Sisters of Midnight:Dark Moon
Author: Kimberly Diaz

Chapter 17
Chapter 17

Chapter 17

I was still thinking of the alternative during and after the concert. It was difficult to think of anything else as Nick and I enjoyed the music, our bodies moving close together. For some songs he wrapped his strong arms around me from behind and pressed tiny kisses on the back of my neck, making me so crazy, I almost suggested leaving early. Other times he would just watch me as we shouted in excitement with everyone else when the performers tried to pump up the crowd. It was the best first date I had ever been on. There was only one thing that could make it better.

I started to feel a little nervous the closer we got to Nick’s. I stopped biting my lip before he could notice and comment. “Nick, I want to tell you something. I-I’ve never…” I didn’t want him to think I was changing my mind, just know that he was the only one. “I mean, I’ve thought about it but I never really wanted to with anyone else. I guess I always hoped you’d be my first.”

We were holding hands and he brought mine up to his lips, kissing it gently as he looked at me warmly. “I want nothing more than to be your first and hopefully your last. This will be a first for me in some ways too,” he said. “This is the first time I’ve been in love.”

“So you weren’t in love your first time?” I was curious, not criticizing. I knew most guys his age-he’d be eighteen in December-had already experienced the physical part of a relationship. Most girls I knew had too, or come close.

“I think the first time’s different for a guy,” he tried to explain. “It’s kind of like in those cheesy eighties movies-just something to get through so you can say you did it and have it over with. It was right before I moved here. A girl I had been seeing offered and I wasn’t sure I’d even have a girlfriend once my family moved here.”

I was surprised to hear that he had been insecure about girls liking him and that that’s how his first time happened. “So…” I hated to ask my next question but I needed to know. “…have you been with many girls since you moved here?”

I knew he would answer me honestly. “One,” he replied.

My stomach clenched with his answer and he slowed the car as if he knew the path my thoughts were taking. He pulled over and turned my chin gently towards him, looking me in the eye. “I never slept with Cyndi, Faith.”

The knot in my stomach disappeared as I let out a shaky breath and wondered how he had known what I was really asking. Unable to speak, I hugged him.

“We fooled around some but that’s all she meant by the comment about things we did together. I know she wanted us to, but I was already in love with you and was only with her for the scholarship. Even before you and I got together, I knew it would hurt you if I had a real relationship with Cyndi, just because of the falling out you two had. I never want to hurt you.

The girl I was with here was someone I was seeing last year and I think I was just going through the motions because it’s expected after you‘re with someone for a while. It never really felt special because I didn’t love those girls. Maybe that makes me a bad person for not waiting-”

“No, it makes you human.” I surprised myself by not feeling jealous of the girls he was with before me.

“Then just know that this is the first time I’m doing it for the right reasons-because I love you and I don’t want anyone else.”

My nervousness was gone now and my heart swelled at his unre-strained honesty. “I love you, I knew when I met you that there was no one else for me. I want to be with you, Nick.” He knew I didn’t just mean to be his girlfriend, I meant physically.

When I wound my arms around his neck and his lips touched mine, I knew that something was different, more intense than ever before, and I knew it was because neither of us was going to stop it. He let me kiss him wildly, pulling me hard against him.

Several minutes later I found the buttons on his shirt that had frustrated me so much before at his house. He did pull back then, breathing fast, eyes burning bright green in the dark.

“Why’d you stop?”

“I’m not going to have our first time be in a car on the side of the road. I want to take you home.”

“Oh.” I absorbed his words, knowing he made sense. My heart quickened in excitement. He kissed me before he started driving again and I realized we had been parked only a few short minutes from his house. I curled up against him as he drove with an arm around me, kissing his neck until I felt him slow down.

“You’ve got to be kidding,” I heard him say irritably.

“What’s wrong?”

“Dad must have come home from his party early.”

I let out a groan when I saw the car in the driveway and sunk back into my seat. “This is so not fair. My mom’s home too. She won’t work nights now, she’s afraid to leave me alone.”

I couldn’t believe our perfect night was going to end like this. I was going to tell him I didn’t mind the deserted side road when a light nearly blinded me, the motion lights sensing our presence. His dad looked out the window, spotted the car and waved, turning the glaring lights off.

