Watching the Ripples Radiate.
Author: marshalg

Chapter 82
The Bach

Disruption is disgusting,
Particularly so,
When it involves a move from house and home
It levels such a blow.
Separation anxiety
From all that’s warm and known,
The sofa and that big TV,
The goldfish and the gnome.
Our ultra modern kitchen,
The barbecue spot
And Janet’s lovely garden
Rose, lavender and hollyhock.
Then there’s the cat, she's old
 And fixed in her way,
Traumatic change for her
Is so unkind a trick to play.
Kohanga Road is sold
We’re off, we are moving out.
The furniture’s in storage
And we've had the neighbors shout.
We have organized a funny,
Little one bedroom flat
With a grotty, smelly carpet
And some fruit trees out the back.
The flat mates come and go,
They tend to keep to their own space
But the view across the estuary
Makes up for much that’s out of place.
It’s funny in a new place,
It’s hard to call it home,
Particularly when your feeling stressed,
Displaced and all alone.
There’s really not enough space
To swing a bloody cat
Which is pretty damned insensitive
When you consider that,
Old Holly is still at Kohanga,
Padding around alone,
Until we make provision
To hijack her to this home.
Now we’re settled in at last
It’s really quite a squeeze’
When one wants to move around
It’s performing ballet on your knees.
The nervous moments came and went
As Holly settled in,
Now I swear she’s known no other home
She is as comfortable as sin!
The garden chairs are all set out
The barbecue is hot,
Grilled sausages and a glass of wine
Make this quite the favorite spot.
We toasted our good fortune
In finding this wee patch
And decided that from now on
It would be fondly called “The Bach”.
At the Gate
Mangere Bridge
5th January 2009


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