[i2s2bwy sequel] i'm too scared to let you go
Author: twelvetwix

Chapter 38
when i saw "jabba" you say "wokeez"

i stared at max sleeping soundly on the couch. he looked like a little kid. i love his baby face. he's so cute...but i'm gonna play around with him. i poked his nose to see if he'd wake up. he didn't. he just wiggled his nose. i started giggling. i poked his forehead. he shook his head a little. i poked the bottom of his lip. he licked his lip. i poked his eye and he waved his hand in front of his face. i started giggling to myself. then i poked his cheek. he started to wave his hand again. i started poking all over his hand and he just kept waving his hand.

i did this for about two minutes until he finally woke up. he left his eyes open still but mumbled to himself.

max: stupid flies.

that's when i started bursting out laughing. he opened his eyes and when he saw me, he shut his eyes.

me: aww, are you mad?

he flipped his body to face the other way so he wasn't facing me way. then he put the pillow over his head.

me: i'll take that as a yes.

max: go away.

me: are you seriously mad?

max: yeah. i was sleeping. i was having such a good dream too.

i got up and fixed my clothes. i guess he didn't want me with him right now. i made my way to the door when i felt something wrap around my waist. max pulled me onto the bed and got on top of me.

me: rape! rape!

max: shhh!

ironically, uncle eugene came into the room and started laughing.

uncle eugene: not in my mansion!

me: we weren't doing anything.

he just smiled and shook his head before closing the door.

max: why'd you wake me up?

me: it's 4! you told me to wake you up.

max: oh yeah.

me: come on! i wanna get a snack before we start getting changed.

max: again? didn't you just eat like before i went to sleep?

me: it's already been two hours!

max: "already?" more like "only two hours." are you sure you're not pregnant?

i slapped his forehead. we made a promise not to talk about that. we were gonna put that behind us. promise broken.

i got up from the bed and headed outside to grab some food before i take a shower. hopefully i still fit in my clothes.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

mailyn! mailyn! mailyn!

i was backstage cracking up. i didn't know why the crowd was chanting my name but i was gonna get on stage. i was talking to rynan from the jabbawokeez while i was waiting to get on stage.

me: are you guys ready?

rynan: it looks like the crowd wants you more than us.

me: are you kidding? no one knows about you guys. not even my best friends.

rynan: there is security right?

me: uh...yeeeeeeeah.

rynan: good because if a naked girl comes up on stage and started caressing me, i'm outta here.

max came up from behind me and poked my side. i turned around and pinched his neck. he started to groan out of pain.

rynan: so good how you disipline your boyfriend.

i looked at max and smiled.

me: uhhh, we're not together. we're just friends.

rynan: real-

he was interupted when max waved his hands between mine and rynan's face.

max: mailyn, you're needed on stage.

i smiled at both of them and ran onto the stage. everyone was screaming louder now. uncle eugene handed me the micrpphone and i grabbed it.

me: why you guys cheering for me for? i'm not famous. [pause] but i have special performers that are.

i looked to my right and saw the whole jabbawokeez give me a smile and thumps up. i smiled back and nodded.

me: when i say "jabba" you say "wokeez!"





me: too bad it's not them. you guys did good though.

the crowd started booing me. jerome, who was right in the front of the stage, shot a rubberband at me.

me: okay okay okay! i'm kidding! here's jabbawokeez!

the crowd start screaming but not that loud as i expected but when they got on stage, the volume blasted to high.

the performance was great. me and max got to dance with them on stage. the "vips" were going crazy so during the last minute, i pulled them up on stage. when their performance was over, chris was about to do and crowd dive and the crowd was getting ready but he only tricked them. some got mad, other got embarrassed.

an hour passed by and i was just going through the crowd trying to go outside to get some fresh air when i heard yelling. i followed the sound and i ended up by the entrance i saw the security trying to get someone of the premises. i got closer and i realized it was justin and daisy's brother.

me: what's going on here...[i looked at the officer's name] officer art.

officer art: they tried to get into the party but they're drunk. this guy right here almost started a fight with someone.

officer art was talking about daisy's brother.

me: i'm sorry. can i have a word with this one?

officer art just smiled and nodded. i pulled justin's arm and brought him to the side. he <i>was</i> drunk.

me: justin, what are you doing here?

justin: er, i came-r to uhh par-tay!

he started to dance in a bouncy way. i was getting so pissed off.

justin: ho-er come i washt invitededed?

me: just go home justin.

justin: whhhhhha.....tuh? me and derreck came for nottting?

so that's his name-derreck.

me: justin, seriously.

justin: okay but just to let you know, i'm gonna be joining yld. tomorrow's my intitiation. tell me if you wanna come?

me: yld?

justin: you like die.

me: what are you talking about?

justin: that's-hawh, achoo! ahhh, so fake that sneeze.

me: you're acting stupid. i hate it when you're drunk.

justin: fxck you too then. they have a class for you in college. it's called bi-otch.

me: is it spelt B-I-O-T-E-C-H?

justin: i told you!

me: stupid, that's bio-tech.

justin: i wanna fxck you!

i was getting tired of him. i just wanted to punch him but i couldn't. he's gonna drop so easy and i don't wanna mess with him now. yld girls are gonna come after me.

i started to walk away but justin grabbed my arm and spun me around. we locked eyes and we stayed like this for a while. at first, i only thing i saw in his eyes were just his regular eyeballs but then his eyes started to soften up and water. that's when i remember how he used to be. he blinked and leaned in for a kiss. it didn't feel like those drunk kisses but the kisses we used to have. this lasted more than i wanted to so i stopped it.

justin: mailyn ferrera, i still love you.

i just started at him. he looked like he sobered up and was serious. from there, officer art kicked them off the premises.


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