Sisters of Midnight:Dark Moon
Author: Kimberly Diaz

Chapter 1
Prologue/ Chapter 1


Whatever you do, you will always find your soul-mate. You will be drawn together, lifetime after lifetime, no matter what the consequences.

Ancient Egyptian


Even though he was dying, he was unafraid. He welcomed death, knowing that one day he would be strong enough to carry out his revenge on those who wronged him. If not in this life, then the next.

He recited a sacred incantation over the object in his hands, evoking every ounce of hatred and malice he could summon. It was easy for him-he had long ago placed his soul into the hands of evil. He reveled in the thought, knowing he was welcome in the darkness.

The girl-had he loved her? No, he owned her. She was his wife and she had betrayed him for another, deserved to die at his hands. A slow torturous death, a death far worse than the torture he had subjected her to during their brief union.

Feeling the life draining out of him, he smiled, envisioning the many ways he would carry out his promise and end her life. But only after she experienced the great pain and suffering her betrayal would cost her.

He hid the cursed object in their dwelling where it would be most likely to serve its purpose. They would think it hers when they found it. And it was; he had created it specifically for her, knowing she was ignorant of its true powers. It would be her death. And along with that, the death of the one man who dared cross him, dared to take what was his. They hadn’t believed his warnings.

As death claimed him, he began to laugh in its face, knowing what awaited him in the afterlife. He knew he would be able to recognize her in his next existence. He made sure of it.

She would never be free of him for he would always find her.


They found his body that evening, a perverse smile remaining on his cold lips. An ancient symbol of evil was carved into the ground in front of him.

Fates were sealed, lives entwined. A never-ending battle between good and evil. The worst evil that ever lived.




















Chapter 1

“It’s not our fault.” Emily stated calmly, tossing her blonde curls.

“Somebody is dead!” I reminded her. Tracey and Rachel were in shock while Emily remained in denial over our involvement in our schoolmate’s death. We all wanted this not to be real but there was no spell strong enough to undo what we had done. Looking again at the corpse, I bent closer and screamed as the eyes opened. Still screaming at the red eyes, I awoke from my nightmare.


It all started at the beginning of our senior year-the spell casting. Maybe I should go back to the real beginning…

I’m Faith Masters, one member of four in a coven of self-proclaimed witches. Some people call us Wiccans. Some call us bitches. We are neither. My three best friends and I got involved in the supernatural as little more than a game, something to keep us entertained in our small town of Woodside, California. We never intended for it to get as serious as it did, our dabbling, as I liked to call it. After watching movies at sleepovers like The Craft and Witchboard, Tracey bought her first Ouija board and the four of us spent countless hours at parties freshman year trying to contact spirits and tell fortunes. None of us were part of the super rich, trendy crowd, but we were popular in our own right. We got invited to all the upperclassmen parties because of our hobby. We had friends in all of the social groups because we did as we pleased without offending anyone. We had other interests too. Mine was the cheerleading squad.

Anything supernatural seemed to come easy for us. By the following year, our interests had expanded, leading us to find our own areas of expertise. Tracey Romelli, half Italian, had the dark, mysterious looks of a gypsy to go with her skill of tarot card reading. She knew the meanings by heart and could give a convincing reading to anyone. Emily Thompson, drama club member and serial dater, studied crystals and knew all of their uses and powers. Rachel Hall was the quiet, studious one in our group. She and I had been friends since kindergarten when I saved her from getting teased about her buckteeth and frizzy pigtails by some older boys. She now wears braces and straightens her hair. Her specialty is candle magick.

My personal favorite was herbalism. I also began studying dream interpretation since I recently started having dreams of things that really happen, premonitions of a sort. It was a premonition that showed me my dad was cheating on my mom with a woman who was only seven years older than me. He moved to Seattle with that woman in the middle of my sophomore year and I‘ve only spoken to him twice since then. After that, I started having dreams that came true more often. They just happened and I was hoping to learn how to control them.

We were much more than a group of girls looking to be the center of attention as some people accused us of. Seniors now, we had been experimenting with spells for the last two years. We started off innocently enough, using simple spells, not fully believing in their power even though we achieved the desired results.

