[i2s2bwy sequel] i'm too scared to let you go
Author: twelvetwix

Chapter 40
graduation: class of 2008

i screamed as the class president, aaron dansalan, came on stage to make the last speech of the ceremony. he cleared his throat and everyone started giggling. aaron was the type of person that'd make a serious situation hilarious. looks like he was actually gonna be serious today.

aaron: this morning, i had a 5 sentence speech to share for this graduation. it wasn't until 2 hours before i got here that i had the perfect speech. my parents and i were looking at my first bath, first step, first day of school, first prom and my first fitting for my gown. i'm not much of an emotional guy so i don't cry...but reminiscing through 18 years of my life made me realize i need to be a man and be serious. i won't be living with my parents anymore. trust me, my stuff are already packed. after this, we're going apartment hunting. on my way here, i was reading a magazine. in that magazine had a quote, "shake what yo momma gave you." [<i>people laugh</i>] to me, that doesn't only mean "move them hips girl." to me, that means take what you learned from your parents and show if off. without our parents, we wouldn't be here; but there's also our school and teachers and our friends but whatever. they don't give allowance. [<i>people laugh</i>] just kidding! we love you guys and we love the class of 2008! we did it guys!

the crowd went wild. caps were going everywhere on the stage. i wasn't sure if it was me but i saw a gown flying up in the air. on the podium, i saw jerome jump onto jeremy's back. i tried to look for steven but all i could see was this guy and girl making out. i tried to look for steven again but all i could  keep my eyes on was that couple making out.

but oh well. i just cheered for the old futs who just graduated. i honked my air horn and started screaming and jumped around like crazy.

15 minutes later we were waiting for the graduates outside to give them their leis and congradulate them.

when i saw jerome with jeremy, i screamed and jumped on top of both of them. i had an arm on each. they started  to bounce around with me still around their arms. we almost fell over but jerome had good balance. when i left go of them two, kat jumped on jeremy and stacey jumped on jerome.

when both their little make out session ended, i gave them their leis and their floatee that i wrote a super long message on and put it around their waist.

kat stayed with jeremy as me and stacey along with jerome made our way to look for steven. on our way to steven, we bumped into joey and gave him a lei and a hug and a smaller floatee than jerome and jeremy's. when we got to the k section of steven kim and again we saw that same couple making out. i scanned again and then i noticed something, the guy kissing the girl was steven!

when we got to a good enough distance, he saw us from the corner of his eye and pulled back. then he made like nothing happened and started yelling.

steven: hey whe-

me: whose your friend?

i pointed to the he's been macking on. i wasn't pissed or grossed out. i was actually happy for him. it was kinda funny though. it's weird. out of the five years i've known him, he's always shy and doesn't believe in pda. the only time steven showed affection towards a girlfriend was when we were all at justin's house and he was ashamed to even give her a peck. now he's on stage in front of thousands of people making out with a girl...who we never met before of even seen around school/

steven: you don't remember her?

he put his arms around her. she started giggling and stuck out her hand.

rizza: hi. i'm rizza. remember me?

i shook her hand and just stared at her trying to remember if i knew her or not. yeah she might look familar but she made like we were friends before.

me: uhh, no. sorry.

she started laughing more. then jeremy and steven starting laughing with her.

me: are you guys trying to mess with my mind or something?

rizza: you don't remember me? you don't remember who started calling you "milf?"

haha, now i remembered. rizza was justin's ex-girlfriend in intermediate. i hated her when they were together but when they broke up, she was really cool but justin hated that we were really close. he got over it though.

she gave me the name milf because i didn't know what it meant. so the guys started calling me milf for a while. when they stopped, rizza was doing the "mash" game with my name and justin's name because she was teasing that i liked him. so she wrote down my full name: mailyn isabell lapitan ferrera. the initials spelt out M.I.L.F and it wasn't until a week later i found out what it actually meant until there was this pop up online about a pornsite about Mothers, I Like Fxck.

i gave her a hug and she started laughing. the hug lasted for a long time and i let go first when i heard her crying.

me: why the fxck are you crying? girl, you should be screaming since you're out of high school!

she started laughing and she wiped her tears. then she sighed.

me: what's wrong?

rizza: it's weird. i never really had friends like you. so energetic and getting me out of the house! now i'm home everyday.

me: we should hang out sometime.

rizza: okay, fo-


that's when a realized something. but i just wish i was more calm and quieter because half of the people that was around us froze and looked at me. rizza looked like she almost had a heart attack because her eyes were so big.

rizza: what?

me: is steven your...<i>boyfriend</i>?

she started cracking up. it lasted for a while. she stopped when she started coughing.

rizza: ask him.

we turned to steven...well where we thought steven was. come to find out that we was on the side by the pond with jerome looking at the fish. me and rizza ran over there and poked his side. we didn't even know that he was leaning over the railing and he almost fell in but me and rizza grabbed his legs in time. when he got off the railing, he grabbed his chest.

