying. Cyndi picked herself up and ran through the next room to the front door.

“Help me!” she screamed while she pulled on the knob. “It won’t open. Let me out!”

“This one’s stuck too,” Someone had gone to try and get out the patio door, but it refused to slide open. We were trapped in the house! Trapped with a malevolent spirit.

People were scattering while Brock continued to talk to the board. One of the football players threw a kitchen chair at the glass door and it shattered into hundreds of pieces.

I grabbed my friends. “We have to try and stop this. Concentrate on getting the doors to open,” I whispered.

Nick went over to Cyndi who was frantically pulling at the front door. He grabbed her arm and whirled her around to face him. “You have to stop him Cyndi,” Nick told her looking at Brock. “Brock is crazy. That thing is getting stronger the more he uses the board.”

The house was half empty, people running out the back door one at a time, careful not to get cut on the pointy shards of glass hanging off the frame.

“I can’t,” she cried. “He won’t listen to me. H-he wants revenge. But not like this; I have to get out of here!” She banged her fists on the door, half hysterical.

”Faith, come on, we have to leave. “Emily was pulling me out of the room. Brock, Cyndi, and Jana were the only ones not moving towards the kitchen. I stopped and pointed when something caught my attention.

“Look, you guys.” Sparks lit up the fireplace that a moment before had been cold and empty. The sparks quickly turned into a fire that flared up, the flames licking the walls that contained it.

It became hard for me to breathe, the panic setting in as I immediately thought of the fire from our summoning gone wrong. “No, not again!” I saw the outline of a face as I backed away. “Jana, Cyndi, we have to go. There’s something in that fire!” The flames touched the shag rug that was several feet away. “It’s setting the house on fire! Come on!”

“Call 911!” a voice shouted from the backyard. Jana pulled on Cyndi who was frozen in terror, both girls crying.

“I can’t leave him here.” Cyndi looked at Brock who was still focused on the board, oblivious to the chaotic scene around him.

“Who killed my friend!” he was shouting. “I’ll kill you!” The planchette flew off the table and violently hit the wall. The fire continued to grow.

“I can’t control the fire,” I told Tracey. “Are you trying?”

She nodded. “Whatever it is, it’s too strong. Maybe we need all four of us.” The fire was spreading across the floor to the curtains.

“Brock!” Cyndi was pulling on his arm but he wouldn’t even look at her.

“We can’t leave. You messed it all up; I was getting answers!”

“We know Nick didn’t do it, isn’t that enough? Jana’s house is on fire! Brock, please!” she pleaded.

“She’s doing this,” Brock accused, pointing at me.

“Brock, you’re crazy! I’m not like you; I would never purposely hurt anyone. Are you coming with us?”

“We can’t wait for him Faith,” Ryan said. “Anyway, the police are on their way.”

Brock pushed Cyndi away from him. “Go ahead, go with them. You’ll see it’s all her fault. She’s controlling the fire to keep us from finding out the truth. She’s doing everything!”

Tears were pouring down her face as she studied me and I saw a trace of the girl who used to be my friend. “He’s wrong, you wouldn’t do this to Jana’s house.” Cyndi looked at Brock once more and I saw understanding cross her face as she realized everything we were saying about him was true.

“Of course he’s wrong. Jana’s my friend. And you used to be. I know you hate me now, and you’ve been wishing something terrible would happen to me, but all I wanted was to be happy. I didn’t want to hurt you. Now please, come with us. Anyone who stays here is in danger.”

With one last tearful glance at Brock, she started to follow us.

“Traitor!” Brock shouted as, one by one, we all made our way out the patio door and prepared to go around to the front. Almost everyone else had scattered. Cyndi’s friends were huddled together sobbing as they watched Cyndi come out. The football players were running for their cars, not giving their teammate a second thought as they took off. I overheard one saying they didn’t want to be around when the cops came since most people had been drinking tonight.

“Someone has to help him!” Cyndi shouted at them. “He’ll be trapped in a few more minutes. Cowards!” she screamed as no one paid any attention to her words.

