Watching the Ripples Radiate.
Author: marshalg

Chapter 83
Lucky, Lucky Boys !

This world’s sisters short and tall
Stampede across this planet small.
Their hurricane’s about to blow
So sit back boys, enjoy the show.
      Those red heads wield a fiery tongue,
Some reckon blondes are pretty dumb.
One compliments a brunette’s whit,
Long legged Dames are usually quick
Chubby chicks are cuddly too,
I love them all and say to you….

Gorgeous girl with flying hair
Astride an appaloosa mare,
Galloping across the beach
Beyond control, way out of reach.
     So lovely in her cheong sam
That Oriental Miss so grand
Inscrutable and tongue oblique
I have the words but cannot speak.
     A pert, Italian senorita
(You’ll never see one smiling sweeter)
Is out cavorting on a scooter,
Behaving raucously with hooter.
     Whilst turning brown down by the sea
That golden blonde amazes me
Her secret smile is all she wears
To laugh away my lusty stares.
      And a British madam taking tea
Has two green almond eyes on thee
Do you take one lump or two ?
Is, perhaps, the question facing you.
      Two ladies hit the big time here
Their inline skates in racing gear
As they quickly cascade down the straight
Their bright pink hot pants looking great.
      Classy lady looking smart
And sexy as she takes apart
The errant yellow taxi driver
Who short changed her a bleedin’ fiver.
      Gorgeous in her mini skirt
The fluffy blonde begins to flirt.
She really takes his breath away,
Oozing Diamonds, he must pay.

Lovely girls the whole world over
Old and young, they dwell in clover.
Rome, Hanoi, Paris, Noosa,
Fort Worth for the appaloosa.
London, Boulevard del Rae,
Lucky, lucky boys I say.

At the Gate
Mangere Bridge
7th January 2009


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