“Well I guess there’s no leaving now, he knows we’re back,” I told him.

“I am so sorry,” he apologized.

“It’s not your fault. I’ve waited seventeen years for this, I guess I can wait another few days.” He cupped my cheek and kissed me again, his kisses softer and sweeter, the sense of urgency gone, knowing this was all we’d be doing tonight.

“Soon,” he promised, his voice caressing me in the dark. “We will have that perfect ending to our date.”

“I’ll be looking forward to it,” I told him. He kissed me once more and opened the door to leave. I slid over to the driver’s seat and he leaned inside the window.

“Sweet dreams, I’ll call you tomorrow.”


“What do you mean ‘nothing happened’? Why’d you have to stop?”

I explained the unwanted change of plans to Emily who had called me as soon as she got up, which luckily was pretty late in the morning.

“I wanted to so bad Em and it’s going to be even tougher to find alone time with him the way mom’s been hovering lately. It’s like she knows what I want and she’s trying to keep it from happening.”

“Yeah, you’re right, your mom finally did morph into one of our moms. So much for ‘Treats you like an adult, cool Mrs. Masters’.”

As if she knew we were talking about her, my moms voice traveled up the stairs. “Faith, are you still on the phone? Your breakfast is getting cold.”

“I gotta go, Mom’s trying to do the domestic thing.”

I was slightly annoyed but decided to lighten up when my stomach let out a rebellious growl. It wasn’t my mom’s fault our date last night had ended the way it did. I also owed her for helping Nick with the destination for our date.

I came up behind her and kissed her cheek. “Morning, what smells so yummy?”

“You’re in a good mood. How was your night? I didn’t hear you come in.”

I gave her a much edited version of our date and thanked her for trying to be supportive.

“You know I like Nick, honey. It was just such a crazy week last week and I was trying to look out for you. To make amends, I told Nick to bring his father and sister to dinner tonight.

“Really? When did you talk to Nick?” I was unable to hide my pleased reaction to this news.

“You were on your phone, I told him you’d call back.”

Things were going so well, did I dare to hope that all the horror of the last two weeks was over?

When I called Nick back, we talked for a few minutes. He was working on college paperwork and then was going to meet Ryan at the gym. We joked about our upcoming ‘date’ tonight which would definitely be G-rated compared to last night with both our parents and his 8-year old sister present. I hoped I’d be able to keep my hands off him.

Turns out it was easier than I thought. My mom sat us across from each other, keeping the conversation on safe subjects like football, college, my job and movies while we ate the lasagna I’d helped prepare.

“This is absolutely delicious,” Nick’s dad praised. “Good looking and great cooks!”

“Thank you,” my mom accepted the compliment. “Faith is the natural in the kitchen though; I’d never attempt this on my own.”

Nick grinned at me from across the table. “Talking about movies got me thinking…” He met my eyes and I knew he was working on a plan to get us some time alone. “It’s still early enough for us to catch the last matinee, if you don’t mind Mrs. Masters.”

He turned that irresistible grin on her and I knew she would give in. I hid a giggle at catching our parents by surprise and they exchanged looks. I got the feeling tonight’s dinner was also a way to make sure we weren’t alone. The feeling was confirmed a moment later when Mr. Sullivan suggested, “You’ve been saying you wanted to take Becca to the movies, Nick. I bet there’s a movie she’d love to see too. Even though it’s a school night, you’ll be done early enough.”

Rebecca’s face lit up. “Yesss!” she shouted and I knew we were stuck with an eight year old spy. I loved Nick’s little sister but I knew he wanted us to take her as a way to keep us from having any privacy. Had my mom gotten to him? I saw from Nick’s disappointed face that he understood what had happened.

I smiled at his sister. “What movie do you want to see, Bex?” She loved when I used her nickname.

“Can we go in your car Faith? Shotgun!” she yelled before I had finished saying yes. I couldn’t keep from laughing as Nick was resigned to sitting in the back seat.


“Unbelievable,” I heard him mutter from behind me in the car. Rebecca had a toothy grin on her face as she played with the CD player.

“What’s wrong Nick? We got to go to the movies like you wanted,” I teased.

He narrowed his eyes playfully. “That wasn’t what I meant and you know it.”

