Sisters of Midnight:Dark Moon
Author: Kimberly Diaz

Chapter 2
Chap 2


That night when I got home, I started thinking about Nick while working on my homework. He had been quietly observing me all through history class that afternoon. Unlike before, now when I thought about Nick, I thought about him with his arm around Cyndi. It made no sense. While he was attractive and popular, he wasn’t superficial. He wasn’t one to go for a gossipy, backstabbing type of girl and he could care less about appearances. Cyndi cared only about appearances. The funny thing was, up until she became head cheerleader at the end of last year, she and I were pretty good friends. She won by default after I turned it down, one reason she started acting bitter towards me. She was upset at being second choice.

Cyndi and I grew up on the same street until my parent’s split up and my mom and I moved into a new subdivision of houses across town. We had faced learning how to ride two-wheelers together, sleepovers, first crushes…that’s where I first started to notice the real Cyndi coming out more and more. We’d always had a friendly competitiveness between us, like when she got mad at me for getting the lead in our ballet recital when we were ten. Then, the boy I liked in 7th grade asked Cyndi out after she lied and told him that I used a pillow to pretend I was kissing him. My other friends didn’t like her.

Until last year, I thought it was a good-natured competition. She knew I had feelings for Nick. I had confided in her after I met him at practice the week he moved here. She had only too eagerly offered to take my current boyfriend off my hands. She thought Nick was too clean cut for her, I remembered. Guess she changed her mind. Or she went after him out of spite.

I thought back to the Saturday last spring when Cyndi saw one of our spell books, as we were getting ready to go shopping for the spring dance.

“I didn’t know you and your friends still played around with this stuff. It’s so juvenile Faith.”

I wasn’t prepared to explain myself to her.

“We don’t play around,” I retorted. “It’s something to take seriously.”

Her voice took on a know-it-all tone that she tended to use more often “Well, nobody takes you and your friends seriously anymore. I mean, the mystical act was great for getting attention freshman year, but it’s old now. We’re going to be seniors next year! We can drive. If I were you, I’d worry more about how your ‘hobby’ makes you look. If the crowd at school finds out about this, they’re going to start to talk, and not favorably.”

I grew angry. “So let them talk! If people can’t accept me the way I am, that’s their problem.”

“I’m just looking out for you as a friend,” Cyndi said. “I was talking to Rob, Nick and some of the others and to be honest, they’re a little weirded out by your premonitions. How do you do that anyway?”

At the mention of Nick, I became concerned. Did he really say that or was it Cyndi causing trouble? She knew how much I liked him. “I can’t control my premonitions, they just happen.”

“I’m just saying…” she went on “…that you need to lose the witch bit. As for your other friends, well…I don’t want your bad choices to affect your popularity. You already turned down head cheerleader.” She gave me a bewildered look.

“I just didn’t feel like dancing around in a skimpy outfit with a fake smile plastered to my face for the fourth year in a row. I don’t see the point.”

“The point is…” she replied, surprising me with her hostility, “…is that we are what motivates the whole school. People look up to us and want to be us. I’d hate for any of our friends to turn on you because your other friends are freaks!”

“Then maybe you should leave! Because what you really mean is that you don’t want people thinking that you hang around with freaks. Don’t pretend your concern is for me.”

Cyndi turned to face me with coldness in her steel blue eyes that I had never seen focused on me before. ”I’m sorry you’re making that choice. Just keep in mind something we learned in history class-you know what became of the witches. They were burned.”

I realized then that Cyndi had begun to hate me for some time now, although I had no idea how far back it went. “Yeah, I just never thought you’d be the one to burn me.”


A sudden knock at my bedroom door snapped my out of my daydream and caused me to jump. “Come in mom,” I said looking up as the door opened. “What are you making? It smells great.”

“You must be smelling the perfume Nick bought for me.” Cyndi gloated, tossing her blonde mane back and entering my room as if it were hers.

I shook my head. “You’re unbelievable! What are you doing here?”

She smiled lazily. “Your mom let me in. She also invited me for dinner, too bad I can’t stay.”

“Just tell me what you want.” I knew she was here because of what I said to Nick. She confirmed my suspicions a moment later.