The first time I used a spell was due to a poor grade in geometry our sophomore year. “I studied till one thirty and I still got a D!” I complained to my friends waving the test in the air. “I swear Mr. Alcazar has it in for me.”

We were sitting around my room where we kept our self-made Book of Shadows. We wrote down any spell that we liked but had never yet attempted any.

“There has to be something to help me.” We usually used my room for any witchcraft related activities since my newly divorced mom was rarely home. I flipped through the book until I found what I was looking for. “Emily, hand me a green candle please. I found a spell for influencing numbers in your favor.”

I carved a symbol into the candle and anointed it with bergamot oil. I lit the wick and took time to visualize and channel the energy as the books had taught us to do. I was amazed at how natural it felt to me, not at all ridiculous. I recited a simple chant and extinguished the candle. “I will get an A!” I said to myself. Two weeks later as my grade improved drastically, I was skeptical. How could a spell improve my grade? Maybe I was simply retaining more of the information when I studied. But during tests and on my homework, the numbers still appeared to be a foreign language that I couldn’t understand. Somehow, I still received an A.

“Very impressive Faith,” I remembered Mr. Alcazar complementing me. “This is more what I expected out of you.”

“Thanks.” I had replied unable to meet his eyes, feeling slightly guilty. It was awhile before I attempted another spell even though I was dying to have proof hat I could really make things happen. The one spell I longed to do, I couldn’t. An immoral witch might but my friends and I abided by the Free Will law, promising not to harm or try to use control over anyone.

Senior year, two years after I did my first spell, we still abided by that rule for the most part. There were ways to get around it. For example, if a teacher graded us unfairly, a spell “To Right a Wrong” could take care of the problem without wishing any harm on the teacher.

It was lunchtime on a Monday after the second football game of the school year-the first year I wasn’t on the cheerleading team. Tracey, Rachel, Emily and I sat in a corner booth near the side door of a restaurant across from Lincoln High School where we were lucky enough to be allowed off campus to eat. I was preoccupied with thoughts of the game as I watched steam rising from the pizza on my plate. We were discussing spells we wanted to attempt this year.

“I’m going to do one to clear up my complexion,” Rachel decided. That was about as daring as she got.

“I need cash!” Emily exclaimed. I wasn’t even able to buy half the clothes I wanted with my clothing allowance.”

“I need bigger this year,” Tracey said determinedly. We’ve been in school three weeks and I still don’t think I’ve gotten that new guy Ryan’s attention. I need someone to fall in love with me this year.”

That brought my attention back. “You can’t do that! It goes against the free will law ‘If it harms none, do what you will’, you can’t make someone fall in love with you, it’s not allowed.”

“Maybe not; but there are ways of getting around that rule. Besides, that only applies to save the trees Wiccan types.”

“That’s true,” I agreed, “But we do believe in the Law of Return. Whatever energy you send out comes back on you times three, positive or negative, especially if you compromise someone’s free will.”

Tracey shrugged and pulled her raven curls up on top of her head and fastened them with a large butterfly clip. “So I’ll just do a spell to enhance his five senses. That doesn’t affect free will.”

Emily let out an unladylike snort, almost causing root beer to fly out of her nose. “Like you need help with any guy. Ryan must be the only guy immune to your looks.”

“And Nick too,” Rachel said quickly, glancing at me.

Nick Sullivan has been my crush since he moved here after the start of sophomore year and joined the football team I cheered for. He was the only reason I missed it. This year he was football captain and if it weren’t for our shared history class, I’d hardly see him at all. We became good friends when we were paired up for a semester long science project that first year.

I had a boyfriend at the time and realized after really getting to know Nick that what I felt for him went way beyond the physical. I was drawn to him with an unmistakable pull I couldn’t ignore. He was a natural girl magnet, always with a group of people around him. I could think of no one else after that but I wasn’t the type to initiate a relationship. I was hoping once I broke up with the guy I was seeing that Nick would sense what I felt and ask me out. We still haven’t made it past our friendship phase, much to my disappointment.

There was one brief moment last year when I thought that Nick might have begun to share my feelings. It was at an end of the year party last May for the cheerleaders and football players. Tony Hanson, one of the football players on the team, had been talking with my friend Michelle and I all night, trying to get my attention. He was trying too hard to talk himself up and finally left to get us a drink.