“Don’t worry,” Rebecca blurted, entering our conversation. “I won’t tell dad if you guys kiss, Nick.”

He grabbed her playfully and tickled her. “That’s right, because then I’d have to tell all your friends that you suck your thumb at night.”

“I do not!” she yelled, being taken in by his taunting.

“They don’t know that,” he explained.

“Aw Nick, give the kid a break.”

“Only because you asked so nicely.”

“Hey Nick,” Rebecca asked. “Faith is your girlfriend now, right?”

“Yeah, why?” he answered cautiously. Becca was known for being nosy and too smart for her own good. She had Nick’s eyes and dark wavy hair, except hers was way past her shoulders. She had brains to match and I knew she would turn lots of heads when she grew up.

So…you guys used to hang out and go to the movies before. What makes her a girlfriend now?”

I choked on a laugh when I saw Nick’s ‘help me’ gaze in the rearview mirror. “I’ll tell you when you’re older.”

“That’s okay. I think I know.”

I was surprised. “You do?” I blurted. What did she know?

“Yeah, now he can tell you that he loves you and stuff like he wanted to before. And you’re the only girl he wants to kiss, isn’t that right Nick.”

I had never seen Nick look more like he wanted to kill his little sister. “I think dad and I need to have a serious talk when we get home,” he said to me. To her he said, “You’re pushing it Bex. Do you want to go to the movies with us or not?”

She ignored his teasing. “It’s okay Nick. I’m glad you’re happy the way mom and dad were.”

After hearing the epiphany of his sister who was 10 years his junior, he was quiet and a thoughtful look crossed his face. He met my eyes in the mirror but answered her. “I am too Bex.”

The night turned out to be better than we thought as the words of a little girl put things in perspective. I wanted to spend my life with him. Maybe that’s a crazy thought coming from a seventeen year old, but something deep inside me knew that Nick and I were destined to be together. No matter what might try and keep us apart.


Faith’s Book of Shadows

6 AM-Performed a protection spell for Nick.

I was up early; I hadn’t been sleeping well due to the bizarre dreams I continued to have. They all took place during different historical periods. Sometimes I’d be dressed in peasant gypsy style clothing. Other times I was back in ancient Egypt. Last night’s dream I had been in pilgrim dress living in the colonies. No matter where I was, there was always a threatening male presence. I never saw a face to put to my fear but I woke up terrified that the presence was in the room with me. My nightmares were out of control.

I had also begun to see Rafe appearing in my dreams. He never hurt me, only talked to me in a low, seductive voice. That alone frightened me for some unknown reason. There were so many unanswered questions: What stabbed Tony, what did Cyndi want with our book of shadows, and most importantly, how were my friends and I going to find and stop whatever evil it was that we released.

I know I said I’d been scared off from doing any more spell casting, but I was more afraid that Nick would be in danger, even though Brock and Tony were still out of school. Yes-I had no choice but to do everything in my power to keep Nick safe. We had promised no secrets would come between us, but I didn’t want him to worry more than he already was. I knew he’d only feel helpless because there was nothing he could do about them, so I also chose to keep the nightmares to myself. I had to deal with those alone. Maybe I’d see if any of my friends were having similar dreams.


Much like last Monday, Nick and I entered the doors of the school together, unsure what to expect. This time, Tracey and Ryan were with us. We saw Cyndi but she kept her distance, glaring at us from across the hallway where she stood talking with her friends. When the bell rang, we all went our separate ways, Nick again telling me to text him if I found myself in any kind of trouble. Lunchtime came quickly with nothing unusual happening in between.

It was impossible for me to talk to my friends about my nightmares or about what our next plan of action should be because Zack and Ryan had begun to join our group for lunch. Nick hadn’t told Ryan any of our secrets, feeling that Tracey should fill him in on her own when the timing was right. Like I did with him.

Before we knew it, it was Friday. We had easily slipped back into our old routines-me working after school and Nick at practice. It was easy to pretend things had returned to normal. The evil spirit must have hurt Tony after being released and then moved on. I was sure the dreams were due to the guilt I continued to feel.

It was two weeks after Homecoming, time for the next game. Nick was finally allowed to return to the field and we were there to show our support. The game was just as packed, if not more, then Homecoming had been. Tony and Brock, two of the best players were still out and the local news station as well as several college reps were in attendance to see if Nick could carry the team to victory.

