[i2s2bwy sequel] i'm too scared to let you go
Author: twelvetwix

Chapter 39
all i could do was watch

max: wasn't last night fun?

me: yeah it was.

i took a sip out of my cup. me and max were at the coffee bean shop. i didn't want to get up this morning because it was too early but he said he wanted to talk to me before he went to work.

max: so i heard justin stopped by. you finally invited him?

me: not exactly.

max: huh?

me: he was drunk and security kicked him out.

max: really? why'd he stop by?

me: he told me about the initiation. it's today.

max: when? and you're not going?

i shook my head. i looked at my watch. it was 9:35.

me: it's at 10. i don't wanna go if he's gonna mess up his life by being in a gang.

max: what gang?

me: yld.

max: you like die?

me: you know them?

max: yeah. they were just in the newspaper the other day. it was an article about the police trying to arrest the gang members. if justin joins the gang, he's going to jail. you should stop him.

me: why? i don't care about him anymore.

i looked at him and he was shaking his head in disappointment.

me: what?

max: c`mon, you're such a liar.

me: what are you talking about?

max: you still love him.

me: no i don't. i'm fxckin` over him already. i moved on already. i care about you.

max: oh really? tell me you love me then. you haven't said it yet.

me: what? really?

max: yeah. so say it.

i looked at him. i really didn't want to say it. i didn't love him. yeah he's a great guy but i don't know. i think because what happenened with the whole false pregnancy, that just turned me off and there weren't no sparks between us.

max: see. you love him.

me: no i don't.

max: then say it...or admit that you still love him.

i looked at him and he was just staring at me. he wasn't mad or anything. he actually looks kinda happy. he can read my mind.

me: okay yeah, i do still have feelings for him but still. he's over me.

max: how much do you love him?

me: a lot. when he stopped by last night, he told me he still loved me. even though he was drunk, he got sober when he said that.

max: do you believe it's really him or the alcohol talking?

me: both.

max: more on what side though?

me: him. i know him too well.

max: if you really love him, don't let anything or any<i>one</i> get in your way. fight for your man girl!

i looked at the time. it was 9:43. i have time to make it.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

when i got to the beach, it was so empty. my mind started imagining things. what if justin couldn't handle and he was knocked out and they called the police and they cleared the whole beach because he might not make it.

i shook away what i was thinking. i was about to go back when i heard noise. look like that everyone parked their car on the grass. i got out of my car and started to hurry to the crowd. there were probably 40 people. as i made my way to the crowd, i saw jeremy's car and that's when i started sprinting to the crowd.

when i got there, i saw no one i knew so i tried to make my way into the inside of the crowd. i started out slowly, trying to squeeze through open spaces but when i heard yelling, i started to push to get to the middle.

i accidentally bumped into people praying it wasn't daisy. that's when i heard a familar voice call my name.

stacey: mailyn!

she was with steven, jerome and jeremy. the guys looked pissed and ready to do something.

me: what happenend?

jerome: that's stup-

jerome was interupted when we heard screaming. we looked at what was going on and we saw justin getting pounded by nine different guys. derreck was on the side with his shirt off getting pumped up for his one on one with justin.

i couldn't do anything. no one couldn't. all i could do was watching. i didn't know but i found myself screaming.

i kept looking at derreck who was timing the whole thing. behind him was daisy screaming her head off.

i didn't notice but people started leaving. i guess they didn't feel like watching or it was too loud because everyone was screaming. about half the people was gone.

the five minutes were done. the nine guys got off of him and he looked so weak. he couldn't get up. the nine boys were yelling at him to get up to face derreck.

he rolled over and he saw me. i didn't notice i was crying until i felt tears rolled down my neck. he looked at me and smiled. i waved at him and mouthed the words "i love you."

that's when he got the strength to get up. derreck started bouncing around getting ready to fight with justin but he started to talking.

justin: stop. i'm out.

derreck didn't say anything. instead, he just falsed justin in his face. justin dropped to the ground and i started screaming. i could see the guys getting ready. they were all cracking their knuckles.

derreck: too bad bro! you're almost done.

derreck got on top of justin and started pounding on his face. justin was so weak that he couldn't even fight back. all he could do was yell.

justin: fxck! stop! i'm out. i can't let you guys ruin your life!

justin rolled on top off derreck and started pounding on his face. i was cheering for him. but then derreck pushed him off and justin started flying. derreck got up and started kicking justin.

derreck: too bad. you're life is already ruined. you gave up your fame to be with a loser that you already broken up with.

that's when justin became popeye when he eats his spinach. justin grabbed derreck's leg and flipped him. derreck was on the ground and justin got on top of his locking his arm under his leg. justin went crazy. justin was pounding on derreck's face. derreck's friend told them that time was over but justin kept going. then derreck's face started bleeding.

then the unexpected happened. the nine other guys jumped in and started pounding on justin. then out of nowhere, jerome, jeremy and steven jumped in. they were taking like two guys at a time.

me and stacey were screaming. everyone else dung out. me and stacey didn't know what to do. we couldn't stop them because i know they'd bring us in it too.

seconds felt like hours but everything was going by so fast. all we could do was watch. jeremy was getting pounded on. jerome was flying everywhere. steven was swinging weak punches.

we-woo! we-woo!

i started panicking. that was the cops. yld dung out into someone's truck. i saw stacey writing down the license plate. the police got here and i noticed justin was nowhere in sight. i started panicking but the ambulance came behind the cops.

the cops told us to go with the guys into the ambulance and that they'd talk to us there.

me: but there's one more. my friend. i don't know where he is.

cop: justin delacruz?

me: yeah, where is he?

cop: he was the one who called. he's in the ambulance already. go inside with him.

i ran to the ambulance and hopped in. justin was laying down and he was knocked out. i started crying. i grabbed his hand and squeezed it.

me: justin, i love you so much. please be okay. wake up. justin, please wake up.

he didn't move but he was breathing. i saw his stomach. his other hand was on his side and i went to grab it. that's when i noticed a red spot on his shirt. i thought it was probably derrek's blood but it looked too much to be derreck's. so i lifted up his shirt and noticed a stab wound.


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