steven: i could've drown!

rizza: in two feet deep water?

steven: you know i can't swim! i wouldn't have got out of there.

rizza: you could of stood up!

steven: shh! i'm trying to teach you guys a lesson!

steven gave rizza a hug. they make like i'm stupid so i pinched steven's earlobe. he hates it when i do that.

steven: i don't think you're stupid!

ahh, he knows me so well.

steven: okay yeah fine, we are together!

me: that wasn't so hard!

rizza: same old mailyn.

me: steven and rizza sitting on a bench, they really love each other because their good stench.

jerome: stupid.

me: hey, was i talking to you? i don't think so. i forgot you guys are here.

rizza: that's cool. all the filfs have milfs.

me: uhh...

rizza: right, sorry. how's justin?

me: i don't know. i haven't talked to him ever since the whole thing happened. it's been three days.

rizza: we should go see him.

steven: yeah, we planned to go after. ye'know, to have our own little graduation ceremony for him.

it took an hour for us to get going. everyone was running around giving leis, screaming and jumping, taking pictures...i mean, yeah, this is a special day but i really wanna get to the hospital and see justin. he got his surgery today and they haven't told us if there's any arteries that are damaged or whatever.

but we finally got to his room. 4H. we walked in and there it was. the empty bed.

i started freaking out. i couldn't believe this. justin's parents would've told us something. i ran out of the room and bumped into a nurse.

me: hi, excuse me nurse but do you know what happened to justin delacruz? he was in this room. he went into surgery today and i haven't had any information yet.

nurse: the stab victim? oh yes, i'm not exactly sure what happened, i heard a lot of blood was lost but dr. kanzler is in room 5A right by the elevator.

me: okay thanks!

i sprinted to the elevator but it was taking so long. i swear. i just wanted to get out of the elevator and climb onto the elevator shaft and climb. finally the elevator stoped. i ran to my right but it started with 5Z so i ran the other way.

and that's when i saw it. 5A. i ran towards that room but i bumped into a nurse with a patient in a wheelchair.

me: oops, i am soooo sorry.

that's when i heard what i've been wanted for the past three days.

justin: i'm okay mailyn.

i looked at it was justin in the wheelchair. i screaming and gave him a hug. i almost collasped on his lap but i caught my balance. he started groaning though.

justin: i got stitches on my pelvic.

nurse: pleasse be careful. his room in this way so please follow us.

i looked up at the nurse who had that concerned face that said "he's so young, please be careful." his room was 5G. inside was a whole bunch of leis and gifts. he couldn't walk at grad because what happened.

the nurse helped him up from the wheelchair and got up on his bed. jerome helped him up also. then the nurse exited the room.

justin: how was graduation?

jerome: it would've been better if you were up on stage with us.

justin: at least i graduated though.

jeremy: so did the cops arrest yld?

justin: you didn't read the news or watch the news? it was on this morning. the whole yld got arrested...even daisy.

me: really?

i was so happy. but weirdly [my new word] the room got quiet.

jerome: i'm gonna get some coffee.

stacey: i'll go with you.

then they left.

jeremy: i gotta pee.

justin: you can use my bathroom.

jeremy: okay.

kat: i'll go with you while i wash my face.

then they left.

steven: i gotta call rizza.

justin: my ex?

me: yeah! i couldn't believe-

that's when we heard the door close. then it was only me and justin in that room.

justin: you saved my life.

me: how? you were the one who called 911.

justin: if you didn't come, i could've died.

me: don't thank me, thank max.

justin: what the fxck did he fxckin' do? how'd that fxcker help?

me: justin, stop please. max is really a good person. he was the one who told me to go. he made me realize that i couldn't live without you. he made me realize that i need you in my life forever. he made me fall in love with you all over again.

justin: oh cool. i'll talk to him. i feel bad about everything that happened. i mean, both of us almost got killed.

me: it's a sign. god is trying to keep us together.

justin: i love you mailyn.

me: i love you justin.

i sat down on the side of his bed and gave him a kiss. it felt so good. better than the last time. he didn't have tequila this time. haha.

me: i got you something.

justin: what?

i grabbed something from my purse and handed it to him. it was a flat and wrapped in paper that said "i love you" all over.

justin: what is it?

me: open it idiot.

he opened it up and it was a dvd. i was working on it the whole day yesterday.

justin: what is it?

me: i made a video and it has every single moment that you did something sweet to me.

justin: you got that much on camera?

me: yeah.

justin: you know what next week thursday is right?

me: yeah, august 10.

justin: you know what happened on that day a year ago?

me: yeah, you were my boyfriend.

justin: i don't wanna lose you. i'm too scared to let you go. c'mon, without each other, we'll die. two months apart was hell.

me: i don't ever want to lose you. i love you so much...<i>boyfriend.</i>

justin: "boyfriend." i miss that. it's just like music to my ears.


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