Nick looked determined as he kicked the winning field goal one minute before the end of the fourth quarter-proof that he had earned every bit of the scholarship Cyndi claimed he didn’t deserve. We waited by the concessions for Nick and Ryan to clean up. Jana was having another one of her famous parties. This time I would be arriving there with Nick; our first social appearance as a couple. Would Brock show up? The fear slowly crept back in and I forced it away. Nick would be with me and Ryan had his back should he need it.

Tracey and I threw ourselves on the guys when they came out of the locker room. “You looked great out there!” I told Nick.

“We were pretty amazing,” Ryan agreed.

Nick grinned and shook his head. “No humility at all.”

“None at all,” he said and high-fived Nick. “I’m ready to party!”

“Woo!” Tracey and Emily shouted.

They ran ahead as Nick quietly asked me if I was up to it. I guess he thought I might have had my fill of social events after Homecoming.

“Hm,” I said with a finger on my chin. “A party at my friend’s house where I get to be with you all night. Do I get any other choices?” I teased.

“Ouch!” he faked looking wounded as he playfully put a hand over his heart.

I slipped an arm through his and told him, “You know there’s nothing I’d rather do.”

“Nothing?” he asked wickedly and I squealed as he unexpectedly grabbed me and tossed me over his shoulder. “I can think of one or two things.”


We all entered Jana’s together where we were instantly surrounded by the other members of the team, some of my old cheerleader friends and other people who just wanted to be part of the action. No one seemed to share Cyndi’s opinion of Nick or hold him accountable for what happened to Tony. Many people, mostly girls, told us how good we looked together. Michelle proclaiming that it was so obvious we were hot for each other and why did it take us so long to hook up.

“Yeah, how’d you do it man?” one of Nick’s teammates questioned. “First head cheerleader and now the Homecoming Queen. What makes you so lucky?”

“Don’t know,” he laughed from behind me, slipping his hands around my waist. “But when I find out, I promise to let you know. You need all the help you can get.”

His friend looked at me. Call me when you get tired of this loser,” he fired back.

“Why don’t you hold your breath until she does.”

It was good to see Nick joking around like everything was normal again. He led me out the back to the patio where the main party was. All our friends were in scattered groups eating, drinking and dancing. A keg was on the side of the patio, surrounded by rowdy football players. Nick took my hand. “I want to make the last party up to you. Let’s dance.”

The night was perfect-too perfect. It was as if the strange events of the last few weeks had never happened. The music in Jana’s backyard wasn’t as hypnotic as last time, fast dance music was playing. Still, the music filled my body and took over. I smiled up at my dance partner when a slower song came on and our bodies moved in sync, my arms sliding around his neck as my hips swayed to the rhythm.

“Mm, this feels so nice,” I breathed as Nick moved his hands down to my waist.

“How does this feel?” I melted as he kissed me. “This should have been our Homecoming dance. You were made for my arms.” He kissed me again and I grew dizzy, Jana’s backyard fading away. One song blended into the next as we danced and kissed like the two things were part of each other, his lips showing me what I knew the rest of him wanted to.

One minute I was in heaven. The next minute, I had the uneasy feeling that I was being watched. I opened my eyes and looked over Nick’s shoulder across the yard and gasped. My hands tightened on his forearms. Nick lifted his head to see what had grabbed my attention.

“It’s Cyndi.”

He took a deep breath. “Faith, she’s gonna have to get used to seeing us together.”

“No, it’s not that; Brock is with her.”

That caused him to react. We hadn’t seen Brock since he had hurt me in the school parking lot. His head jerked around while he instinctively moved in front of me. “Don’t be scared, Faith. I won’t let him touch you.”

Ryan and Tracey came up next to us. “Did you happen to notice who just arrived?”

I nodded. “Yeah. Maybe we should go.”

“And let them think they can scare us off?” Emily had joined us. “No Way!”

“Emily’s right,” Rachel said as she approached. “You have every right to be here.”

“I know.” I was prepared for a confrontation but was pleasantly surprised when Cyndi scornfully looked away from us and took Brock’s hand to dance.