“You-to leave Nick alone. That was an embarrassing little display at lunchtime. You had almost two years to make a move on him. And let me point out that he never tried to make one on you. He’s with me now. And he only likes you as a friend.”

“Friendships change. You taught me that Cyndi. Now get out of my house!”

“I was just leaving. But you’d better listen to what I said. Stay away from Nick! Or I can ruin you at school. And no one, including Nick will want to know you.”

I refused to feel threatened. “You must not be too confident in your relationship. Why else would you be worried about me?”

With that she left and I heard her say in a syrupy sweet voice “Nice to see you too, Mrs. Masters.”

When I heard the door slam, I raced downstairs and instructed my mom never to let her in again. She was surprised. “I didn’t even realize that you two had a falling out.” Her voice was asking for an explanation.

“Mom, she deliberately went after the guy I’ve liked for two years.”

“Who, Nick? I know it must hurt that he likes her, but Cyndi is a pretty girl too. You can’t be angry at her just because he chose her instead of you.”

Was my mom taking her side? “Mom, it’s not that, she went after him because I like him. Promise me you won’t let her in again.”

“Fine,” she agreed. “I just don’t see how such good friends could let a boy come between them, even though Nick is quite the looker. If I were twenty years younger…”

Was she kidding me? Would I have to worry about her too? It was no use trying to explain things to my mom. She was a socially conscious former Prom Queen whose only daughter chose not to follow in her footsteps as head cheerleader. I knew she would never understand.

The next day at school, Rachel ran up to me at my locker. “Faith, oh my God, you are not going to believe this!”

“Cyndi died in her sleep?”

Laughing, she said, “No, check out my face.”

I took in her smooth appearance and the absence of half her freckles. “That’s amazing! What did you do?” Her acne had disappeared completely.

“I mixed up a few things, recited a spell and left the mixture on overnight. When I woke up, I looked like this!” she exclaimed. People were starting to stare, wondering what all the shouting was about. “We’re unbelievable! We’re acing all our classes; we can make adults listen to us. I’ve never been able to alter my appearance before. Our powers are getting stronger!”

My heart was pounding an uneven rhythm in my chest. I tried to remain skeptical, partly afraid of what it would mean if we possessed true power. “Maybe we just studied better after the spells. And you’re a genius at chemistry. Maybe you finally found a formula that works. That’s not witchcraft. It doesn’t prove own power is growing.” I was whispering, reminding her that the entire school didn’t need to hear our conversation.

“No, but this does,” Emily popped up from behind me and thrust a paper in between us. “I found a winning lottery card on the way to school today.”

I shrugged. “That’s great. So you got lucky.”

“Let me finish. I did a spell for financial gain last night. How do you explain that? It’s worth a thousand dollars.”

I had no rational explanation. “Doesn’t this scare you two a little? It’s like we’re making things happen. Don’t you feel that frighteningly intense rush of power when you do them?”

They nodded as Tracey joined us. “I guess your spell worked too?” I asked her.

“How did you know I did a spell?”

“Just stating the obvious, “I said as every male who walked past us turned his head to look at her. “Did your chest get bigger?” I asked in wide-eyed disbelief. She definitely didn’t need a spell for that.

She laughed. “No, it’s just a water bra. I bought it yesterday. How does it look?”

“Like you wouldn’t drown if you were on a sinking ship,” Emily joked.

“So you didn’t do any spells last night?” I asked her.

“Actually, I did one to enhance outer beauty then went to the store and found this hidden in the bottom of the clearance bin. It was the last one. Some guy I don’t even know asked me to Homecoming today.”

Rachel, Emily and I looked at one another and filled Tracey in on the results from the other spells. I was the only one who hadn’t done one. My mind was still fighting what was right in front of me. “These could all be coincidences. Tracey, you have double D’s, of course guys are looking even more than usual. Emily, you just got lucky. And Rachel, you’re great at science. That’s all chemistry. Nothing we have done proves anything.”

“Then let’s prove it,” Emily dared me. “In two weeks, it’s a full moon. Power is at its strongest then. We’ll do a spell to draw on our powers.”

“What kind?” Rachel asked.

“A summoning spell.”

None of us spoke for several seconds. We all looked at her dumbfounded. Tracey broke the silence first. “That’s nothing to fool around with! A summoning spell can be dangerous if it’s not done right.”

