[i2s2bwy sequel] i'm too scared to let you go
Author: twelvetwix

Chapter 35
justin starts to fxck up his life

jeremy: where the fxck is steven?

me: let's just go without him.

stacey: are you guys still fighting?

me: i'm just mad at him because what happened at maria's house.

jeremy: he can't help but get mad at the guy who almost got your pregs.

me: don't tell me you're siding with steven.

jeremy: i'm not choosing sides! i'm just saying what i think.

our conversation/argument was interupted by the person we were actually talking about. i was leaning on the back bumper of jeremy's car and jeremy was standing in front of me. steven sat right next to me. he's just like justin...making like everything was okay; but usually i'm mad. when it comes to steven, i gets uncomfortable.

jeremy: i'll even you guys alone. you got two minutes. after two minutes, i don't care if you guys are still on the bumper.

everyone got into the car. i looked at my watch. okay, 2:45, we got until 2:47. knowing jeremy, i know that he'll actually go on if we're still on the bumper. one night, we had to rush to get to my house before i reached my curfew. i joked that i'd jump out of the car while it's moving. he actually made me do it.

okay so i felt like i had to start my talk with steven. steven's not good with talking about problems.

me: you know i hate that.

steven: what?

me: i hate when people make like everything is okay between us especially when it's the person's fault.

steven: okay yeah.  i thought about it and i feel so stupid for getting mad. if you get the chance to talk to him, can you say sorry?

me: that's it? you think i'm gonna forgive you for hurting my friend's feelings just by saying sorry and asking to apologize to him for you? no steven. he really feels unwanted around you guys. he doesn't wanna show his face to you guys.

steven: okay fine. at the party, i'll apologize to him.

me: that's a promise.

steven: don't worry.

i screamed when i felt a pressure from the car on my body. i thought i was the only who felt it but steven grabbed my arm and pulled me to the side as jeremy backed up out of the parking stall.

me: you're gonna kill me one day jeremy. remember you'll be legal in a two months and be trialled as an adult!

jeremy started laughing and steven opened the car door for me. then i hopped inside with steven bumping his head on my butt.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

me: i'm craving chantilly cake.

stacey: let's stop by zippy's before we go home then.

me: i'm broke. i deposited my last paycheck in the bank.

stacey: okay fine, i'll treat tonight.

me: thanks! love you best friend!

stacey: you're treating next paycheck.

me: i know.

me and stacey were at work folding the clothes on the guys side. today was pretty slow. i think it was because it was monday. i bet everyone would rather go cruising then shopping. me and stacey stayed in the corner folding all the clothes that were messed up by these group of guys our age trying to find the perfect shirt to wear on his date tonight. i was getting so mad! learn how to fold!

we were almost done when we heard guys talking. me and stacey like to play a game where we guess what kind of nationality a guy is by the sound of his voice. he sounded like asian-hispanic kind of voice. stacey said he sounded like of eupropean. we peeked over the stack of clothes and we saw daisy walking towards them. so we just listened to them.

daisy: hawh, he's acting weird.

guy #1: you know he fxcks with your heart, i'm gonna kill that fxcktard.

daisy: i don't know what to do with him already. i know he still has feelings for his ex.

guy #2: my sister can go after her.

daisy: then what abtou justin?

guy #1: he'll stay with you.

daisy: what if he doesn't?

guy #1: i'll kill him too.

daisy: no!

guy #2: how long have you guys been together already?

daisy: two months.

guy #1: isn't he graduating this year?

daisy: yeah.

guy #2: he's old enough.

daisy: no! i'm not lettting him join your gang.

guy #1: c`mon, you're gonna have to join too.

daisy: i know but i don't want him to join. what if we break up? that'll be to hard for me.

guy #1: then we kill him.

daisy: hello! that'll be harder for me knowing that my brother killed my ex-boyfriend.

guy #2: but you know that rules: boyfriend or girlfriend of an y.l.d member gotta be in the crew after high school.

we then heard the voices fade away. we peeked over the clothes again and they were gone but i was still too scared to move. i wish i didn't hear that conversation because i was so scared out of my mind. i couldn't move but i was still shaking. i wonder what justin will do.


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