We all did our best to ignore each other. Everyone continued to eat and dance and soon it was near midnight. The party was beginning to thin out, people trickling inside as the air cooled.

“See babe, everything’s starting to smooth over.” Nick spoke in a low voice. We were inside now, sitting around the big screen with a group of people.

“You’re right. I guess maybe I freaked her out so much last week, she decided to get on with her life and leave us alone.” I looked out past the patio doors to where Brock and Cyndi were making out. Their pairing was not surprising-she was a bitch and he was a bully. I was surprised he had decided to leave us alone even though Tony had called me once while his mom was gone to tell me that he had talked to Brock and told him to lay off.

I wondered if all the weird supernatural stuff was behind us too. I still had my scar, that didn’t seem to be fading and Tony’s attacker still hadn’t been found. I almost felt sorry for Cyndi; I knew I had pretty much stolen Nick right out from under her. I didn’t wish her any harm for trying to ruin Nick’s future, I just wanted her to accept that Nick loved me, not her and leave his scholarship alone. I wanted to make her realize you couldn’t punish a person just because they didn’t have feelings for you. Also, I was still scared of my new powers, knowing that I could possibly hurt someone unintentionally at any time.

“I’m glad she did, otherwise it would have made for a really long senior year. Those two deserve each other.”

“Try and be civil, they’re coming in.”

“I know this is rotten timing,” Rachel, who was with Zak behind us on the sofa said, “but I’ve gotta make curfew. Can you take me home now?” she asked him.

“I’ll call you tomorrow,” I promised.

The rest of us decided to stay and watch the late night horror movie that just started.

“You call this a party?” Brock hollered as he came in the room. “What’s everyone doing just sitting around? Kegs not dry yet.” he took a gulp out of his plastic cup to prove his point.

He and Cyndi stopped directly in front of us. She observed us cooly, pursing her lips when she saw our linked fingers. “Aren’t we cozy,” she stated.

“Grab a seat and watch with us guys,” Jana interrupted, trying to avoid a fight in her house. “It’s almost the part where the cheerleaders have the séance and start getting killed off.”

Cyndi rolled her eyes. “That’s supposed to be scary? Sounds pretty lame.”

Brock’s normally angry face suddenly grew animated. “Nah, wait a minute, that’s a sweet idea!”

I traded looks with Tracey and Emily, not trusting Brock. Where was he going with this? He was telegraphing something to Cyndi with his eyes and I wasn’t sure I wanted to find out what his calculating look was about. “We should be getting me home soon,” I told Nick loud enough for Brock to hear.

“Wait,” Brock said. “You need to be here for this.”

Nick’s eyes narrowed. “Watch it Brock, if Faith wants to go, we’re leaving. You’re not gonna touch her again!” He was instantly on his feet, nose to nose with Brock.

Cyndi stepped between them and placed her hands on Brock’s chest. “Why do you want her here? We don’t need her.”

“You want answers, don’t you?” he retorted. “Who better than someone like her to get them.”

Someone like me? He meant a witch. My breathing came faster as I realized the meaning his words held. He wanted something from me, that’s why they had left us alone all night. The movie was long forgotten as everyone in the room stared at Brock.

I bravely met his eyes, daring him to try and do something in front of Nick and the others. “What do you want with me? Blood?” I lifted my chin to show my defiance, that he couldn’t frighten me. I began to let the power build up inside me.

His face was red with pent up anger and it was all I could do not to run from him. “No,” he sneered. “I promised Tony I’d respect his wishes. For some reason, he doesn’t want you hurt. So until he changes his mind, you don’t have to worry, I ain’t gonna touch you.”

“And if you tried,” Nick warned, “I’d do to you what I did to Tony when he put his hands where they weren’t wanted.”

“What, put me in the hospital?” Brock taunted.

“I’m taking about kicking your ass!” he yelled angrily. “I haven‘t forgotten about last week.” I clutched his arm and prayed this wouldn’t turn into a fight. When Nick fought Tony, he had the added benefit of catching Tony by surprise not to mention that he had been drunk. But going up against Brock would be a fair fight. They could both get hurt. I didn’t want Nick getting in more fights because of me.

“My, don’t you have quite the temper considering you’re with Little Miss Sunshine,” Cyndi said cruelly.