“So we’ll make sure to do it right. We’ve been studying and doing spells for two years now. How else can we test our power?”

“She’s got a point,” I agreed. “Okay. After the Homecoming dance next Saturday, we’ll go to that spot in the woods by the abandoned house. A purification and protection spell should keep us safe enough.”

“Are you both crazy?” Rachel cried. “We’re not experienced enough to do a spell like that!” She looked terrified but I knew something was happening to us and I needed to know what it was.

“If that’s the case, then nothing will happen and you have nothing to worry about,” I reasoned. “Besides, next Saturday will be a full moon and the Autumn Equinox. We can do a full ceremony first. Whatever happens or doesn’t happen, we need to be ready.”

It was time for history class, my last class of the day. I thought about the conversation I had with my friends as I walked down the hall. We had ten days to prepare for next Saturday. There was so much to be done and the anticipation was almost more than I could handle.

US History was the one class I shared with Nick this year. Luckily, Cyndi was in another class so I didn’t have to see them together. This was the only chance I had alone with him to work my charm. Cyndi’s threat had only served to make me more determined to get Nick. I knew she’d end up discarding him sooner or later but I had no desire to wait for that to happen.

Nick said hi to me as I took a seat in front of him. He made no mention of the previous day. Today, as well as yesterday, I thought I had seen him looking at me more but I blamed that on wishful thinking. I tried to act unaware of the fact that Nick was behind me-we usually sat together in class. I could smell his cologne every time I inhaled and I couldn’t concentrate at all on what our teacher was saying.

The last ten minutes of class was reserved for announcements over the intercom. Today they were disclosing the nominees for Homecoming King and Queen. I knew Nick and Cyndi would be nominated but I was not prepared for the way I felt when Cyndi’s name was announced. I felt sick as I pictured them dancing together with matching crowns on their heads. I was so deep in thought envisioning myself snatching the crown off her head that I didn’t hear the other names but I was snapped out of my daydream by a loud whistle and clapping. My mouth fell open as they read the names again and I heard my name being broadcast over the loud speakers for the whole school to hear.

“Yeah! That’s my girl!” The shout came from Tony. I had no idea I was even being considered.

I was still wondering who had nominated me when Nick leaned forward and spoke close to my ear. “So…Homecoming Queen,” he bemused. “I didn’t think you’d even be interested.”

I turned to face him expecting to see a condescending look on his face but instead I only saw genuine interest. I wanted to melt at the warmth in his voice but I refused to give in to my desires, thinking of Cyndi. “Why? Because I don’t stand a chance against your girlfriend?”

The bell rang and everyone started to pack up his or her things to go. I thanked people as they walked by congratulating me then looked up at Nick who was now standing and blocking my exit. “You’re wrong, you know.” he informed me. Seeing my puzzled look, he continued. “You’ve got a much better chance than her. And, you’ve got my vote.”

I was left speechless as he winked and walked away. Did Nick really mean to tell me that he’d vote for me over his own girlfriend?

Smiling, I went to my locker.

The smile froze on my face when I saw the blood red writing.

The word ‘BITCH’ screamed out at me from what appeared to be lipstick. I searched in my purse for a tissue and was angrily wiping it off when I saw Tony approaching.

“What are you doing?”

“Some smart ass decided to vandalize my locker,” I told him.

I grew even angrier as he chuckled. “So who’d you piss off?”

I felt a sudden need to be far away from him. I didn’t really know Tony. We’d only gone out twice. Why wasn’t he upset at what someone had done to my locker? He seemed to think it was funny!

“I have to go get ready for work,” I lied. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

I left him standing at the lockers and walked as fast as I could to the parking lot. My heard began to pound harder and faster in my chest when I noticed the two slashed tires on my Volkswagen Jetta. I pulled my cell phone out of my purse to call my mom. Her phone went straight to voice mail and there was no answer at home either. Then I remembered she was on call at the hospital.

My breathing was coming faster and I felt as if everything were spinning around me. My car and its surroundings blurred together. I was having a premonition for the first time while I was awake. They usually came in dreams. I closed my eyes and saw my friends and I gathered around a fire. We were all laughing and then there was a scream from someone nearby and the fire went out. After that, I was back at my locker looking at the red lipstick. This time, the word read “WITCH”. When I touched it, it wasn’t thick like lipstick, but warm and sticky like blood.

