[i2s2bwy sequel] i'm too scared to let you go
Author: twelvetwix

Chapter 41
the end


    the whole shabang was at justin's house. we were in the backyard eating since the boys felt like barbequing. it was about 10 pm and things started to quiet down.

justin: it's such a perfect night. i'm so glad that i got out of the hospital today.

me: me too!

we were cuddling on those cushion-y beach chair looking this. i don't know what it's called but me and him were cuddled on it with a blanket on ourselves.

jeremy: you know we didn't do a senior prank.

justin: yeah, why didn't you guys?

jeremy: because you weren't with us remember? we promised in the beginning of the year to do a senior prank together.

justin: aww, so sweet you guys.

me: that's how much they love you.

steven: for sure!

with stacey laying down on his lap, jerome stood up making half of stacey's body fall onto the ground.

jerome: i have an idea you guys! since we didn't do a senior prank.

stacey: are we gonna get arrested?

justin: who said you coming upcoming seniors are in it?

me: hey!

i slapped his neck. he started laughing and started saying "ouch" after.

jerome: no way. if we get arrested, we might see yld inside.

me: what? they're in jail?

jeremy: stupid! never saw the news?  hello! front page sistah! like oh shaaa!

he did the pose and all the guys started doing it and leaning back with it.

stacey: so what's the plan?

jerome: oh yeah. uhhh...justin, you got those universal remotes shxt thingy?

justin: yeah.

he looked at me then he started cracking up. i pouting and made a mad face.

me: don't!

justin: me and mai went to the store to buy one like three months ago. at first so she was like, "hooo so big this calculator. how come there's a play button and stuff?" come to find out, it was a universal remote.

they all start cracking up. zack-yeah he's with us-was pounding his hand on the table. he was on the urge of crying.

jerome: okay. my brother was watching the tv in the living room and i was checking out our new remote. he starts yelling that the house was haunted and that the tv would turn off, change the volume, and change channels by itself. i was cracking up!

me: you're so mean...but that sounds like fun. my neighbors are so irritating. most saturday morning super early, get the karaoke blasting. sometimes like late at night too.

justin: we should go then!

it took us ten minutes to put everything away. we all got in jeremy's car. it's black and it's big so yeah.

we got by my house and saw the neighbors in the garage. the tv was on and they were singing karaoke. these people were like 30 years old so yeah. i couldn't tell them to turn it down because i know they'd think i'm a hypocrite if i had parties. fxckin` asses.

i pressed the off button hoping it'd really work. and it did. the tv turned off and they started freaking out. they checked the electricity box and everything. then they went back to singing. i pressed the off button again and to my surprise, the garage started closing. i was cracking up. we all were.

so we did this for like two hours. going through the whole neighborhood and to people we didn't like.

we got back to justin's house around 12 and everyone left. justin's gonna drop me off home later.

when they left justin's house, justin picked me up bridal style and he ran upstairs. as he did, i was trying not to scream.

justin: do you know what today is?

me: our one year anniversary.

justin: i love you so much.

me: i love you too.

he grabbed his face and i started kissing him. he started to breathe heavily and when we got to his room and he opened the door. he threw me onto the bed and got on top of me. he started to unbutton everything. even though this was so dirty, it felt so right. justin was mine and mine forever.


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