Watching the Ripples Radiate.
Author: marshalg

Chapter 81

For David, because for some weird reason, I care.
Complaining men have found the gene
That all complaining men have got,
It’s the gene that they call misery
And it’s acquired and not begot.
Their fathers didn’t hand it down
It wasn’t a disease,
This affliction was pursued and won
Intentionally, if you please.
Some have preoccupation
With the bitter side of life,
They find it right to moan and groan
And criticize their wife.
Their unhappy disposition
Fits the temperament so well
That they are quite unaware
That they live and breath a form of hell.
You’ll find they’re mostly loners
They don’t have many mates,
In fact their insulated way of life
Preferentially dictates
That they are happier to be
Quite alone at work and play
And they regard all friendly types
As being lesser men or gay.
I don’t know what makes this chemistry
I have tried to nut it out,
Because to understand breeds remedies
And I would like to add my clout
To helping fix this malady,
Personalities in a bind,
Add a touch of warm humanity
To these, otherwise, closed minds.
But my attention won’t be welcome
In fact they’ll probably cause a scene
Because they will interpret interference
As an invasion that’s obscene.
They’ll all vociferate loud and long
And stamp about the place,
To make the lives of all around
A sad and miserable disgrace.
So bugger it, forget it
Let them stew in their own juice,
Let them suffer in their jocks
Let them wear their own rope noose.
It takes all sorts to make this world
And they’re a hopeless case
Let them live and die complainers
With lonely lines upon their face.
At the Gate
Mangere Bridge
4th January 2009


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