[i2s2bwy sequel] i'm too scared to let you go
Author: twelvetwix

Chapter 36
seniors last day

the school went crazy when the bell rang. today was the last day for seniors and half of my class was screaming their heads off when they left the rooms. i had steven and jeremy in my class and i walked with them out the door. when we got outside, they both carried me and jeremy had my legs over his head and the rest of my body was over steven. they both started jumping up and down and i started screaming.

me: put me down! ahhhh! if you drop me, i'm suing you guys!

they both started laughing and they finally put me down. gently like i wanted them to. when i thought that experience was over, here comes jerome from behind me and lifted me up and started spinning me around.

me: ahhhh! put me down!

jerome didn't listen. he started running and he ran out into the courtyard. again, i started screaming. then he stopped but i didn't. next thing you know, i was in the air and i landed in strong arms. i knew whose arms it was because of the perfect fit.

justin: wow, and i thought angels didn't fell from heaven like that.

he set me down and i hit his arm. he started laughing.

me: you know how i feel about pick up lines.

justin: c`mon, you used to love it.

me: i know but that's when we were still together.

hawh, i wish i hadn't have said that. the air started filling up with awkwardness.

justin: uhhh, i gotta go. see you around.

me: yeah.

he gave me a little wave and walked away. that just lowered my self esteem. but it really did feel good to be in his arms again. too bad i'll never feel that ever again.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

max: uhh, my uncle wants you to come over tomorrow for the food and he'll take us shopping for clothes.

me: okay, no problem.

max: just call me when you get home.

me: just don't wait up for me okay?

max: i know. it's you mailyn.

max wanted to hang out with me for a while before i headed over to jeremy's house. since today was the seniors' last day, there was a party at jeremy's house. he knew everyone so of course, jeremy's house was the place to be at tonight. i know you're thinking, "can everyone fit in jeremy's house?"

c`mon, 8,000 square feet; three stories; of course!

max dropped me out off in the front. it was only 6 and the place was packed! i guess it was because everyone knew that jeremy's parents own a bar in town.

i headed upstairs on the third floor to where the "vip" hang out. it was always us [jeremy, steven, justin, jerome, now zack, stacey, zaileen, me, and maria. sometimes joey, jeff and vince.] and that's who i found.

everyone was screaming when they saw me. what caught my attention was justin. he was the only one to stand up and give me a hug. i poked his forehead and he practically fell on top of me. i looked over to the table to where they were at. i saw shot glasses and bottles of bacardi. yup, he was already drunk.

justin: we're gonna party hardy with some bacardi.

me: if there's any left!

i dragged justin back onto where he was sitting and sat him down. there wasn't any seats so i just shared with justin. i didn't feel like getting too wasted this early so i just started with sprite mixed with b&j.

an hour passed and justin started to sober a little where he can talk clearly. for the past 45 minutes, he was mumbling words i couldn't understand and making up anykind words.

justin: we should try body shots!

jeremy: let's go downstairs then!

we ran-well i ran downstairs. they all took their time. i wasn't drunk yet. they cleared the island in the kitchen and jeremy grabbed some jello shots on the counter.

jeremy: body shots! body shots!

then kat got on the island and lifted up her shirt to where you can see her belly button. jeremy poured enough into it and started sucking until it was gone! then everyone started yelling and screaming.

then more girls started to get onto the island and laying down. random guys i bet didn't even know the girls started to take the shots from them.

i was just cracking up. i was kinda grossed out because half of the people i know don't even clean their belly button.

i started screaming when i was off the ground. i saw who picked me up and it was justin. the island was clear and he set me on top of it. he lifted up my shirt a little and over flowed my belly button. then he started to suck up the shot in my belly button. he sucked it dry. but he didn't stop there. he started to suck all over my whole stomach and went higher and higher to the point where i knew this was wrong so i stopped him.

justin: aww c`mon mai.

i just shook my head. even though justin was drunk and acting stupid, i was pissed at him. i got off the island and went back upstairs to the third floor. that's where i saw zack by himself.

zack: what's up?

me: why are you here by yourself?

zack: i was getting a headache from downstairs.

me: are you drunk?

zack: no, not yet.

me: okay.

i saw shots on the table so i decided to take it. man it felt so good. i love how it feels in my mouth.

zack: justin's really drunk.

me: ehh...

zack: what was that for?

me: he acts stupid when he's drunk.

zack: oh that. yeah, i saw it.

me: why'd you guys let him drink that much for early?

zack: you know when you people are depressed, some likes to drink...

me: yeah.

zack: justin was talking about you when he started drinking. he was crying then he started drinking then he started laughing out of nowhere.

me: oh.

zack: he misses you a lot mailyn.

me: hmm..

zack: you should talk to him.

me: but...

zack: when he's sober.

me: okay.

i drank the rest of the shots on the table. i knew the v.i.p's didn't have any aids or whatever so i just drank all of it. that's when i started to get tipsy. zack was cracking up.

me: help me downstairs!

and he did. even though i was drunk, i knew what was going around me.

when we got downstairs, they were playing beer pong. steven and jerome were playing against each other. steven was already losing.

an hour later, i started to get tired. i was sobering up though. i looked at my cell phone for the time. 11:53pm. i decided to stop drinking already before i go home in an hour. i have to wake up early to go to the mansion at 8 because i had work after.

i headed upstairs and found justin laying down on the bed. he didn't look too good. i went over and sat by him.

justin: hey you.

me: are you okay? did you throw up yet?

justin: nah, not tonight. i'm okay.

me: you're just a hard drinker.

justin: hawh.

me: that's wrong?

justin: i like your eyes. it looks like mine.

me: stupid.

justin: i like your smile. i can see your pearly whites.

me: hmm...

justin: i like your lips, and my lips too.

i was caught off guard when i felt his lips against mine. i was gonna pull back but i couldn't. i really wanted this back. two months without justin's kisses felt so weird. justin pulled back  and smiled.

justin: is this ok-

i knew what he was gonna say so i cut him off. i gave him another kiss. the kiss went on for a long time. i slowly got on top the bed next to him. the kiss was so sweet and gentle but now i'm on the bed. the kiss started to get rougher and sloppier and super dirty. justin haven't used to kiss like this. i guess daisy taught him something. good jod daisy. teaching him to be rougher was the only good thing she did.


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