Nick spoke to Ryan in a hushed voice, and I got the feeling he was trying not to let me hear. “Take the girls around front, as far away from the house as you can. Keep them safe until I come back.” He made the mistake of looking into my eyes, full understanding of what he meant to do hit me and I felt my stomach lurch.

“Nick, no. You have to come too.” My voice broke as I gripped his hand tighter.

“I can’t leave him in there Faith. He’s not rational, there’s no one else to try. He’s gonna get himself killed.”

I knew he was right. He hugged me against his chest so tightly it was difficult to breathe. I lifted my face up to him and he kissed me urgently, like it might be the last time I saw him. I was unable to stop my tears as he whispered, “Stay with Ryan.”

“Nick, the fire’s spreading. Please. What if you go in and you both get trapped? Who’s going to help you?”

He ignored my question. “I hate him, but I can’t stand here and watch him die. I can’t have that on my conscience too. Please understand. I love you, Faith.”

“Be careful,” I whispered. I didn’t say I loved him, feeling that if I did, it would be like I was saying goodbye. I turned away and my eyes filled with fresh tears as he ran back in through the broken door.

Emily hugged me. “He’s going to come back.”

Cyndi came to my other side, shaking her head in disbelief. She had black smears under her eyes from her tear streaked make-up. “Nick went back to help Brock? I don’t understand. After what we did?”

I looked at her but couldn’t speak, unable to stop my quiet sobbing. Ryan answered for me. “Because that’s the kind of person Nick is. He tries to do what’s right.”

Ryan had moved us around the side of the house until we were out front. Jana and her boyfriend, Cyndi, Ryan, Tracey, Emily and I were the only ones remaining in the yard. Thick smoke was drifting out the house. I bit my lip hard, tasting blood as I waited to see Nick return. “Where are they?”

It’s been waiting.

The evil. It led us to believe it was gone, lulling us into a false sense of security for the past two weeks. I closed my eyes and thought about the face I had seen in the fire. There was something so familiar about it, and not just because I had also seen it during the summoning.

Oh, what was taking Nick so long to get Brock out? I could see flames in the front windows but I couldn’t see him. The room we’d been in wasn’t visible from the front.

“Jana,” Cyndi was saying. “I’m sorry. I’m so, so sorry. I didn’t know he’d do this.”

“Quiet!” Ryan said sharply. “It’s Brock.”

“What the hell is happening?” we heard him shout. “How did you get here?”

“Is he yelling at Nick?” Nick was risking his life but Brock wasn’t cooperating. At least that’s what it sounded like. Then we heard Nick muffled voice coming from a different part of the house then Brock‘s had been. “Brock, what room are you in?”

“Stay away from me! Noo!”

“What’s happening to him?” Cyndi screamed. “What’s Nick doing?”

“Oh God, please stop! Aaugh!” Brock’s screams became incoherent, sending a tremor through me. Brock sounded like he was being tortured.

“Noo!” This scream belonged to Nick. At the sound of his distress, I tried to run towards the house but Ryan caught me.

“Let go Ryan!” I ordered. “He needs me.”

”There’s nothing you can do,” he said through gritted teeth as I struggled to break free from his tight football hold.

“Nick!” I cried out. If only I could get in there, maybe I had enough power to get Nick out. I could hear sirens in the distance.

The explosion took us all by surprise. Shards of glass showered the lawn as the downstairs windows busted, flames coming out the fresh holes in the house.

“The keg,” Jana moaned. “The alcohol was in the room with the fire; I bet that’s what blew up.”

With Ryan distracted, I used that as my chance to push away from him. He tackled me as I reached the porch. “You have to stay out here Faith! Nick knew what he was doing.” But even as he spoke I saw the doubt on his face.

“Ryan, let me go! Nick!” My crying turned hysterical. My arms and legs lashed out at Ryan who looked as devastated as I felt.

Then Cyndi was next to me pulling at my shirt. “I didn’t mean it, Faith. I don’t want Nick hurt. I know what I said, but I didn’t mean it. Not anymore.”