We sat by the edge of the pool, where I was in my hottest bikini hoping to use my body as bait to attract Nick. I knew I was looking my best because guys had been flirting with me all night. Michelle was playfully giving me a hard time about deciding to leave the squad but I felt like devoting my time to more worthwhile things. I’d been volunteering at the hospital where my mom was an RN and they offered me a part time summer job in the children’s ward. Not only that, I was tired of playing the stereotype expected of cheerleaders.

As I laughed with Michelle, I tossed my long, layered hair back nonchalantly over my shoulders, strongly aware (only because I had secretly been watching him all night) that Nick and his friends were nearby, throwing random people into the pool. Even though I had been watching him, I was caught off guard when he and another player ran over to us with determined looks in their eyes.

“You’re looking pretty hot! I think you need to cool off.” I squealed as he playfully grabbed me and tossed me in the water, giving me hardly any time to enjoy the feel of his arms around me. When I surfaced he swam up next to me. “That’s what you get for leaving us!” he teased. I couldn’t tell if he was flirting or not.

I decided to play along. “I’ll still be around; when I’m not working that is. Why, don’t tell me you’re gonna miss me?” I instantly regretted saying it, not wanting to hear otherwise.

His eyes held mine with a gleam of mischief in them. Were we flirting? He raked his fingers through his wet hair and his gaze went from playful to serious. “Faith, I’ve been thinking that we-”

A plastic cup suddenly found its way in between us. Tony had returned with my drink, breaking the spell. “Thanks,” I said dryly and turned back to Nick. “What were you saying?”

He shook his head, eying Tony as he spoke. “Doesn’t matter. I’m sure I’ll see you here and there. If you’re not working too hard this summer, try to stop by the pool.” He smiled, the smile not quite touching his eyes, then swam away and I was left confused, wondering what he had been going to say. I thought I had detected annoyance in his voice before he left. I was almost positive that he’d been about to ask me out and I silently cursed Tony’s bad timing. I grabbed my drink from Tony and made my way to the stairs as quickly as possible. “I’ve gotta get home now Tony. I promised my mom I’d be home early.”

“So can I call you sometime this summer? We could catch a movie or go to the beach?”

“Why not?” I answered flippantly. I may as well have someone take me out. I just blew any chance I had with Nick. Flirting with Tony was a nice distraction but my conversation with Nick was the wake up call I needed to make me admit that he was the only one who made my heart beat faster. It was too bad that after two years as friends, that’s all we’d ever be.

I barely saw Nick all summer because our schedules were so busy. He came back to school senior year looking tanned, toned and even more gorgeous from a summer of life-guarding and teaching little kids how to swim at the local pool. During the school year, when it wasn’t football season, he worked part time at the local movie rental store. I sometimes rented movies that I had no time to even watch just so I could see him on a regular basis.

When school started up again, I was relieved to have Nick in at least one of my classes. He had asked me why I hadn’t been around much all summer. I didn’t tell him that I had gone to the pool twice and left before he had seen me. Both times I went he had been looking extremely sexy, legs dark and toned in his red trunks and abs so hard you could serve drinks on them. He’d also had a flock of teenage girls around him, admiring his body and hanging on his every word. But it was one particular face in the crowd that had caused me to give up. Someone it hadn’t even occurred to me to worry about.

“Let me guess,” he had said, “you probably spent most of your free time with Tony?”

I shrugged in what I hoped was a nonchalant gesture. I looked away, suddenly uncomfortable with the path this conversation was taking. “We saw each other a few times.”

He smiled but his eyes hardened and remained trained on my face for several seconds. I had the feeling he was disappointed in me somehow, that I had let him down. “Nick, really, I’m sure you were too busy fighting off all the hotties at the pool to even notice I wasn’t there.” His jaw twitched and I could tell I hit a nerve.

“I noticed, that considering how smart you are, you seemed to have drastically lowered your standards.” He raised an eyebrow at me and gestured towards the door in a ‘See what I mean?’ look. I felt foolish as the guy I hoped would make Nick jealous obnoxiously entered the classroom by barreling his way in between two underclassmen trying to get in, almost knocking them down in his attempt to show off his strength.

Embarrassed, I felt heat fill my face. I tried to cover by not letting Nick see how much Tony’s behavior bothered me. “I didn’t say I was in love with the guy. We just went out a few times, that’s all.”