“Relax,” Brock said. “That’s exactly why I need Faith to stay. Look, as much as I disagree, Tony is convinced that you didn’t stab him; he told me your girl here promised to help find the would-be killer. I just want to help her keep that promise.”

“How?” I eyed him warily, not trusting him to keep his word.

“You know things, you see things that happen.”

No, I didn’t want to think of my visions, premonitions, whatever it was that made me fear every shadow, hear evil voices and see things I couldn’t explain. “I-I don’t know what happened to Tony. Those things I see, they happen at random, I can’t make myself have a vision.”

“No?” he challenged. Then he turned to Jana. “Do you still have that old Ouija board we used to play around with at parties before we discovered alcohol?”

Jana looked as unsure about Brock’s idea as I did. She looked at me apologetically. “Somewhere in the hall closet, but-”

He cut her off, looking at me. “You claim you want to help him, that you feel bad for what happened, then prove it! You and your friends ask the questions.”

Cyndi had a pleased smile on her face. “What’s wrong?” she said, seeing my hesitation. “You used to love a good show. Although…” she frowned, “…Rachel went home Brock. Don’t we need them all?”

He was clearly agitated when he saw she was right. “Nah, you take her place. That way you can make sure no one’s moving it to rig the answers.”

“You never said I was going to have to do it too!” she shouted at him.

“Chill out babe, it’s just a stupid game.”

“It’s not a game,” Emily jumped in. “When you use a Ouija, you’re leaving yourself open to all kinds of things. Anything can happen, especially to the people using the board.”

Jana left the room to get the board while a couple girls got chairs from the other room. Two guys from the football team carried the keg inside-“for easy access”. Nick took my arm and gently led me to a corner of the room.

“You don’t have to do this.”

“I know I don’t, but I think we need to. Maybe if we find out what really happened to Tony, things will go back to normal. If we find out the truth, Brock will have to leave us alone.”

“Faith!” Tracey and Emily called me over to them. “We need to watch the kinds of questions they ask. What if it comes out that we were the ones responsible for letting something out that night?”

It was the guilt I felt that was making me do this. Guilt for Tony’s attack and I owed it to him to discover the truth. “If things start to get out of control,” I said quietly to them, “use your power to end it.” I felt safer knowing they were with me.

We rejoined Jana and the others. The board was set up on a table and two of Cyndi’s friends were lighting candles. “This is awesome!” one of them squealed. “I’ve never watched a séance before.” My friends and I traded looks, not bothering to correct her.

“Do those things even really work?” Ryan asked Tracey. I looked at her amused. Ryan would be in for a rude awakening when Tracey finally decided to come clean about us.

She kissed him. “Watch and find out.”

“Nick,” I whispered. “I’m not thrilled to be doing this, but Brock seems ready to accept whatever we find out tonight. Maybe once they see proof you didn’t stab Tony, they’ll call a truce and we can all be at peace. I need to know what happened.”

He looked at me for a long time, his green eyes troubled. I silently pleaded with him to realize this was the only way. Finally, I saw his eyes soften and knew he had lost whatever inner battle he was having. He kissed me. “I know. But I still don’t trust Brock not to do something stupid. And I won’t let you get hurt tonight. If it looks like something’s going wrong, I don’t care what Brock or Cyndi say, we’re ending it.”

I took the place across from Cyndi and between my two friends. Nick was behind me and Brock behind Cyndi. I met her eyes coolly, letting her know I was only doing this for myself, not her. No one was out back anymore, the ones who remained were gathered around us to watch. There were maybe twenty people altogether.

“Whatever happens, don’t take your fingers off the board. We have to end it the right way so we don’t unintentionally let something out that doesn’t belong here.” I looked sharply at Emily and Tracey.

“Ask it something already!” Brock ordered.

“Leave them alone,” Jana said. “Faith knows what she’s doing.”

We should have done a protection spell, I thought. That’s what we would normally do had everyone not been here. I did a silent one, hoping that would be enough.

The four of us each put two fingers on the planchette that was in the center of the board. We used to do this with friends at parties all the time a few years ago, so why was I suddenly afraid of using the board?

Because you know there’s much more to it, I answered myself. It wasn’t a game, it was real. Anything could happen, good or evil.


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