“Shut up!” I yelled. “He’s still in there.” I let Ryan pull me back to the others. I sagged against him and cried against his shoulder. My head snapped back up as I heard a scream from Brock, proof that at least one of them was still alive.

It came from upstairs. “Don’t do this, somebody help me! Tony, no!”


We all watched, stunned, as Brock’s body came flying through an upstairs window, arms flailing. He landed on the ground with a sickening crunch as his neck broke instantly, cuts all over his body. My eyes widened in shock. He hadn’t voluntarily jumped, he had been thrown out the window, that much was obvious.

Where was Nick? I heard Cyndi heaving behind me as I stood paralyzed and waited. A minute later there was another crash. A chair came flying through the front door that splintered open from the impact.

Ryan froze with his arms around me as a figure emerged from the smoke. It was Nick, coughing into the T-shirt that was covering his mouth and nose. With a half gasp, half cry, I used all my strength to push away from Ryan, running to Nick, almost knocking him down as I threw my arms around his neck. His arms returned the desperate embrace and crushed me to him, kissing me hard, so tight I could smell the singed hair on his body.

“Don’t cry, Faith. I’m alright.” He brushed my tears away then kissed me again as if to prove to me that he was really there, not just an illusion.

“Nick, the explosion! I thought-” It must have been the protection spell I did. What else could explain Nick walking away unharmed from an explosion like that?

“I wasn’t sure a minute ago. After the explosion, it took me a while to find a way out.”

“But Brock…oh God, Brock!”

He shook his head in disgust. “I could hear him, but the fire was blocking me. He sounded so far away and his voice kept getting more and more faint, like he was purposely trying not to let me find him. When the keg blew, I had no choice but to get out as quick as I could. Did he make it out?”

“Not the way you mean.” Ryan came up to help Nick away from the house. Nick stopped moving when he saw the body on the lawn.

“What the hell! Is he-”

“He’s dead, Nick.” I confirmed. “We watched something throw him out the upstairs window.” Eyes red, body numb, I leaned into him, silently begging him to hold me till I almost couldn’t breathe. “I thought you were dead too,” I whispered.

“We all might still be,” Ryan said as he looked at the flashing lights in front of the house. “Cops’r here. We better figure out what we’re going to tell them happened tonight.”


I thought everyone from the party had taken off, but I noticed two cheerleaders and one of their boyfriends huddled together across the street. Jana was with a policeman crying into a phone; I guessed her parents were on the other end. They’ll never leave her for the weekend again, I thought. Not after what we did.

I was standing with Cyndi, Tracey, Emily and Ryan. Nick was sitting in the back of an ambulance being treated for smoke inhalation. The police were taking us one at a time to get our statements.

Brock’s death was ruled an accident. The official story the cops came up with is that a bunch of us high school kids had been partying and drinking, lost control of the fire in the fireplace and freaked out, breaking windows and doors to get out of the house. The keg had been the reason for the explosion. Nobody told them that the fire had started in a cold fireplace. It was only early October, too warm still for a fire in Northern California.

As for Brock, he had been so wasted, they said he must have tried to jump out the window to get away from the spreading fire downstairs. There was no way to know what happened to him in those last few minutes in that house, what he had seen. I wondered if anyone else had heard him scream Tony’s name. What did it mean?

Nick told us later that neither he or Brock had been in the family room when the explosion happened. Nick had been going from room to room downstairs trying to locate Brock. He had been trying to find a way upstairs after hearing Brock’s screams but the fire had been blocking him. After the explosion, he knew he had to get out, that’s when he made his way to the living room and broke down the front door.

The Ouija board had disappeared, burned up by the fire probably. After my turn telling the cops what little I could, I rushed to Nick’s side in the ambulance, guilt tearing into me when I saw the scrapes and cuts on his arms and chest. I hadn’t noticed them before, I had just been relieved to see him alive. At least he was alive.

First Tony, then Brock.

“What was that?”

I looked up, realizing that I had spoken the thought out loud. “I was just thinking that 2 weeks ago, Tony hurt me and he almost died. Brock hurt me too, and now he is dead. It’s because of me, isn’t it?” I cried. “The board said it. It killed him, didn’t it?”

