Freedom (Completed!)
Author: M.L. Holt

Chapter 17

I woke up in a very familiar place.

Bleak gray walls, floors, ceiling, door. Gray everywhere. Again.

For just a minute, I thought it was a dream. That I would wake up any second and find that none of this was real, and I was back at Camp Freedom, or in Oxford.

No such luck.

Because the next minute, I remembered everything. The army. Me talking them into joining us. Aaron.


At least I'd saved him. At least he was safe. At least he didn't have to go through what I've been through.

Just then, the door creaked open, and the man came in. Always the same man. Always.

Behind him came more guards. They bound my wrists and pulled a hood over my head, but this time there was no sickly sweet scent.

They took me too a room I had never been to before. I know because I've always gone to the same room for everything in this place, but this one was across the hall from that.

They took the hood off but left my hands tied.

I swallowed back a scream at what I saw.

Aaron lay on the floor, unconscious. There was a shackle on one of his wrists that chained him to the wall.

They hadn't let him go.

They'd lied to me.

It was all a trap.


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