Blood Lust (Copyright)
Author: kmkraemer121

Chapter 8
Home sweet home

†††† It was around four P.M when†I got home. My aunt Camillia's house is located in what I call the center of the Earth. It is a two-Story house that is made up of three bedrooms and two bathrooms. As my own inside joke I tell anyone who asks what the inside of the house looks like; that it happens to be a national treasure. It includes many priceless antiques that my aunt had gotten from my mother before her untimely and tragic death.
††† I was so worried about trying to find the perfect outfit to wear. This will take forever! I thought. I was frantically searching for something that would make me seem.. more sophisticated. I know that I should not be acting like this I don't now there is just something about†Crest that makes me feel all giddy inside. I know funny right?
†† It took me about thirty minutes to an hour to find the perfect outfit. It was a fabulous red dress that stuck to all of my curves and it had glitter on it. There was also lace at the ends of the dress that was a lovely red rose color.
† I felt accomplished and the last thing that I had to do was put makeup on. So I hastily ran into the downstairs bathroom and took a ten minute shower. The warm water helped to calm my nerves and to remove some of the butterflies that were swarming in my stomach. This will be the greatest time ever.
† It was around five forty when I got out of the shower. I got dressed in a flash and put my mkeup on. So around five fifty I was completely ready for my date/hangout with Dominic and Crest. They should be here by now.
Where are they?
† I went into the living room and sat on the couch waiting for them to arrive. After about five minutes, I hear a horn blowing from outside.I grabbed my purse and hurried up with locking the door. When I turned away from the door I kind of slammed into a hard and muscled body. I automatically knew who it was especially when I heard the most perfect
†"I am really sorry†Crest I guess I was in some kind of a rush to get ready and all." I told him while looking into his†green eyes.
"It's no problem I would dive into a volcano if it meant saving that pretty face." He said smiling, his white teeth glowing in the moonlight.
My whole face was probally the color of my dress at that moment but I didnt care.
"Wow, you clean up real nice." I told him trying to clear my mind with no sucess.
"Thanks and may I say you are devastatingly beautiful tonight." He said leaning his face closer to mine.
Our lips just barely touched when I heard Domincis voice.
" Come on you two I have a full tank of gas but I do not feel like using it all up waiting for Cinderella and Prince Charming to make kissy faces."
Me and†Crest broke apart and shared a laugh as we walked arm in arm to Dominics car. Dominic is the proud owner of a†bright yellow Challanger. I remember how happy he was the day he got it; he wasnt able to speak in a full sentence so me and Raven had to guess whether he got the car or was sufferin from a " ants in his pants" syndrome. I shook off the memory as†Crest opened the passanger door an I†thanked him an stepped in. He smiled and†gently closed the door and got into the†backseat an sat right behind me. Dominic put the car in reverse and backed out of the driveway an then put it into drive and drove away.


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