“No one knows what really happened up there, Faith. Brock was the one who insisted on doing that stupid séance. Brock was the only one who refused to leave. Don’t blame yourself.”

“You almost died tonight too, Nick.” I tried not to imagine Nick in Brock’s place, being zipped up into a thick, dark body bag. “Why did I go along with his plan? I knew it was dangerous. For Brock and Cyndi it was just a game.”

His eyes hardened. “Brock made all his own choices!” His voice turned low, intense. “I saw that face in the fire too, Faith. I watched Cyndi get thrown across the room by nothing! And for some insane reason, he still chose not to leave. I don’t know why I thought I could get him out, but I had to try. And I failed.”

“That was a brave thing you tried to do in there young man.” the firefighters were through, the fire now completely out, one of them coming over to us. “It was also very stupid; going back into a burning building. Leave the rescue work to the firemen, that’s what we’re for.”

Nick lowered his head. “It won’t happen again, sir. He was one of my teammates and I wanted to help him, only he refused to come out.”

“Well unfortunately, your friend had been drinking too much to use any form of reason. Otherwise, his life might not have ended tonight. Remember that the next time you and your teammates decide to hold a kegger after a game.”

Nick and the firefighter continued their conversation but something else had caught my attention. A shock of what looked like blonde hair in one of the oleander bushes on the side of the house. I couldn’t see the face of the person hiding, but I felt their eyes on me. Whoever it was noticed me watching them. “Nick, look.”

In the few seconds that I turned away to look at Nick, the person had disappeared. Was I hallucinating? No, I knew I had seen someone. Brock had yelled Tony’s name right before he flew out the window. Was that who it was? And if it was, why would he hide? But anyways, wasn’t Tony still in the hospital? I needed a decent night’s rest; my eyes were starting to play tricks on me.

“What is it?”

I shook my head. “It’s nothing, I thought I saw something but I was wrong. I just want to go home, crawl into my bed and forget tonight ever happened.”

“Oh, we’re going home,” my mother said from behind me. “You’ll be glad to know you’ll be spending plenty of time there. Probably the rest of the school year.”

Nick looked sympathetic as I turned to face her. “Mom, I-”

She didn’t give me a chance to finish. “Drinking, Faith? Especially around Brock, what were you thinking?”

“Mom, Brock’s dead. He-he jumped out of an upstairs window.” My eyes touched Nick’s as I spoke the lie, the only thing our parents would believe. I looked at Jana’s house, feeling sick as I took in the destruction. Part of the roof had caved in, the charred walls soaking wet from the hoses. Other parents had arrived as well, talking to the half a dozen policemen that surrounded the place.

There was something I still had to do before I let my mom take me home. “I don’t want to leave you Nick.” I gently touched a unharmed spot on his arm.

He touched my cheek. “Go, get some rest. I’ll come by tomorrow and we can talk.”

“I don’t think that’s a good-”

“Mom, please, not now.” I cut her off. “Someone we know just died.” I watched her face soften as she took in my pain.

“Alright,” she agreed. “But you’re not leaving the house.” I kissed him goodbye quickly as his dad approached.

“Mom, before we go, there’s one more thing I have to do.”

“Where are you going Faith?” She followed me as I ran over to Cyndi, who was sitting on the hood of her convertible, arms wrapped tightly around her long legs. She was rocking back and forth, shivering in her tank top and shorts. I picked up a jacket from the open backseat and set it around her slender shoulders. She started when I touched her like she hadn’t seen me coming up next to her. She’d lost her tan and her normally perfect hair was tangled and messy. I looked down at her, remembering the girl who, up until a year ago, had been one of my closest friends and suddenly, the grief from our shared tragedy overshadowed the anger I felt towards her. My mom was talking to a policeman, giving Cyndi and I the privacy we needed.

“Your parents on their way?” I asked, genuinely concerned.