My eyes snapped open and I found myself leaning against my car, all my tires intact. Shaking, I got in and headed for home. I ran in as soon as I reached my house and called Tracey, telling her to have the others come over ASAP.

They all listened intently as I filled them in on everything from the locker, to the tires, to the premonition. “And I know I saw my tires slashed before my premonition started. I had even called my mom.”

“Do you think it was Cyndi?” Rachel asked me. I had told them about her visit.

“I’m not sure,“ I answered truthfully. “The lipstick on my locker has Cyndi written all over it, but it’s more than that.”

Rachel twisted her copper strands nervously around her fingers. “Maybe it has something to do with our plans?”

I nodded, not wanting to admit that maybe what we were planning was something we were not yet ready to deal with. “Something is definitely being set in motion. This is the most powerful my premonitions have ever been and I’ve never had one while being awake before. That’s not the only thing that’s happening though.”

I debated telling them about the way Nick had been behaving towards me. He was probably just freaked out that his friend was suddenly acting like she wanted to jump his bones every time he got near.

What was I thinking? Nick was one of my best friends. He and I had seen each other through some tough times, including my dad leaving and his mother’s death. I was sure that I was the last person he’d want to get romantically involved with. Self assured guys like Nick didn’t wait two years to make a move. If he wanted me, he would have let me know instead of going out with girl after girl.

Still hopeful, I confided in my friends what had taken place in history class that afternoon. “I know I should leave well enough alone but Cyndi pushed me too far. I just-”

My voice broke as I realized just how much I loved Nick. It hurt to see him with anyone, not just with Cyndi. I never felt safe with anyone the way I did with him. “If I’m just a friend to him, then why is Cyndi so worried?”

“It just goes to show that our spells are working,” Emily said. “I have three dates to the dance.” She spoke proudly.

I shook my head. “Leave it to you. And are the guys alright sharing your attention?”

She laughed. “Oh I’m not going with all of them. After I decide who I want more, I’ll cancel the other two.”

“I’m going with Ryan. I did the ‘Assault His Senses’ spell and he asked me after school. I did one on Nick for you too.”

My head jerked up. “Tracey! You had no right!”

My pulse was racing with what this new information could mean. “I don’t want him to like me because we put a spell on him.”

No, it wouldn’t mean anything if his feelings weren’t real. I kept telling myself that, but a little voice in my head kept saying, you could make him fall in love with you. No one would know…

I would know.

“Hey, It’s working, isn’t it?” She was a little more soft-spoken then she had been before.

I picked at a loose thread on my comforter. “About next Saturday, we need a plan…”


Luck was on my side in history class. On Friday, our teacher decided to group us together for a weeklong research project. One of my partners was Matt Wilson, a member of the drama club who was friends with Emily. The other person I got paired up with was Nick. We all sat together to plan our outline. They picked me to take notes, assuming my handwriting was neater because I was a female. I could feel Nick’s eyes on me as I wrote. I looked up at him through half shut lashes, finishing the sentence I was on before I spoke.

“Did I miss something?” He recovered nicely after being caught watching me.

“I was just thinking, we should probably get together sometime this weekend to do some research, since I have practice during the week and you have the hospital.”

“I have play rehearsal too,” Matt spoke up, not realizing that Nick had pretty much been ignoring him. We all agreed to meet Saturday afternoon for a working lunch. I wasn’t sure if there was more to Nick’s offer or if he was just trying to make sure we got our work done. After all, Matt would be with us so it wasn’t like we’d be alone.

Even under those circumstances, I took extra care with my appearance when I went to meet them the next day.

As I walked out of the house, I took time to look around before getting in the car. It was close to being autumn and the immense oaks that lined my street had not lost their leaves yet, though their colors were already starting to change. The neighborhood was quiet and there was a cool breeze in the air, reminding me of how cold it would be when winter hit. I was dressed comfortably in some faded low-rise jeans and a sexy velvet tank and wedge sandals. Nick and Matt both gave approving smiles as I walked into the restaurant.

I tried to focus on the assignment while we worked and ate but all I could think about was how good he looked, how kissable his mouth was as I watched him enjoy his food. I turned to Matt before I began salivating. “So what are your ideas?”