“Don’t know why,” Nick muttered under his breath as Tony, noticing the empty seat on my other side, headed our way.

After that, whenever Nick and I talked, it was school or work related. If I brought Tony up, Nick changed the subject or made a smart remark. He seemed to always be angry with me. I didn’t know if things would ever go back to the way they used to be; where we joked around and hung out together constantly.


It’s our last year together, I thought, picking at my pizza. “Maybe I do need a spell.” I said wistfully.

“Or you could just try the lost art of conversation and tell Nick how you feel,” Rachel suggested. “You’re not exactly challenged in the looks department either.”

I sighed. A petite brunette with full lips and blue-green eyes, I’d had my fair share of dates. No one ever came close to Nick, who seemed to have a string of never-ending girlfriends.

Nick was beyond good looking. His wavy, dark hair looked so sexy after football practice when it fell over his forehead. He had sensuous lips and deep green eyes that appeared hypnotizing when his attention was focused on you. Even though he was totally gorgeous, he had a good-natured attitude. He was friendly and had a killer smile with a dimple in his left cheek. He was even hotter after a day without shaving, much more of a man this year than the other boys at school.

“Speak of the devil!” I turned to look in the direction that Tracey was looking at to the front door. Nick was walking in with some of the football players and cheerleaders. My heart sunk when I saw his arm around Cyndi Sanders, the head cheerleader. She was the one girl I could not handle seeing him with, the face in the crowd of girls at the pool who had stood out for the simple reason that she was more cool and collected then any of the others. She was also my worst enemy.

“When did they hook up?” I asked heartbroken. “I thought she was seeing some college guy this summer?”

“Guess they broke up.” Emily replied apologetically. “Maybe we can cast an ugly spell on her, or one to flatten her chest.”

We all erupted into hysterical laughter. Not usually the jealous type, I felt a pang of longing in my chest whenever I saw him with other girls. I couldn’t shake the feeling that we somehow belonged together. Cyndi shot us an annoyed look as the group walked past us. Maybe it was because of who the girl was or because I knew if I acted passive all year, Nick might leave for college and I’d never see him again, but want and jealousy suddenly caused me to become bold and go for what I wanted.

I flashed a flirtatious smile at the group. Look at me, I willed him. Look at me. When our eyes met, I tried to make my voice as sexy as possible.

“That was an awesome play you made at the end of Friday’s game Nick.”

He smiled and stopped, letting go of Cyndi’s hand to rake his fingers through his hair. A confused but pleased smile touched his lips. “Thanks, I didn’t know you still went to the games now that you’re not cheering for our team.”

“I make exceptions when I have a good reason to.”

Cyndi glared at me and took his hand possessively. “We’re ready to order!” she demanded.

I thought Nick looked annoyed for one brief second then his face softened. “See you in class, Faith.” he promised.

“Bye,” I whispered as I watched his denim clad backside walk away. And to my friends, “What a hot piece of ass. What does he see in Cyndi?”

“A hot piece of ass,” Tracey laughed. “But seriously Faith, I bet he’ll get bored with her in a matter of weeks-days maybe. She’s an airhead who only cares about herself. Nick will see that.”

“You’re right,” I seethed, narrowing my eyes. “I know better than anyone how Cyndi really is. I’m not just going to sit around anymore, especially after seeing them together. The study buddy thing is not happening. It’s time to kick things up a notch.”

Emily nodded in agreement. “He definitely seemed glad to know you were watching him at the game. What got into you?”

“I don’t know. But Cyndi doesn’t deserve a guy as great as Nick. I guess I’m finally tired of waiting for him to read my mind. Ready to go? Watch this.”

We slid out of the booth and threw our trash away, taking the long way around so we’d pass Nick’s table. I reached out to touch his muscular arm, which was resting on the table. “Bye Nick, I’ll be at your next game too.” Then I walked away without looking back. I could feel him watching me as I left and I heard some of the guys making comments when the door shut behind us.

“Subtle, but effective,” Tracey observed. “The look he gave you was definitely more than friendly.”

“Yeah, and Cyndi’s was just the opposite.” Emily said.

“I think I have an enemy.” I knew what I started was going to cause a war.


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