She nodded, looking at me as if she was looking through me, her eyes red and dry. “That thing threw me. There was nothing there but I felt it pick me up and it threw me across the room. Then later, when I saw Brock hit the ground, the first thought I had wasn’t about him; it was ‘Thank god it wasn’t me’. What’s wrong with me, Faith?”

I took a deep shaky breath. “That’s a totally human thought, to be thankful you’re still alive. I only wish Nick would have been able to get him to come out.”

A sob escaped her lips. “Why were you and Nick trying to help us in the first place? We’ve been so awful to you. I wanted to hurt you both, for the way you humiliated me at the dance.”

That was nothing I didn’t know. Tonight so much had happened already. It was a night for truths so I tried to explain what I had been feeling. “I don’t believe in revenge. Just karma; you get what you give. I never set out to purposely hurt you or Tony, that’s not what my getting together with Nick was about. The past two years, things kept getting in the way of us finding each other. I had a boyfriend, then he was seeing someone and we became good friends and I was too afraid of rejection to ever say anything to him. I only did a few weeks ago because I thought I was losing my chance for good since he was with you. I knew I couldn’t compete with you.”

“You didn’t have to; he’s always wanted you!” she cried. “Even when he was with me. I knew that and maybe that’s why I started to fall for him. Part of me loved him too.”

My eyes grew wide, emotions running high. “You…you love Nick?”

“At least I thought I did. Or maybe it was just the idea of him. I knew how he felt about you. He came to me last year to see if you had confided anything to me, before he realized we were on the outs. I thought I’d try to console him by making him care about me instead, since you never attempted to get him.”

For some unknown reason, her confession made me feel even worse about the whole situation. “I’m sorry Cyndi. For Homecoming and for tonight, and for Brock. I never wanted anyone to get hurt. I hope you can understand. It’s like we have this-this connection, like we were meant to find each other, no matter what. It was too powerful to stop. Even after Brock’s threats.”

“I knew Brock was going too far. What was that thing in the house? Was it because of what we were doing?”

A sound like a hopeless laugh came out of my mouth. “I don’t know what it was Cyndi. But my friends and I are going to try and stop it before it hurts anyone else.”

“How are you going to stop something you can’t even explain?”

“I haven’t figured that out yet. But it might help if you give us back those pages missing from our book.” I wasn’t entirely sure she had been the one to take it, but I was letting her know that I’d noticed several missing after it had been returned to Emily. Cyndi had been out of school to get ready for Homecoming but could have easily stolen the book while we were in class. “We need to do what ever we can and there might be something on those pages that can help.”

Her face flamed with guilt and she lowered her lashes. “It was Tony that did it, not me. I just told him about it after I noticed it in your room the last time I was there. He let me in on his plan to take it but I don’t know what he wanted with it.”

Great, I was going to have to talk to him about that, something I wasn’t looking forward to.

“Faith,” my mom called in an intolerable voice.

“I have to go. Cyndi, I don’t want us to be enemies anymore, even if we can’t be friends again. I think we’ve all been through enough. Truce?”

She nodded. “I guess it’s the least I could do after your boyfriend almost died trying to save mine.”

I gave her a weak smile and started for my mom’s car. Before I got there, I heard a voice yell, “Miss, hold on! Don’t leave.” The voice was unfamiliar and I was tempted to run when I looked back and saw a policeman coming towards me.

I stopped and he quickly caught up to me. “You dropped this from your purse when you were by the ambulance.

I looked at the object he held in fascination. “It’s beautiful, but it’s not mine.”

“Sure it is. I saw you drop it after you talked to your boyfriend.”

I looked around but no one else was paying any attention. “Are you sure?”

“Positive. Here.”

The necklace was so gorgeous I had to touch it. I felt the energy as soon as I did. The emerald stones in it seemed to hum with life. As soon as I held it, I didn’t want anyone else to claim it. It was the most amazing piece of jewelry I had ever seen. “You’re right,” I lied. “It is mine. Thank you for returning it.” I put it in my purse, a secret smile on my face as I got in the car.

That night, I slept with the necklace under my pillow. I had one of the most vivid dreams I’d ever had.


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