He began to talk but I wasn’t listening. I had a few ideas of my own, but none of them involved a history research project. A picture of Nick dressed up like an eighteenth century pirate kept popping up in my head. “What do you think, Faith?” Nick’s voice intruded on my fantasy.

Oh my god, could he tell what I was thinking about? Guiltily, I met his eyes. “It um…sounds good.”

What had he asked me?

“Are you leaving?” I asked Matt as he stood up, leaving some folded up bills on the table and grabbed his books.

“Didn’t you hear him say he had to go pick up his sister?”

I didn’t but that was fine with me. “That’s too bad,” I lied.

“Sorry I can’t stay and get more done,” Matt said looking back and forth between us. “But Nick said he was sure you wouldn’t mind-”

I looked at him surprised. “You did?”

“Do you?” He looked apologetic. I realized I needed to pay more attention to what I was doing.

Smiling, I thanked Matt for his help and told them truthfully, “No, that’s fine. We actually got a lot done today.” No thanks to me, I thought. If I didn’t know that Matt was taking care of his sister while his parents were out of town, I would’ve thought this was a set up, a chance for Nick and I to be alone. I looked at him, trying to disguise the excitement I felt. It was like we were out on a date, just two people out to have a good time.

“Want to share some dessert?” he asked me. “They have great brownies here.” I knew all our work was finished with for now. I had been alone with Nick plenty of times, so why did this time feel different? I knew he was with Cyndi but I couldn’t shake the feeling that she hadn’t been on his mind all afternoon.

By the time our dessert came, a huge brownie with ice cream and hot fudge, we were talking and laughing just like we always did when we were together. Our forks met on the plate as we both went for the last bite.

“Oh, you think you get to have it?” he teased.

“I know I can,” I answered, daring him to tell me I couldn‘t. “I always get what I want.”

He matched my flirtatious tone with one of his own. “Well then, I guess I should let you.” I wasn’t sure what we were talking about anymore. He had to know I wanted him, I thought, as I took the last bite, savoring the rich chocolate flavor. How could he not know? Maybe it was time I tell him. But when I opened my mouth, I heard Cyndi’s voice.

“I thought that was your car, Nick.”

He looked upset to see her, not at all the way a loving boyfriend should look at his girlfriend. “What are you doing here Cyndi?”

“I could ask you the same thing,” she replied, speaking to him but looking at me coolly.

“Matt just left. We were all working on our research project.” I gestured to our closed history books. I was secretly pleased that she had found me alone with Nick.

“It looks to me as if he’s been gone a while.” she observed, then to Nick, “My car is across the street and I can’t get it to start. I know you’ll be able to fix it. Thank goodness I spotted you. Sorry to interrupt your ‘work’.” She didn’t sound sorry as she emphasized the word work.

I decided to leave graciously. “We were just about done anyway. Bye Nick. Thanks for dessert.” I tried to stay calm as I walked away, tears burning my eyes by the time I reached my car. I can’t believe I almost revealed my feelings to him. What was I thinking? He had Cyndi for a girlfriend. He only wanted me for his friend.

But the next day, I rethought my promise not to cast a spell for personal gain. I had to get Nick away from Cyndi.

My mother was spending the day shopping with a friend in San Francisco so I had the house to myself that Sunday. I told my friends I wasn’t feeling well so I’d have the privacy my plans needed. At first when Tracey told me about the spell she cast for me, I was upset. But after seeing the results the others were having with guys, I let myself listen to my baser instincts. Emily went on a shopping spree for the dance with the lottery money she found. A guy Rachel sat next to in English poetry asked her to the dance. Even though I was denying it to my friends, I truly believed that the spells were responsible for everything positive that was happening in our lives.

I was going to the dance too, with Tony. He’d been after me to go with him as soon as it was announced. I had already agreed before I decided to go after Nick. After all, who wants to go to a dance alone? Tony was a good-looking guy, with the arrogance to match. Blonde and muscular, he was your classic California surfer type. The few times I let him kiss me though, I felt as if I were kissing my cousin-a way to pushy cousin with an overeager tongue. I knew our relationship-if you could call it that-was headed nowhere. Part of me felt like a coward for using Tony to help me try to forget that Nick was now off limits.

