[i2s2bwy sequel] i'm too scared to let you go
Author: twelvetwix

Chapter 37
plans for initiation

me: if you were homeless and a random guy came up to you and offered you a billion dollars for a blow job, would you do it?

max: wtf mailyn?

me: would you?

max: no!

me: why not?

max: would <i>you</i>? with a girl?

me: if i made sure she doesn't have aids then yeah.

max: you're gross mailyn.

me: hey! i'm homeless.

max: that's gross. right when we're about to eat.

ironically, that's when uncle eugene came in with the cart of food. the cart had small plates that were covered. i estimated 20 plates on the whole cart. me and max were seated on the small table and uncle eugene placed 5 plates in front of us.

uncle eugene: these are only the appetizers. we'll have a table set for it. every hour, the kitchen crew will change the course.

uncle eugene revealed the first tray. it was bacon cheddar pinwheels. i love bacon and cheese together. it's such a perfect match. i grabbed one threw it in my mouth. it looked pretty small on the tray but when i tried throwing it in my mouth, it couldn't fit. it bounced off my lips and landed right in front of me.

max: mailyn, the purpose of food is to eat it to give us engery. not throwing it on your face.

me: shut up.

i made another attempt to eat it and yes, i actually took a bite of it first and chewed on it and swallowed.

max: good job mailyn.

i shot him and evil glare. he just smiled and finished his "pinwheel."

this went on for about half an hour. after the appetizers, we did pastries, pastas, cakes and pies. i was full.

max: we better burn all of this off while we go shopping.

me: i don't even feel like going shopping anymore. i can't even get up.

uncle eugene: really? that's too bad. i had a surprise for you in the backyard.

me: ugh, this better be worth it.

i tried to get up from my seat but i couldn't. that was how full i was. uncle eugene had to help me up.  when i got up, i unbuttoned my pants.

me: ahh, that feels good.

we headed to the backyard and then the doors opened...i exploded.

uncle eugene: surprise!


i knocked down max who was in my way. <b>never get in a girl's way when it comes to the jabbawokeez..</b> to my surprise, they were running too.

rynan: are you with shiny?

phil: is justin here?

chris: i can't believe i get to meet justin!

ben: where is he?

phi: we should perform with him.

kevin: i wanna meet him?

me: uhhh....we broke up already.

rynan: will he be at the party?

me: no?

chris: aww, fxck this then. we ain't performing at your party?

all: just kidding!

me: huh?

i scratched my head. i looked at them with a blank look on my face.

uncle eugene: you thought only meeting them was your surprise? i got them to perform!

me: ahhh! thanks!

uncle eugene: of course, anything for you guys.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

max: do i have to?

me: c`mon. you're gonna have to get used to this when you get married.

max: when <i>we</i> get married? what? we're not even together and you're already talking about marriage?

me: ugh, never mind.

max: okay, i'm sorry.

uncle eugene went to get some money from the atm and he'd meet us up at charlotte russe. max has never been with me while i shopped. now with justin, he'd try help me look for clothes so we could hurry up and get out of a girl store.

i walked inside and there it was. the most perfect outfit. it was a charcoal off the shoulder kind top.  there was only one left. i ran praying it was my size. i grabbed it. MEDIUM! perfect.

max: that was fast.

me: this is only part of it. i need leggings and shoes that match.

max: i'll grab leggings while you looked for shoes.

i looked at him. i could tell that he really wanted to leave. i didn't like it.

he went left and i went right. good thing the store was color coordinated and the black shoes were right there. i tried on the first pair i could've reached. perfect fit.

me: m-

max was right there looking at the leggings. he got the white ones, i was surprised. i thought he was gonna get the black ones.

max: did i do it right?

me: yeah!

uncle eugene came in and we bought it. i was happy. i haven't been shopping in a while.

after we got my clothes, we went to the other side and headed to this is it. i was surprised that max didn't take that long to get his clothes. that retard got his clothes yesterday and put it on hold.

when we headed outside, i saw someone familar. i looked again and it was justin...with daisy's brother and the friend. they were looking at some gold and silver chains and they were talking. we tried not to get notice and get pass them but then i heard initiation and it got my attention.

justin: bro, you know i got your back and i don't need to be in the crew to prove that.

daisy's brother: wtf bro? that's gay. don't fxckin` back down you pussy.

justin: fxck, i got your back already and i'm not in the crew.

daisy's brother: you're graduating in a week. your initiation's in two days.

justin: but-

daisy's brother: you better not back down. you're just gonna show everyone that the still famous justin delacruz is a pussy.

justin: how long do i have to last?

daisy's brother: you gotta swim from one side of the beach to the other. after you gotta last five minutes with us beating you up. no fighting back. then after all of that, me and you one on one for just a minute.

justin: deal.


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