I was sitting on the hardwood floor of my room with various books scattered around me. Finally, I located the one I’d wanted to do for the last two years-a slow seduction spell. It was guaranteed to attract any member of the opposite sex and make you irresistible to them. I didn’t personalize the spell for Nick for fear of the Free Will Law but I performed it picturing us together. Then I put the oil I made in a small vial to carry in my purse and wear as a perfume that would seduce my intended lover.

Monday, before I went to history class, I slipped into a nearby bathroom and put some on, inhaling the spicy sweet aroma of cardamom and Ylang Ylang. I reapplied some coral colored lipstick and double-checked my appearance in the mirror. I had on a soft plum off the shoulder sweater-purple was my power color, the one that made me feel the most confident. I wasn’t conceited but I knew I was looking my best. I absentmindedly ran my fingers through my newly highlighted hair and went to class. I walked to my seat next to Nick taking in the empty seat where Matt should have been sitting. Nick, following my gaze, offered a welcome explanation- Matt had gone home sick with the flu. He’d likely be out all week.

Thank the heavens, I thought. Could this be any easier? I cringed as I heard a voice behind me. It was Tony. In all of my planning, I’d forgotten he was in our class too.

“Hey babe,” he said kissing me quickly on the cheek, his hand brushing my bare shoulder as he touched my hair. “You never told me what time to pick you up Saturday.”

“Saturday?” I managed to get out. What was Saturday?

“Homecoming!” he reminded me impatiently. “Don’t tell me you forgot?”

I regained my composure. “No Tony, of course not. I’ve just had a lot going on this week. I’ll be ready by seven thirty at Tracey’s.”

He relaxed and smiled. “I have something really special planned.”

I’d never felt lower in my life when I thought, So do I, it just doesn’t include you.

The bell rang and we all got seated. Nick turned to face me with a look I’d never seen before on his face. “So, Tony’s your date for Homecoming?”

“Why do you look so surprised?”

“He just doesn’t seem like your type.”

I didn’t even have to fake being offended. “How do you know what my type is?”

“It’s just that he’s this arrogant know-it-all and you’re-”

I didn’t let him finish. “And I’m what, stupid?”

He wouldn’t let me put words into his mouth. “No, far from it, but you two are complete opposites.”

“Unlike you and Cyndi, you mean?” Why don’t I think before I talk? “Football captain with the head cheerleader, how clichéd is that?”

He grinned, the dimple I loved so much appearing, making it impossible to be truly mad at him. “Okay, I guess I deserved that. Besides, weren’t you supposed to be head cheerleader?” He raised an eyebrow.

“And if I was,” I asked sarcastically, “does that mean you’d be required to date me instead of Cyndi?” I was being a brat but he was making it sound as if Tony couldn’t possibly be interested in me.

“Look,” he said in a hushed tone so we wouldn’t be overheard, “all I meant is that Tony is a jerk most of the time and he usually only dates girls for one reason.”

“And what reason is that?” I met his eyes, daring him to answer. His emerald eyes danced over me as if he were debating whether or not to accept my challenge. He chose his words carefully as he replied. “Don’t you know how hot guys think you are?”

A warm flush crept over my body. It was the most direct complement he had ever given me. “What about you? Do you think I’m hot?” He looked away, either from embarrassment by his admission or guilt since the hottest girl in our school was his girlfriend. Either way, I felt I had won some sort of victory.

“You’re my best friend, Faith. I don’t want to see you get hurt, which is what Tony will do. I don’t trust him. Be careful.”

At the reminder of friend status, I felt deflated and lashed out at him. “I’m a big girl Nick. It’s sweet of you to look out for me but I can take care of myself.”

He opened his mouth to speak and a hand came down on the desk between us. Mr. Harris, our teacher, was not amused as he barked, “Mr. Sullivan, Ms. Masters, save your conversation for after my class or you’ll find yourselves in detention.”

“Sorry,” we mumbled.

We worked quietly until the bell rang and then went our separate ways, never resuming our earlier conversation. Even so, I was ecstatic. Nick thought I was hot! I was hoping his concern was also due to a bit of jealousy. I got the feeling he was disappointed in me somehow. Deciding I was being ridiculous, I headed home to get ready for work.


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